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Are Happy Workers Productive
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The growth of firms depends much on the productivity capacities of such firms. It is production that triggers the growth of economy in a company and in a nation. An employee is an important component in the enhancement of such growth. His values, attitudes and behaviour have a great influence in the way he performs duties at workplace. There is enough evidence that shows an employee well- being and satisfaction has a close link to his/ performance at a work…...
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Intrinsic Motivation Factors for Nurses’ job Satisfaction
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Background: Job satisfaction is defined as the emotional feelings as well as the behavioral expression for a job. Nurses’ job satisfaction contributes to the delivery of high-quality healthcare. Even though nurses are the backbone of patient caring, there was no study done on intrinsic motivation factors for nurses’ job satisfaction West Amhara Hospitals in North West Ethiopia. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess intrinsic motivation factors for nurses’ job satisfaction and associated factors in three selected hospitals…...
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Problems Of Industrial Psychology
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Industrial psychology, often referred to as industrial-organizational psychology, is the scientific study of the workplace. Industrial psychologists conduct research exploring issues that are critically important in the business world. They often work as independent researchers or business consultants who apply existing knowledge to current problems in the workplace. Industrial-organizational psychology covers dozens of issues relevant to the modern workplace. EMPLOYEE SELECTION AND EVALUATION A main issue of interest to industrial-organizational psychologists is how employers make hiring decisions.Researchers examine the factors…...
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Amba week
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The following sample essay on "Amba week ": сarry’s case further details how this organization relied upon feedback from its employees, through surveys and interviews, to develop the new policy change. Since the amendment was imposed job performance and organizational commitment is said to have increased, especially for those employees whom were not regularly taking lunch breaks. This scenario brings to light the specific question of motivation in the work force, and how a company, such as the one mentioned…...
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