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Free essays on professions refer to academic papers or written works that explore different aspects of various careers or job fields, including their duties, qualifications, salaries, benefits, challenges, and opportunities. These essays may provide insights into the day-to-day work of professionals, the skills and traits necessary to succeed in a specific profession, and the prospects for growth and advancement. Free essays on professions can be valuable resources for students, job seekers, or anyone interested in learning more about different career paths before making a decision or taking a leap.
The Relevance of the Article by Bramberg and Sandman to the Nursing Profession
Words • 1025
Pages • 5
Language barriers hinder effective communication in health care and consequently influence the quality of health care delivered by nurses. In this article, Bramberg and Sandman described the experience of home care providers and social workers through in-person translators with patients who did not share a common dialect to inform the nursing profession. The authors used an explorative qualitative, descriptive study whereby they used focus group interviews to collect data from 27 participants working as social workers, Registered Nurses (RNs), and…...
Nursing Major’s Self-Care Plan
Words • 481
Pages • 2
Anyone that is currently a nursing major or considering being a nursing major in college should first be a role model before anything, Being a role model is very important because as health care providers, nurses have to deal with the public and a lot of people tend to look up to them, Nurses are pegged as caring people who often put others before themselves The purpose of this paper is my commitment to a self-care plan based on my…...
HealthHealth And WellnessNursingPsychology
Enrolling at Thomas Nelson Community College to Pursue a Nursing Career
Words • 498
Pages • 2
I never had the ideal childhood growing up, however I have never allowed it to determine my future. In fact I once read “Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence". That quote has stuck With me since. My financial situation is complicated. I live with my grandmother even though she does not have guardianship. I do not receive any financial help from my parents. Because I had to mature qurcker. I…...
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My Decision and Motivation to Pursue Nursing Career
Words • 759
Pages • 4
I decided to pursue nursing profession since I believe that the desire and motivation to provide nursing care is a calling, and I feel that I have the calling to provide care to people who are in need. My personal values and beliefs that guide me in the profession are honesty, kindness, integrity and excellence in achieving my laid goals I use these values and beliefs every day when providing nursing care and when making personal decisions. In the course…...
My Pursuit of a Nursing Career in the United States
Words • 512
Pages • 3
I am originally from India and lived in a very small village named Mahil Gahilan. On a regular summer day, the sun is beaming I am running around with my friends in the scorching sun. It’s really windy and the dust is flying over my face. My friends and I go and play in the playground which is very dirty and dusty. We have no shoes on our feet. At the end of our long summer vacation, I return back…...
The Importance of Reflective Practice in the Advancement of a Nursing Career
Words • 1705
Pages • 7
Reflective practice is the continual and gradual activity that can be used to assist nurses to make sense of situations at work and to improve ultimately the care they provide from their community experience Therefore, as a qualified nurse, basing on my previous reflective practice from the community, the quality of the health care I provide to my patients will drastically improve and of a high standard, if the acquired skills and attitudes are of high standards Thus, my previous…...
Nursing Career in Lee Gutkind’s Book
Words • 1173
Pages • 5
Nursing is often mistaken for being an easy job probably because It’s the fifth most common career in the United States. The book, I Wasn‘t Strong Like This when I Started Out By Lee Gutkind, shows off a different perspective, the real perspective As the author of the book says it nurses are on, “Another dimension of strength and character and persistence; it is a path of often unacknowledged service to society and humanity.” This novel tells of the most…...
Transformational and Transactional Styles in the Conflict Management
Words • 324
Pages • 2
Transformational and transactional styles in the management of conflicts and crises within the health units should be encouraged in order to build the relationship between nurse managers and staff nurses in hospitals. Transformational leadership is the process in which a leader and his subject contribute in raising one another morally while transactional leadership is the process that includes a dimension of a reward involving economic exchange to meet the need of the subject. Leadership styles in nursing management can be…...
BusinessConflict ManagementLeadershipNursing
The Importance of Leisure Activities on the Old Residents of the Nursing Home
Words • 582
Pages • 3
As the activities director of this nursing home, the importance of having a quality of life of our residents is one of, if not the most, important issues we must address. In old age, it is important for our residents to have the best quality care that we can provide for them. So as the activities director, I plan on implementing activities that involve our residents' favorite leisure activities as well as more of our religious based activities as well…...
NursingNursing HomeSocial Issues
Responsible for the Client’s Health and Fitness
Words • 587
Pages • 3
Health/fitness professionals have the expectations to represent themselves and the company in a way that makes not only the client feel safe and secure but to also make their facility look good. The professionals are a reflection of their work and character, the misleading or deceptive manner that can happen, especially to women, is what makes women feel cautious about getting into shape and staying healthy. Not only does it happen to women that are clients it also can affect…...
