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Work Is Essential for Fulfilling the Necessities of Life
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You find yourself busy in different activities from morning to evening and some- times even at nights. You will find that in some activities your brain is active through different senses and some your limbs are more active. When your mind is more active, you consider it as mental work and when your limbs are more active you consider it as physical work. Both the work are the integral part of your life because work is essential for fulfilling the…...
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You Have Got to Work Smart Not Hard to Succeed
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You have probably heard this a hundred times, “you have got to work smart not hard to succeed”. There is a lot of confusion on the internet about Smart work and Hard work, what we don't realise is, both entail the word "WORK" which is of paramount importance and has no substitute. Work is an important step on the ladder of success, but successfully completing work with least cost or efforts is what is called a smart work. How do…...
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Accountable hard work helpful living Management theoryHere
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Accountable hard work (helpful living)Management theoryHere the leadership characteristics emphasize the importance of the individual’s or a team’s:? Inspiration, direction and example. Leaders who work hard and allow themselves to be held to account for their promises, inspire hard work and accountability in others.? Ability to inject management energy into a team’s task thereby helping others to perform better and garnering the respect of subordinates. Leadership commitment and passion motivate followers to achieve goals.? Consistency in holding themselves and others…...
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Often enough hard work results in a reward one that is usually
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Often enough, hard work results in a reward, one that is usually financial or materialistic. People work for many reasons, from survival to raising children. However, work in the military is thought of as being among the most unpredictable and grueling occupations. Warfare is a period of time which can decide an important conflict but can also change or even end one’s life. But even those who survive the war return home in a different state physically or mentally, where…...
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Hard Work Pays, but Smart Work Pays Better!
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A popular adage states: ‘hard work pays. ’ Well, I am not writing this to dispute the wisdom of this saying. All I am saying is: smart work pays better than hard work. This is why managers in a construction firm for example gets paid astronomically higher wages than the labourers. No one will dispute the fact that labourers do heavy, tiring physical work in the sun and the rain. Yet they get paid low wages, while the management get…...
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