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Essays are some students' worst nightmare, or for some, it's a great way to score good marks in their exams or by submitting their assignments. Some students find it difficult to compile an effective essay due to a shortage of time, being busy in extracurricular activities, or jobs to meet their needs.

Problem and solution essays are one of the many kinds of essays. Students often confuse them with other types like argumentative or persuasive essays and fail to produce an engaging and compelling piece of writing.

Problem and solution essays are hard and difficult to get done correctly. They not only state a particular problem but also provide the possible solution and, with their arguments, convince the audience and readers by providing the evidence.

This specific angle and techniques to solve the riddle take a toll on the students, confusing this essay type with others. But don't worry; we will guide you in detail on how to write it correctly and effectively.

What is Problem Solution Essay?

A problem solution essay has similar traits to persuasive writing; a particular problem is described in detail and possible solutions and outcomes. It provides argument-backed solutions, has convincing aspects with strong evidence, and gives the best solution.

Although it falls into the same genre of essays as persuasive and argumentative essays, it differs from them as it is not arguments focused only. Instead, it works on the principle of cause and effect essay. It discusses different causes or problems, their effects, and their consequences.

It's not only limited to the problem describing and mentioning its possible outcomes but also in-depth investigative analysis of the problem that drives a possible fruitful solution. These assignments are generally part of the subject's exams or different English proficiency exams like ILETS. A problem-solution essay can give single or multiple solutions to a specific problem discussed in the essay.

How to write a problem-solution essay?

A good and well-composed problem solution essay offers a solution back propositions of a problem discussed in the essay. The most important thing while writing this type of essay is staying focused, relevant, and using a constructive approach, from pointing out the problem to suggesting its solution.

While writing and stating your arguments, always remain close to the topic and avoid any use of irrelevant information. It distracts the attention from the main topic and adds a bad impact to your writing. Here are some well-thought-out steps that help you're drafting a good problem solution essay.

● Start your Essay Preparation by Choosing the Topic:

It is the first important step involving different thought processes and brainstorming sessions. You can choose any topic, but it must be carefully curated. The problem for an essay can be anything, you can discuss it with your fellows, in group discussions, or anything you think affects the lives of the people or facing the community.

The problem can be small or big, and if it affects people's lives, it can create a legitimate topic for the essay.

● Think and propose an effective solution:

Finding and proposing an effective and easy-to-implement solution is tough. You need to focus and think about all the possible outcomes of the problem and then draw different scenarios and solutions that help cater to the problem. The solutions must be easy to implement, cost-effective, and accepted by a larger audience. Some small steps to initiate the problem-solving methods are:

● Add new resources, equipment, capital, and awareness campaigns.

● Avoid using things, methods, or equipment that cause the problem and get rid of them.

● Start an awareness campaign and educate the public or community about the problem.

● Use of advertising to motivate the community about the cause.

● We are implementing new rules or regulations and discarding old ones.

● Create an Outline:

Once you choose the topic and find possible solutions to a problem that needs to be addressed in the essay, outline your essay; it helps maintain the focus, save your time, stay relevant to the topic, and include all the main points of the essay. It is better to write all the points on paper than re-arrange them according to their importance and placement and stick to them.

● Write a Compelling Introduction:

The introduction engages the audience's attention and builds their interest in the essay. It is also helpful in crafting a worthy and good balanced essay. The introduction includes a description of the problem, its outcomes, impacts, and your proposed solution or thought process. If you state an uncommon problem that is hard for people to understand, explain it a little with consequences and its importance and grab the reader's attention.

Thesis Statement: At the end of the introduction, a thesis statement describes the main theme and topic. It should be concise, clear, and focused and have the following information:

● It states the solution of the problem clearly and concisely.

● It comes after the description of the problem at the end of the introduction.

● If the thesis statement appears overly simple, discuss the earlier solutions that didn't work well before proposing yours.

● Body Paragraphs of Your Essay:

It's the main part of your writing, where you explain the problem and its possible solutions. You can write in-depth analyses and share analytical insights and research interpretations. First, explain the problem, its effects, outcomes, and the core reason. Your reasoning covers the following aspects:

● First, explain in detail the problem.

● Propose the possible solution and explain it in detail.

● State how your proposed solution is the best.

● Use previous results and opinions as evidence and explain how they fail in solving the problem.

Make sure your solution is useful, cost-effective, easy to implement, reasonable, and better than others. Strengthen your arguments and solutions by providing references to previous solutions as evidence and convincing your audience with them.

● Result Oriented Conclusion:

The conclusion is the last and deciding part of your essay, as it contains all the essence of your work, your arguments, proposed solutions, your finding, and how they will address or affect the problem you're discussed in your writing. Keep it short; avoid using any out-of-context statement or sentence.

Explain to your readers what should happen, the possibilities and improvements your proposed solution can bring, tell them a little about how it will work, and convince them with substantial facts, statistics or testimonials.

What is the problem solution essay structure?

The structure of the problem solution essay shares the same structure as other essay types. Generally, it consists of three paragraphs that state the problem in detail, then their possible solution backed by facts, figures, and research. Here is how it looks:

● Introduction: It contains compelling statements that briefly describe the main theme and essay topic

● Body: The essay body has all the detail, in-depth analysis, and possible outcomes of the problem as stated in the main topic or theme of your essay; It then explains the possible solutions, backed by facts, statistics, testimonials, and results. The details and information of the problem and its solution are explained in body paragraphs.

● Conclusion: Conclusion has the crux of your whole essay; it starts with stating the topic or thesis statement and a short explanation of the best solution to cater to the problem. Avoid using any new ideas or irrelevant information.

Outline and format of Problem Solution essay:

Outline and format of problem-solution essays are crucial in providing the best, most focused, and relevant details and information. While creating a problem solution essay outline, keep the following elements and features in mind.

● A well-explained Problem:

This essay emphasizes identifying the problems and developing and proposing a possible best solution for them. Therefore, when stating the topic, try to explain in detail the problem, don't give any expert opinions, or use technical terms. Some audiences may find it difficult to understand. Keep the explanation simple and explain in detail so that an average individual can understand it properly.

● A well-composed and Reasonable Solution:

After explaining the problem, write about all the possible solutions composed and reasonable. Keep in mind that the proposed solutions are doable and bring positive effects. Don't exaggerate the problem and drive a complicated solution. Please keep it simple and effective.

● A strong and convincing Argument:

The problem-solution essay is not only limited to problems and solutions, but it also involves convincing readers or audience. Back your claims with evidence, previous results, expert opinions, and research to rectify the problem. All these supporting elements help build a strong argument, which eventually plays its part in convincing people.

● Essay Tone:

A problem-solution essay involves arguments, but the writer of the essay must understand the difference between arguing and presenting the solution; it is more like arguing without making any arguments. Therefore, the writer must use proper tone and be more result-oriented rather than use strong arguments that may be offensive. Keep the tone simple and facts-based by providing effective results to your readers.

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Also, check out the problem solution essay topics:

Don't forget to check these problem solution essay topics. They help you understand the essay structure, create an essay outline, and draft a well-composed and balanced piece of writing. These topics are carefully selected and have the best solutions to problems stated in the topics. If you want an expert opinion, click on customer support and book a separate appointment or talk to essay experts for guidance.

● Undocumented immigrants

● Mass shootings

● Police brutality

● Suicide


Essay writing is an important part of college assignments and the question of admission tests. Like other students, you are also facing difficulties in essay writing, and you can follow the guidelines provided above. Moreover, for professional help, you can contact us!

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