EmploymentEthicsHealth And FitnessProfession
Medical Marijuana for Children in Pediatric Care
Words • 287
Pages • 2
Marijuana is an ever-growing topic. In Colorado alone, marijuana has been decriminalized, made available for medicinal purposes, and legalized for recreational use. All of these advances in the Marijuana industry bring fonh controversy on a wide spectrum of supporters, users, and nay-Sayers, Amongst the vastly growing areas of controversy, is a little—known advancement in medical marijuana. There are currently more than one hundred and eighty children in Colorado who are treated with non-psychoactive strains of marijuana. Despite the fact that…...
Health CareMedicineNursingPediatric Nursing
Vocational Education and the New Doors in High School Education
Words • 590
Pages • 3
Vocational Education opens new doors in high school education, the common thought is that vocationaleclucation is for the student that cannot function. In a normal classroom situation while this theory still holds some water. vocational Instruction has taken a turn to high technology programs that allow students to work in an environment much like the real-world job market. This type of classroom surrounding provides for new and different experiences outside the scope of the normal classroom routine. For instance, classes…...
EducationInternshipLearningVocational Education
An Analysis of The Great Influenza by John Barry
Words • 779
Pages • 4
The Great Influenza is unforgettable; it has certainly opened my eyes to a specific time in not just US history but the world. This book was written in very well detailed form. It was very gruesome to read and yet educational. John Barry has written this book in great details that I felt as if I was there in 1918 experiencing the influenza myself. The Great Influenza by John Barry is a remarkable book! The great research and detail that…...
Health CareInfluenzaNursing
A Reflection Paper regarding Fires in University Residential Housing
Words • 727
Pages • 3
Fires in a residential hall at a university were the last of my concerns prior to watching the campus fire safety video. However, after watching the horrific accident that occurred at the Sigma Chi fraternity in the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, I realized the significance of fire safety awareness and the actuality of a real fire. The video from presented the example of Dominic Pasantino, a business major from the University of Missouri. Firefighters Rolando Tobar and…...
DisastersFire SafetyFirefighter
A History of Nursing Professionalism
Words • 549
Pages • 3
Nursing professionalism was started by Florence Nightingale in the 1820‘s where she started the nursing profession. Nursing professionalism hits on a few characteristics that an individual must attain to be just that. Nurses must be responsible, have a good attitude, respect their patients, be willing to help others, be honest and disciplined, Without these quality characteristics within the mix it would be hard to show professionalism I‘ll expand on attitude and willingness to help others. Having a good attitude in…...
HealthHealth CareNursingProfessionalism
Why I Chose the Work of a Zoologist
Words • 801
Pages • 4
I selected this job becaue I really love animals. I think I would enjoy taking care of animals, I wouldn t do this job for the pay I would do it to learn more about animals, and because I love animals. If there is a hurt animal in the community, I might be able to help it and show others how to care for the animal. If someone wanted to know more about an animal, I can either tell them…...
Forensic Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
Words • 1538
Pages • 7
One of the most important decisions a student makes during his or her high school years is what career he or she wants to study in college. There are many career options that an individual can choose from in the math, science, humanities and art fields. When considering a career field to go into it is important to consider personal interests, skills and goals. Two career fields I am interested in are forensic science and veterinary medicine. One profession that…...
Forensic ScienceMedicineScienceVeterinarian
Rhode Island School of Nursing
Words • 496
Pages • 2
It is with great enthusiasm and admiration that I write this letter of recommendation in support of Dr. Claire Creamer's tenure and promotion application. Dr. Creamer is a dedicated, intelligent, and compassionate professor at Rhode Island College School of Nursing and I believe she exemplifies all the characteristics of a candidate worthy of achieving tenure and promotion. With this recognition, Dr. Creamer's commitment to serving Rhode Island's future of Nursing will most assuredly continue to impress us all. Over the…...
Sisterly Values and Commitments, the Frontier of Duty and Loyalty
Words • 505
Pages • 3
As nurses we are present during some of the most vulnerable stages of a person's life. Our patients and their family members put their trust in us that we will provide the most ethical and honest care possible. The American Nurses Association (ANA) created the Code of Ethics for nurses which “establishes the ethical standard for the professions and provides a guide for nurses to use in ethical analysis and decision making”. The code is divided into nine provisions that…...
EthicsHealth CareNursingPsychology
According to the American Nurses Association Code of Nursing
Words • 508
Pages • 3
The ethical principle associated with the issue is autonomy. This is because this is an issue that allows a level of discretion with the involved individual at work. This grants job satisfaction to a certain work such as the employees. If the client became disappointed with the employee, this means that there has been something wrong with their performance when they dealt with that particular client. The autonomy is the ethical problem because the nurse used her personal belief to…...
