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  • Celia A Slave

    Melton McLaurin's book Celia, A Slave is the account of the trial, conviction, and execution of a female slave for the murder of her master in 1855.The author uses evidence compiled through studying documents from Callaway County, Missouri and the surrounding area during the middle of the Nineteenth Century.Although much of what we can determine…

  • Glasgow University

    Glasgow was a small medieval and University City which did not start to expand intill the 17 century when trade became profitable in the west coast.By the 1870s Glasgow was a heavy industrial city and was becoming famous for its trade and industrial work.This bomb was attracting brilliant architects to come in work in Glasgow….

  • Othello

    1. Othello is a very sympathetic character. He is tricked into thinking that his wife is having an affair with another man. Several other characters in the play, especially Iago, have such a grudge against Othello that they simply hate him and want to ruin his life. They don’t care who gets hurt in the…

  • Gladiators

    Back in ancient Rome, there were many exciting forms of entertainment.The most loved of all was the Gladiatorial Games.Gladiators were well-known, and the Games were a highly-watched spectacle. Gladiators were some of the most looked up to characters of Rome. One can learn many interesting facts about gladiators, such as the weapons and armor they…

  • Cecil Rhodes: Confession of Faith

    At the end of the nineteenth century, the leaders of European nations were eager to expand their empires for economic gains, and the British were no exception.In "Confession of Faith," great imperialist and wealthy diamond mine owner Cecil Rhodes asserts his opinion of Britain's right to conquer land in the world, and the importance of…

  • Gladiators

    Throughout history the gladiatorial games found great distinction and prestige from any other type of entertainment of its time. Thefirst games were held in Rome in 264 BC by the two sons of Junius Brutus Pera, as a type of commemorative service in their father's honour. After thesefirst games word spread and interest rose exponentially….

  • Gladiators

    The Evolution of Gladiatorial Games throughout Roman History The Roman Civilization was a true depiction of duality; the populace that was regarded as one of the most civilized in ancient history had a foundation built on blood, savagery, and slavery.The utter fascination of the Roman people with blood, carnage, and the suffering of others led…

  • Oedipus: The Danger of Knowledge

    Sophocles' play, Oedipus the King demonstrates the importance of knowledge and the respect it deserves.While Oedipus a man that is revered for his knowledge, he becomes a man that must learn about knowledge in a painful way.Oedipus learns many things other than his heritage; he learns that self-knowledge comes with a price.In discovering things about…

  • Ceasar politics

    Gaius Julius Caesar was a powerful military leader who changed the course of the Greco-Roman civilization decisively and irreversibly. Julius belonged to Rome's original Aristocracy, the patricians, or landholding upper class, and his lineage can be traced back to the goddess Venus. While growing up Caesar dreamed of being like Alexander the Great who had…

  • Gladiatorial Rituals

    Gladiatorial contests hold a central place in our perception of Roman behavior. They were also a big influence on how Romans themselves ordered their lives. Attending the games was one of the practices that went with being a Roman. The Etruscans who introduced this type of contest in the sixth century BC, are credited with…

  • Gladiatorial Combat

    Munera gladitoria (gladiatorial contests) hold a central place in our perception of Roman behavior. They were also a big influence on how Romans themselves ordered their lives. Attending the games was one of the practices that went with being a Roman. The Etruscans, who introduced this type of contest in the sixth century BC, are…

  • Ceasar

    Julius Caesar was a strong leader for the Romans who changed the course of the history of the Greco – Roman world decisively and irreversibly. With his courage and strength he created a strong empire . What happened during his early political career? How did he become such a strong dictator of the Roman Empire?…

  • Gladiation

    Thefirst gladiatorial games in Rome were in 264 BC and they became a very popular form of public spectacle quickly.They were originally associated with funeral rituals, but in they Republic they were related to the winter and spring equinoxes.The gladiators involved faced death when entering the arena and attempted to triumph over it, but were…

  • Ode to the West Wind is a Plea for Poetic Inspiration

    With “Ode to the West Wind,” Percy Bysshe Shelley presents a poetic prayer filled with musical metaphors and themes of death, rebirth, inspiration, and liberation. The poem possesses dynamic language to convey the formidable forces of the West Wind, an autumnal energy “whose unseen presence the leaves dead Are driven,” (2-3). The leaves refer not…

  • Ceasar

    Julius Caesar was a man who took a falling city and made it in to a glorious empire. Caesar did many things that we still use today and that helped shape the western world as we know it today. Those things include many reforms that changed the city of Rome and in changing the city…

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