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Analytical Essays

How does a writer convince the reader that he is right in interpreting what he has read (or not read)? When reading an analytical essay, it is easy to get caught up in whether or not we agree with everything said. As such, you fail to realize that analytic essays can often make some very good points about the text that we might not have otherwise considered. Analytical essays are very common, especially in English Literature courses at school or university, but they are also found throughout other disciplines. Literary criticism is the most obvious example, but there are many others.

What is Analytical Essay?

Analytical essays aim to offer a critique of a piece of literature or other work in some way. They can focus on the themes, characters, and plots, but not always. It depends on the nature of the essay for it to be considered analytical. In an academic context, they will tend to be longer than most other types of essays. For example, suppose a student is writing an essay about the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. In that case, he will probably explore different themes such as love or obsession, perhaps using examples from the text to support his claims.

Analysis essay examples will require you to thoroughly understand the text(s) that you are analyzing. You will have to consider what the author says, how she says it and why she has chosen to say it in a particular way. The overall aim is not simply to say whether or not you agree with the interpretations offered by other critics but rather to deepen your understanding of the text through developing your interpretation.

How to Write Analysis Essay Example

Successful analytical essays are not very easy to write, particularly for those who are new to the process of analytical writing. However, you can take steps to ensure that they do not end up as a mess of ideas that never truly come together. Below are the tips on how to write an analytical essay:

1. Decide on your Purpose

Before attempting an analysis essay on any subject, it is crucial to know what you want your essay to achieve. What point are you trying to make about the text, and what examples will you use? It might be necessary to plan this section carefully, perhaps using one of many pre-written analytical essay models available online.

2 Choose a Model for Guidance

Once your purpose or thesis is clear, finding the right model for your essay can be very helpful. It is often a case of using pre-written models or looking at examples to get an idea of what style to use. It might involve analyzing the structure, tone, or mode used.

3. Write a Strong Introduction

The introduction is very important, and it should aim to grab the reader’s attention. It will also set out your purpose and ask some interesting questions which you will attempt to answer in your essay. You can include your thesis statement here. You can, or it could appear later, perhaps as your last line.

4. Support your Claims

You show that you know what you are talking about and back up all of your ideas with specific examples from the text. It would help if you did it in a logical, easy-to-follow manner. Skipping around will confuse the reader and make it difficult to keep track of what you are saying.

5. Write a Conclusion

Your conclusion is not simply about restating everything you have already said, but it should summarize the main points of your essay. It is also an opportunity to show that you are aware of any contradictions or weaknesses in your argument. You should explain how to resolve these weaknesses. For example, if you choose another text that conflicts with an idea presented, you might explain why this is the case so the reader can consider the merits of both arguments.

6. Proofread your Work

It is very important to proofread your essay carefully, so you do not have any spelling or grammar errors that could mislead or confuse readers or change the meaning of what you are trying to say. In some cases, failing to proofread carefully could change the entire meaning of what you have written.

7. Language and Style

It is important not to sacrifice good language for the sake of maintaining a logical structure. In other words, your essay should be easy to read as well as make sense. Making stylistic changes here and there can help to make your opinion more interesting. For example, you might use a sarcastic tone or dramatic irony to emphasize an idea.

What is Analytical Essay Structure?

The structure of an analytical essay is fairly simple. Most essays will begin with an introductory paragraph that states the topic and explains what you plan to do in your introduction. It does not need to belong or be complicated; it is simple enough to draw attention and set out how you approach the essay’s main body.

There are a variety of ways to structure your main body. However, it usually contains three paragraphs that explain and support your argument. Each of these should be structured similarly, so the essay remains easy to understand and simplistic for the reader.

The first paragraph should include a clear statement that outlines your position on the matter at hand, hooking readers with your thesis statement.

The second paragraph should provide details of your argument, using the strongest examples possible to support it. It is also important to explain why these are relevant or significant.

Finally, in the last paragraph, you will use your strongest arguments to refute any arguments presented by other views on the matter and restate your thesis statement so there can be no doubt about what you are saying.

Outline and Format of Analytical Essay

The analysis essay outline is fairly straightforward. An introduction contains all the necessary information that will be used in the essay. A conclusion also summarizes what has been said, leaving the reader with a lasting impression of what they read. An example of analytical essay structure is as follows:

Analytical essay introduction example: The qualities of a good leader, particularly those we should look for in our politicians and public figures. Here are good analytical essay example high school;

Claim: Good leaders should be trustworthy.

Paragraph 1: Support the claim with examples and explanations.

John F Kennedy was known to inspire trust in others.

Barack Obama’s trustworthiness was central to his 2008 presidential campaign.

The Watergate scandal destroyed the public’s faith in Nixon, and he resigned as a result.

Paragraph 2: Support the claim with examples and explanations.

The number one quality needed by leaders is honesty; without honesty, there can be no trust.

Elections are won and lost on the number of lies people believe about candidates.

Hitler may have been a great orator, but he was also a convincing liar, making him dangerous.

Paragraph 3: Refute claim with examples and explanations.

Trustworthiness is not always the best quality; for some leaders, it could be preferable to be more cavalier with the truth, so they can do what is necessary without worrying about public opinion.

Abraham Lincoln was trustworthy and honest, but he lost his life to bring the United States together by passing legislation that would abolish slavery. If he had been more concerned with his trustworthiness, he might have lived a long life.

Vladimir Putin is willing to lie to protect the best interests of Russia and its people. He has escaped criticism from many by being trusted.

Conclusion: Restate the claim and refer back to the thesis statement so there can be no mistake about what you are saying.

The main body of the essay makes up most of this type of assignment, and it is here where you must prove your thesis statement and argue your point of view.

Do You Need an Analytical Essay Sample? You’re at the Right Place

If you are struggling to write an in-depth analytical essay on your own, do not worry. You can get help online — many professional essay services can provide you with an example of an analytical essay for review and inspiration. These online websites provide an immense variety of analytical essays samples that you can use as reference, analysis, or explanation.

You don’t have to buy a full analytical essay example from any website — most offer free samples as well as paid services. Free analytical essay samples are a great way to check if the quality is up to your standards. They will give you an idea of the topics these companies cover and how they implement their professional writing strategies so that the final product is as close to academic standards.

Also check out the Analytical Essay Topics

There are so many topics that you can analyze and explore. You can choose one that interests you or select the one you know nothing about to surprise yourself with what you can discover. The only thing the topic must do is make sense for your chosen GPA at University.

Analysis essays samples:

  1. How Important is Good Memory to a Leader?
  2. The Role of the United Nations in International Relations.
  3. Do Violent Video Games Lead to Violent Behavior?
  4. Is Obama’s Affordable Care Act for Everyone?
  5. Analyze the psychological and social reasons for bullying
  6. Causes and effects of global warming
  7. Ways of fighting inequality
  8. Is capital punishment a crime in itself?
  9. Why is it difficult to leave our comfort zones?
  10. What do animals think about us?


Analytical essays are some of the most popular types of paper assignments to complete in college. They test your understanding and knowledge of a particular topic while allowing you to show that you know how to research and defend your ideas. The best way to ensure that you get high marks on an analytical essay assignment is to plan, ensure all sources are referenced correctly, and work as a team to produce an essay that is not only insightful but also highly practical.

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