Sgrillo and Daniels Nursing Management of Laennec’s
Words • 609
Pages • 3
Sgrillo and Daniels nursing cirrhosis is “focused on increasing patient comfort; monitoring daily weights, intake and output, and serum electrolytes; and preparing the patient for a paracentesis” (2014). To promote effective breathing, keep the head of bed elevated and position the patient on sides according to the comfort level. This ease respiration by decreasing pressure on the diaphragm and reduces risk of aspiration of secretions. Encourage the patient for frequent repositioning and deep-breathing exercises and coughing exercises. This helps in…...
The Ups and Downs of My Nursing Career
Words • 805
Pages • 4
As I walk through the doors of Floyd Medical Center, I look back at all l have accomplished. l have come so far from that shy girl in high school to an outgoing and friendly registered nurse. As a college student at Shorter University, I felt like the days would last forever but here I am. My goals have now been achieved. All my dedication has paid off and I am finally starting this new chapter of my life. Walking…...
About Family Well-Being, Illnesses and Parental Relationships
Words • 528
Pages • 3
The role of the educational teacher in all places continues in formal and informal ways. Example: teaching new parents how to care for their infant. Coordinator, collaborator, and liaison: The family nurse coordinates the care of the families that receive and cooperates with the family to plan care.Example: If family member has been in a traumatic accident,the nurse would be a key person in helping families to access resources from inpatient care and outpatient care. Deliverer and supervisor of care…...
HealthNursingPatientRole Model
The Philosophy of Success and Higher Education
Words • 494
Pages • 2
Succeeding in today's society, requires individuals to be more prepared, have a higher education, and preparation for a career path. If people do not go to school for a higher education or degree, they are less likely to be successful. However, for individuals to be effective they must have a professor that is willing to teach, wants students to learn, and has a passion for the subject. My philosophy of a preeminent professor is someone who is engaged and wants…...
PTSD in First Responders’ Mental Health
Words • 1021
Pages • 5
People that work as first responders deal with so many health issues that can cause post-traumatic stress disorders. When on the scene a first responder never knows what he/she is going to see or deal with. It can be as simple as nothing bad at all to something being very serious and can cause psychological health issues. There are many potential health issues first responders can face, as dealing with on-the-scene problems can affect someone's mental health. First responders are…...
My Interest in Being a Paramedic
Words • 1039
Pages • 5
My area of interest is to be a Paramedic. Background research: Being a paramedic means that the person working the job is part of the medical field, which takes skills such as heavy lifting, responding to calls immediately, and having safe transportation for the patients to a medical facility. When becoming a paramedic or an EMT you usually have to do the following: respond to calls immediately, make sure to give all correct information to the Attendings or Residents on…...
What Does it Mean to Be a Paramedic?
Words • 1395
Pages • 6
My Grandma one had an allergic reaction to nuts. She was throwing up and had a puffy face, my dad called the ambulance. When they came, there was an ER and a paramedic. I thought my grandma was going to die, but she told me the paramedics gave her some type of medicine while she was in the ambulance which made her puffiness go away and stop throwing up. The incident my grandma had made me want to save other…...
My Future Career
Words • 747
Pages • 3
A Paramedic/EMT is an emergency medical technician who is trained to give people emergency treatment in case of a medical emergency or accident (“Emergency Medical Technicians”). The difference between an EMT and a Paramedic is an EMT that can do CPR, glucagon, and Oxygen while a Paramedic can insert an IV, administer drugs, and apply pacemakers (“EMT VS. Paramedics”). A usual day for a paramedic would start by making sure they have everything for their shift. Then they would wait…...
Why Pursue Nursing
Words • 396
Pages • 2
Making the world a better place is the objective of every normal human being. In particular, nursing is a critical course that plays a vital role in saving individuals’ lives. If one needs to save the world, he/she should consider taking a nursing course. In particular, with a degree in nursing, I believe that I will be in a better position of saving individuals who are in need. In that respect, the paper details critical evidence that reflects my motivation…...
What Fantasy Football Means to the Members of The Deep Sleepers League
Words • 313
Pages • 2
I throw my shoes into a corner; the door slams behind me as I climb into my bed. The laptop is already flipped open with papers scattered across the sheets. It‘s draft day. This is my third year as league commissioner, and I am excited about the new changes to the league. We welcome a new team, a new trophy, and a new drafting order. While it is true fantasy football is just a game, it means much more than…...
Internship Reflection: OCC Forensic Team
Words • 590
Pages • 3
As a volunteer coach for the Orange Coast College Forensic Team, I practiced several interpersonal skills to communicate efficiently to fulfill the mission of the team. My skills were deemed essential since they captivated the students from different cultural orientations, genders. and religious beliefs. In addition, I was able to use synecdoche and metonymy as means of relaying messages that my teammates could understand. This essay reflects on a couple of theories and concepts that relate to my internship responsibilities.…...
