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  • Curcumin in lung carcinoma

    “Curcumin modulates eukaryotic initiation factor 2 alpha and phosphorylated eukaryotic initiation factor 2 alpha in human lung carcinoma cell line A549” Curcumin, a phenolic compound from the rhizome of plant Curcuma Longa, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer activities (Pillai, 2004). The chemopreventive action could be due to the induction of apoptosis and thereby arrest the…

  • The Skin: from Growth to Healing Process

    1. Growth A. How the skin grows a. Layers of the skin 2. Types of skin diseases A. All different types of disesase that can be caught a. how they are caught and transmitted 3. Infections of the skin A. Types of infections a. How they can affect the body 4. How skin Heals A….

  • Current concepts in pathophysiology of Portal Hypertension

    Portal hypertension remains a very major cause of mortality and morbidity. What is known is that it may by prehepatic, where the cause is in the vascular network which supplies the lever, it may be post-hepatic, as in Budd-Chairri syndrome, where the post-hepatic veins are obstructed, but most commonly it is hepatic (cirrhosis being the…

  • Immune system

    Admittedly, since the beginning of time, disease has played a drastic role in the history of society. It has affected economic conditions, wars, and natural disasters. The impact of any disease can be far greater than some far better known catastrophes. In 1918, an epidemic of influenza swept the globe, killing between 20 million and…

  • New health care laws

    The purpose of law lies in the preservation of freedom and moral right in the society. The state which makes the laws and governs the people can be judged on the basis how it is giving protection to all the sections of the society including the those least able to help themselves such as the…

  • Health Hazards in Common Professions

    The world is a busy place. There are millions of people going to work every day. As a result, there has been a steady rise in the number of jobs, because new people join the global workforce each year. To ensure maximum productivity from the workforce, the health and safety of the working individuals is…

  • Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Pregnancy, Labor and Birth

    Child abuse is a common problem worldwide. The abuse can be in the form of physical, emotional, sexual or verbal offence. Both boys and girls can be victims of child abuse, a devastating trauma which can lead to long term negative outcomes in future life. In girls, child sexual abuse can contribute to many physical…

  • Healthy population

    A sound health plan is very important and it is crucial as it will ensure that the American population will be in a position of receiving quality and superior medical services. The United States government should adopt a similar policy as that of Canada. Such a policy will ensure that all the Americans are able…

  • Csi And Blood Evidence

    Blood is a vital liquid tissue of the body and consists of the plasma and the blood cells. Blood evidence can provide information regarding the crime, the victim, the perpetrator, as well as the events surrounding the crime. It is important to establish the presence or absence of blood, whether it is of human or…

  • Canada health plan

    In Canada, the health care is delivered and funded by a health care system that is publicly funded; it is the private sector that provides most of the health care in Canada. Their annual expenditure is approximately one hundred and sixty billion dollars which is about eleven percent of their annual gross domestic product. Various…

  • Health Insurance Tax

    Health Insurance Tax Proposal as outlined by President Bush in his State of the Union Address which calls for tax to be levied on employer-sponsored health insurance. Statement of the Problem o How will the new health insurance tax proposal affect the major stakeholders in the insurance market? o How will the proposal affect the…

  • Quality health care

    A free health care for all Americans should provide insurance to all the citizens; this can be done by initiating a medical care program and a health insurance at all work places. An effective framework aimed at controlling the medical costs should be created. The framework would ensure that the medical costs are minimized and…

  • Current Event on HIV/AIDS

    The article that I have chosen is: – “WHO advocates circumcision to curb new HIV cases – The practice would best serve males in sub-Saharan Africa, researchers say. ” By Jia-Rui Chong (Times Staff Writer), Dated March 29, 2007. (Quoted). The article speaks of one of the latest finding related to HIV/AIDS involving male circumcision….

  • Significance free health care

    Health care can be made free by the use of more government revenue on the health sector. It should be noted that the free health care is free to the Americans only if at the time of hospitalization or whenever one visit a health facility is not required to pay for the services rendered. But…

  • Summary and Review of Three Current Articles on Genetics

    A research article by Wall, J. D. & Kim, S. K. (2007), it restudies two recent papers that studied the relationship of fossil groups, like the Neanderthals, with people today. It hoped to answer if ‘archaic’ human groups, like the Neanderthals, contributed significantly to the present human gene pool. Therefore, the two papers described the…

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