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Persuasive Essays

Have you got an assignment to write a persuasive essay, and you're worried about how to write it to score good marks?

It is pretty difficult for all students to pay attention to their studies, and then these complicated assignments come as a cherry on top. The most sensitive parts about these assignments are that they either help you score better marks or lose due to lack of experience. It is impossible to deal with so many assignments while focusing on studies and other important stuff as a student.

We are here to guide help you to write persuasive essays. After reading this blog, you will write the best persuasive essays for your school/college assignments. Let's explore how to write essays in detail!

What Is Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is a form of essay that uses logical arguments and emotional appeal to persuade readers to support a particular viewpoint. Persuasive essays can be used in both academic and personal settings. They usually start with a question that the writer will argue for or against throughout the essay.

A personal essay writer will produce a powerful statement supported by evidence, research, and personal experience. The writer will frequently investigate competing viewpoints and counter-arguments to discredit them.

We can divide persuasive essays writing into three major parts that are;

● Developing Trust

It is a component of persuasion and argumentation in which a speaker establishes their knowledge and trustworthiness. Readers are more likely to believe someone who has legitimate information, personal experience, or communal status. Incorporating this part into your persuasive writing can aid in the sale of your point of view.

● Engagement

It is a technique for evoking sensations in an audience by appealing to their emotions. You may assist your audience in connecting with you as a narrator by eliciting specific emotions in them. It adds another layer of intrigue for your readers, making your writing more engaging and memorable.

●Including Logics

Lastly, you use the audience's reasoning, and rationality is used to persuade them. A series of logical reasons why the reader should believe the writer's argument is outlined in good persuasive writing.

How To Write Persuasive Essay?

When moving towards writing persuasive essays, let's find out the requirements of writing a persuasive/argumentative essay. Here, we have the steps mentioned below.

1. Select A Topic

The first step in writing an essay is to figure out what kind of essay you will write. You can't create an essay if you're unsure what you will write about. You need to make a list of potential topics. During this phase, you should sit and brainstorm ideas.

Before you start writing, it's always a good idea to gather your thoughts. Consider as many topics as you can when you have to quickly discard the ones that don't work afterward.

2. Research

The research phase consists of obtaining evidence through gathering information from various resources. Look up information about your case on the internet. To create an excellent essay, you may need to perform some research once you've done your brainstorming and picked your topic.

Watch relevant videos on YouTube to find out the best results. Keep your research structured so you can easily refer back to it. It also makes citing your sources when writing your final essay a lot easier.

3. Select Writing Style

There are three writing styles that you might encounter in high school and college.

● APA: The author-date citation format was developed by the American Psychological Association (APA) for social science and psychology research papers and essays. It is one of the widely used writing styles.

● MLA: It is a style guide for humanities and language arts essays. Students in high school and college use this writing style the most. The author-page number citation style is used.

● Chicago Manual Of Style: It has two writing styles, author-date and notes-bibliography. The author-date style is most commonly employed by college students and professionals for scientific papers, whereas notes-Biblio makes arts and humanities writings.

4. Preparation Of Essay

Outlining your essay and gathering proof resources are part of the preparation phase. Isolate the ideas that can help you with your thesis's support, and then organize them in a logical and progressive order. Observe the outcomes of your brainstorming session when you were thinking of topics.

5. Start Writing

It's time to start writing once you've completed your outline. Write an essay based on the essay outline, fleshing out the skeleton to create complete, coherent, and precise writing.

You are free to make mistakes when writing an essay for the first time, as you can't be a pro at something if you have a fear of failing. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes to become a pro at essay writing.

6. Revise The Essay

Revise the whole essay from the beginning to ensure no spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors. Once you see no errors, you're good to go.

What is Persuasive Essay Structure?

When talking about the structure of an essay, it means how it should appear on paper at first look. Here, we're not talking about the grammar, spelling, and other errors, but the arrangement of dividing paragraphs and structure.

● Introduction

A perfect structure of an essay starts from an introduction where the objective is to introduce the reader to the essay's topic and present the essay's main point. Long assignments require more than one paragraph for the beginning, but for the most part, your academic coursework will only need one section.

● Body

Then comes the body, where you put small paragraphs into detail to describe the whole idea. The number of ]paragraphs depends on the assignment's length and objective. The number of body paragraphs in an essay might range from three to twelve.