Challenges of Coaching Young Adults
Words • 728
Pages • 3
Dealing with young people can be very challenging especially if one does not possess effective communication skills (Plett, 2010). Young people judge others based on their ways of expression, Therefore, in order to win the hearts of students, one must use various rhetoric concepts During my internship program as a volunteer coach for the Orange Coast College Forensics Team, I was assigned to a group of young debaters who came from different areas in Southern California. As a result, they…...
A Personal Experience of the Internship in the Detroit Public Schools
Words • 924
Pages • 4
My internship at the Detroit Public Schools taught me a great amount and left me hungry to do more. The department was very welcoming and very helpful. The Detroit Public School‘s Communications Department is filled with dedicated experts. They share a common goal in making the schools great for the students, As I see it, however, the staff has suffered from severe cutbacks in recent years So much so that the office where I was stationed was more than halfempty.…...
Internship at DJ Brothers Pizzeria
Words • 994
Pages • 4
Upon graduation many students at Robert Morrison are required to complete an internship. This internship must be in accordance with one’s major in order for the student to gain experience within their chosen field Internships are a wonderful experience both for the student as well as the organization. Not only do individuals learn about circumstances in their majors, but the organization also receives extra help and guidance from the student as wellt Many of these internships are also salary free,…...
Overview of Nurse Leadership Concept: Communication
Words • 2265
Pages • 10
“21st Century nursing is the glue that holds a patient’s health care journey together. Across the entire patient experience, and wherever there is someone in need of care, nurses work tirelessly to identify and protect the needs of the individual” (American Nurses Association, 2019). The American Nurses Association best describes the modern nursing field. Nurses are no longer looked upon as “pillow- fluffers” or expected to blindly follow physician’s orders. Nurses are highly skilled individuals that focus on the care…...
CommunicationCommunication SkillsNursing
The Significance of Licensing Rules and Regulations in Nursing Care
Words • 308
Pages • 2
Licensing forms an important part of any nursing care practitioner, The nursing personnel therefore needs to ensure that they are up to date with the licensing requirements, scope of practice and any other significant requirements that are effectively developed by the nursing governing body within a given jurisdiction Within the state of Florida, there are vital rules and regulations, which have been put in place to provide a greater focus and understanding on the legal scope of practice of nursing…...
Health CareNursingRules
Issues with Turnover Rates amongst Millennial Nurses 
Words • 866
Pages • 4
Nursing is a diverse workforce, not only in terms of ethnics and gender, but also in age. In our current healthcare settings, nursing is multigenerational. There are Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennial nurses. Millennial nurses are those young and new nurses who just enter the workforce. However, the turnover rates amongst millennial nurses are increasing in recent years. According to a research published by Barnett et al. (2010), the turnover rates of nurses in both government and private hospitals…...
Personal Satement
Words • 497
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Personal essays
Being passionate about helping others and endeavoring to make a difference in healthcare are two qualities that have led me to pursue a career in Pharmacy. Putting others’ lives before my own and being selfless are what I have consistently wanted to instill in myself from a very young age. I have known for years that impacting someone’s life and potentially changing it forever is something I want to do every day. A Doctor of Pharmacy degree has been a…...
Shake Well Before Use
Words • 1113
Pages • 5
When one considers a pharmacist, the first thing he or she may think of could be a person in a white lab coat who hands out medicine to those who are given special requests for them. Although this idea may not sound quite glamorous, pharmacy has always been a complex area of study and numerous famous figures in history also had the title of a pharmacist. For instance, Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s founding fathers, has also been described as…...
Overview of Population-Based Care
Words • 676
Pages • 3
Public health focuses on the promotion of health in the community. It is to prevent diseases as well as illnesses that could happen to everyone. A professional team of health care that includes doctors, nurses, and pharmacists with several roles is responsible for the health of the public in other words, population-based care is one of the major responsibilities of these groups of professionals. These professions are required to interact with the public, hence the availability of professionals in their…...
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Why I Chose the Work of a Zoologist
...By 2006 12,000 animal caretakers are projected to be employed with 2,830 openings due to separations and 1680 due to growth over the ten year period 1996-2006. You may be able to fine work in zoos, pet shops, verterniary hospitals, animal research ce...
What Does it Mean to Be a Paramedic?
...Being a Paramedic has a lot of good and bad things about it. Even though the jobs can highly stressful and dangerous, it has some good benefits to it like saving lives, making you learn how to talk to people easier, and helping you out in the real wo...
Why Pursue Nursing
...To sum up, the paper presents critical evidence that reflects my motivation to take nursing as a career. Firstly, nursing is an exciting, fast-paced career. Secondly, nursing will offer me a chance to positively or constructively impact my patients a...
What Fantasy Football Means to the Members of The Deep Sleepers League
...The lessons in responsibility just from inconsequential opportunities like fantasy football are critical in shaping the personality and values of a young college student. Above all else, however, is the comradery brought forth by the competition. As ...
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