My Decision and Motivation to Pursue Nursing Career

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I decided to pursue nursing profession since I believe that the desire and motivation to provide nursing care is a calling, and I feel that I have the calling to provide care to people who are in need. My personal values and beliefs that guide me in the profession are honesty, kindness, integrity and excellence in achieving my laid goals I use these values and beliefs every day when providing nursing care and when making personal decisions. In the course of providing care, I have learnt the importance of providing the highest quality care possible to achieve excellent results.

As a patient advocate, I have learnt to empower patients to be actively involved in their own care. I believe in lifelong learning through experience and formal education to better my nursing knowledge and myself. Influencing theories my philosophy is influenced by several nursing models and theories.

To start the philosophy is influenced by conservation model developed by Myra Levine. The model suggests that in order to provide proper care, nurses should apply four conservation principles, namely, client energy, structural integrity, social integrity and personal integrity, In other words, all care in advanced nursing practice should be informed by ethical values.

Another theory that has informed my philosophy is self-care deficit nursing theory developed by Dorothea Orem, The theory posits that all patients prefer to care for themselves. The theory suggests that patients can recover more quickly is they are allowed and assisted to perform their own self-cares. Science of unitary human beings developed by Martha Rogers suggests that nurses should apply knowledge gained through formal and informal learning for human betterment.

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The theory explains the importance of lifelong learning in nursing profession. Health care systems model developed by Betty Neuman has also informed my philosophy. The theory suggests that actions of nurses should always focus on providing quality services to patients. Personal views I view nursing as an honourable career that should not be pursued just for the sake of earning money. My mission is to provide quality care to those who are in need, regardless of financial status, race, disability, lifestyle choices or spiritual beliefs. I believe that as a nurse, I have responsibility to provide holistic and safe patient-cantered care to the public During the course of providing nursing care, I have learnt not to view patients in terms of medical conditions or room numbers Rather, I have learnt to view them as individuals who require and deserve quality care and attention.

I believe that nurses should maintain confidentiality and privacy unless when mandated by law to report about a patient’s condition We have a role to educate families, individuals and groups on healthy behaviours, diseases, preventions and treatments in order to improve their outcomes. In addition, nurses should strive to engage in healthy behaviours in the belief that this will motivate them to provide better nursing care to others. As patient advocates, nurses should apply clear communication and decision making and critical thinking skills to help improve patient’s outcome. Important Registered Nurse Qualities I believe that advanced nursing practitioners should exhibit key qualities that are needed to provide quality care. To start with, nursing professionals should be compassionate. They should show patience and empathy when providing nursing care to individuals, families and groups.

Secondly, I believe that nurses should be reasonable and should always apply decision making skills when providing care to patients. They should understand when to ask for assistance from other healthcare professionals and when to proceed with an action. As well, advanced nursing practitioners should be responsible when performing their duties and should always keep the interests of patients in mind. They should show responsibility by always assessing patient’s condition correctly, supervising or directing others and keeping detailed records of patients. In addition, nurses should exhibit emotional stability. In advanced nursing practice, health care providers occasionally deal with patients with severe mental and/or physical illnesses.

I believe that emotional stability is needed for a nurse to be able to deal with emergencies, human suffering and other stresses of the medical field Further, I believe that professionals in advanced nursing practice should be lifelong learners. As new medical equipments, treatments and techniques are innovated, nurses should familiarize themselves with such information (Siviter, 2008), This implies that nurses must have love for learning and should continuously enhance their knowledge through participating in formal training and education courses, Knowledge gained through experience should also be applied in the nursing practice Lastly, nurses should express respect and integrity when dealing with patients and coworkers.

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