● Summary

The last paragraph of an essay is the conclusion. The essay section is when you tie up the essay's ideas and conclude with a concluding point. Even brief essays and discussion pieces, like introductions, benefit from a conclusion at the end.

Outline And Format Of Persuasive Essay

When writing persuasive essays, you must follow specific formatting and outline. Here we have mentioned how to follow the outline and formatting of an essay.

● What To Include in Introduction?

This section of the essay is crucial for grabbing the reader's attention. It should keep the reader's attention throughout the writing. The essay's start should attract the reader's interest and entice them to continue reading. To write an appealing introduction, ensure to include all these facts in your essay.

I. Make Certain You Understand Your Subject

Thinking about the topic is the first stage in writing the introduction. It will assist you in comprehending the aim of your essay and ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of your issue.

II. Start With A Captivating Hook Statement.

The writer's major skill is to develop an interesting hook for the essay topic. A hook is a phrase that grabs the reader's interest and keeps them reading. The writer can include quotes, interesting stories, or anything else that pique the reader's interest. It's the portion when you use a hook to begin your writing.

III. Make A Statement About Your Thesis.

The last portion of an essay is the thesis statement. It comes at the end of an essay and summarizes its central point. The thesis statement effectively communicates to the reader and serves as the foundation for the entire essay, and contains all the issues explored in the body paragraphs.

● What To Include In Body Paragraphs?

The body paragraphs use facts or examples to demonstrate the logic behind the thesis statement. The topic's scope determines the number of body paragraphs in an essay. Here are the points to include when creating a body paragraph.

i. Describe The Main Point.

Each body paragraph of the essay illustrates a specific concept using evidence and proof. This section determines whether or not the audience agrees with your proposal. You can make your article more understandable by including quotes; however, you need to pick interesting topics for persuasive essays to write on.

ii. Include Your Point Of View

To include your point of view in the best possible way, you can go through various examples of persuasive essays over the internet to observe how they're written. All of the concepts in writing should be backed up by relevant information. Include opposing opinions and counter-arguments in the body paragraphs to establish your position in the body paragraphs.

iii. Include Transitional Phrases

In an essay, transitional words for persuasive essays are used to connect all of your ideas. Use words like however, so, and so on to keep the flow between paragraphs. Keep the word count in mind as well.

iv. Summarize the Idea Of Paragraph In Last Line

You must summarize sentences at the end of each body paragraph is the central part of persuasive essay prompts. When writing a persuasive, argumentative essay, it leaves the best impact when you beautifully close each section in the whole essay from beginning to end

Do You Need a Persuasive Essay Sample? You're At The Right Place

If you're a student struggling with scoring good marks in essay writing assignments, we would be glad to help you with that. Whether you need persuasive speech essays or thinking about good ideas for persuasive essays, you can always trust our services.

We have highly experienced writers in their subjects, so we offer persuasive argument essays written by subject specialists. However, students often find the main issue with selecting persuasive essays topics. You can come with general or medical-related topics that you find complicated to write on.

● Persuasive Essay Examples

When discussing persuasive essay examples, you can pick a topic from famous persuasive essays or come up with the ones you don't find easy to do. Let's take an example of persuasive essays on abortions, as it is a pretty sensitive topic and is medical-related; that's why it's crucial not to commit any mistake.

We are proud to offer the writing services for writing persuasive essays on abortion, sports, online education, gender biases, etc. We provide services for starting grades up to Ph.D. level. So, you can effortlessly search for assistance with persuasive essays examples middle school or Master's level.

Also, Check Out The Persuasive Essay Topics

If you're finding difficulty selecting a topic or find the topic assigned to you difficult, you can always get our support. We can provide you with topics, and we assure you our persuasive essays prompts the thinking of readers!

Here we have a few persuasive essays examples to have an idea about our services. The thesis statement examples for persuasive essays include abortion Persuasive Essays.

100 Persuasive Essay Topics

The following are the examples/topics for persuasive essays:

  1. President Barack Obama Life
  2. Education for females in various countries
  3. Humanity
  4. Genocide

We hope these persuasive essays examples college will help you a lot. In addition, if you we are also available to write for you!


We offer the best essays that you need for school assignments, standardized examinations, and college applications. To write the best persuasive argumentative essays, you need to pay keen attention to including all the details that we've mentioned in the article. However, you can always hire our writers if you need to get it done with ease and without going through enough difficulties.

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