Explain Barriers When Supporting Learning Activities And How To Overcome These

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Describe the Sorts of Problems that Might Occur when Supporting Learning Activities and How to Deal with These

Unorganised planning: If a lesson has not had the appropriate amount of planning or if the staff that are involved in the activity are not aware of their role and what is expected it can cause confusion during the lesson meaning it will not flow and the children will have disturb learning. To prevent this it is important that all member of the team are aware of the activity what is going to happen and what level of support nd assistance they are expected to provide.

This should be done before the children are in the classroom and before they start the learning activity.

Insufficient resources: The majority of activities set by the teacher will require the use of multiple resources for example exercise books, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, rulers ect. Sometimes, unfortunately there are not always enough resources available for every student which results in a delay in the start of work, due to trying to locate the supplies.

To help deal with and prevent this from happening the esources should be located and prepared before the lesson begins ensuring there is enough for the class.

Unit 210 Support Learning Activities

Where this is not possible it is important to organise the resourses you do have to enable you to share them out equally and encourage the children to share with a partner whenever possible. Noise: Classrooms can often become a very noisy environment when children are learning and working in groups or individually.

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This can be a huge distraction for children and prevent them from producing the best work they can and also slow their work pace resulting in unfinished work. To help combat this it is important to remind the children at regular intervals that they should keep there voices to a whisper and raise their hand rather than shout out.

Also having a way to get the whole classes attention when they are being far too noisy for example in my setting the teacher would say “1… 2… 3” and the children would be expected to put down anything they were doing, look at the teacher and reply “look at me” this would make it easier to know that the teacher had the full attention of all the children when needed. Also outside noise can cause a distraction, for example noise from a eighbouring classroom or hallway a way to help stop this noise always make sure the door is shut during lesson times to minimise disruption. . Wide spectrum of abilities: Having a inclusive class with a wide range of children and abilities could also cause a problem when supporting learning activities, has been set. This can be dealt with by splitting the children in to ability based groups and providing the appropriate work for each group and setting achievable targets. By encouraging the higher ability children to help those struggling will help keep the class working at a similar pace. Shy students: Some children may suffer with confidence issues which may affect their individual work and contribution to the class as they are worried they may get answers wrong and getting told off. To combat this you must build a good rapport and relationship with your students and let them know its 0k to be wrong. In my setting we had posters around the classroom made by the children with classroom rules and behaviours, one of them being: ‘Its safe to make mistakes’. Build up trust with particularly shy students and encourage them to come out of their shell and ive praise when they try.

Students with English as second language: Sometimes a class may have a bilingual student where English is not their mother tongue. This student may need extra support to understand the meaning of words or what is expected of them. If they are particularly bad at English you could provide things such as flash cards and labels on items to help them learn. You could also encourage some more extrovert, friendly, ‘wise’ students to befriend them to help with their language. Lack of learning motivation and low levels of attention: It may cause problems if ne or more of class have a short attention span and/or lack of motivation to learn.

Help to prevent this by make lessons interesting & relevant; increase student involvement & interaction. Include multiple sources of learning – multi-sensory, practicals, field trips, hands on, project work, activities. One or more highly disruptive student :Find out the real reason for such indiscipline and try to sort that out. eg. if the child is a ‘genius’, and so causes disruption because of bordom and is way ahead of the class, then provide him/her with work/activity on the side, suited to his/her level.

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Explain Barriers When Supporting Learning Activities And How To Overcome These
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