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The pelican brief. „The pelican brief” is the 3rd novel written by John Grisham in 1992. Most of his novels are about lawyers and so is this one. I could say that this book is definitely the one with most action in it, because the storyline is based on major government cover-up. One aspect of this book is its theme. The main theme of this novel is large-scale conspiracies in America. The author shows us the dark side of political and economical impact and its importance in the same time.

The story starts out with two Supreme Court Justices murdered for no apparent reason.

The main character is a young law student, named Darby who gets drawn apart in the deeps of political conspiracies by writing a brief in witch she reveals her theory of conspiracy. It was a shot in the dark for Darby, a brilliant guess, which appeared to be true and that’s the main reason why she becomes a target for a big business and political giant- Victor Mattiece, who murders Darby’s friend Thomas Callahan and Gavin while the young student tries to run to earth the evidence against Victor Matice.

Darby have to deal face to face with the political corruption, trying to get evidence against the persons involved in these crimes. Throughout the novel her struggle with guilt and pain is blowing up , as well as her fear. The author shows how hard it is to be alone against all system of bureaucratie. To some this may seem ironic that a young female law student can so easily write a brief, that turns out to be the only document that can cover up such a large-scale corruption, but that is not the point.

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The idea is to show political system problems in general.

Victor Mattiece Pelican Brief

In my opinion the author ties to show us that they are more interested in golf than a major government crisis, and choose to let others worry about it. Step by step the young law student and her friend Gray debunks a shifty cover-up, made by the most prestigious men in the country. In the end of the book Darby lies in the beach feeling slightly free from all troubles she have lived thought. The second aspect of “The Pelican brief” is it’s style . The author’s language is quite pleasant, he writes in the 3rd person.

The interest aroused quite quickly, because of the unexpected turn in the very beginning . I could say that it is hard to follow the storyline if you have missed some events, because the story is fast mooving. The final aspect of “The Pelican brief is its value. The story has an influence on reader it made me think about who you can and can’t trust, and also showed some skills of being sharp. I think John Grisham’s goal while writing this novel was to strike suspense, fear, happiness, and enjoyment into the reader in the same time.

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