Brief Summary of the Book Big Daddy

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The following example essay is a brief annotation of the work “Big Daddy”. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

In contrast to Maggie and Brick we have Gooper and Mae who have a marriage that out shines the main characters by a long way. If we look at these two characters in terms of their communication they have a very strong relationship in which talking to eachother is clearly seen. In Maggie and Bricks relationship, Maggie is at the for front doing the talking but with Mae and Gooper Mae looks after her children and Gooper is the head of the house hold.

With Big Daddy’s diagnosis, Mae and Gooper are very sneaky in the fact they have talked to each other and decide they should take over his state. ‘I just didn’t think we ought t’ take any chance of Big Daddy hearin’ a word of this discussion’. This displays that they have discussed this and planned the papers; ‘ Here’s your briefcase, Gooper, honey.

’ They know each other but also when either one is attacked by a member the other immediately steps in to defend them. This demonstrates that this relationship is solid or at least some kind of affection is shown, ‘Gooper never thought of as a duty, he just did it.’

Big Daddy Summary

In comparison to Brick who lets Mae insult Mae ‘beautiful husband of hers won’t go to be with her!’ doesn’t defend for her whereas Maggie will protect Brick, ‘Well, I wish you would just stop talking about my husband.

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’ Both of them have the same aim and they scheme together to secure Big Daddy’s estate. This takes partnership and unity to plan such a big take over, although this is not seen as loving this does exhibit that Mae and Gooper have a far better level of communication then some of their family members. As it is apparent in Act Three Mae and Gooper declared they would take over the estate, with the persuasion of Big Mama they finish each other sentences off. Plus, with finishing off each other’s sentences, they are very quick with their remarks following one and other like a comedy act.

‘Behold the conquering hero comes!’ ‘The Fabulous Brick Pollitt! Remember him?’ The pair of them is likened to a comedy act, as there cruel remarks on Brick and Maggie are continuous and very quick. This double act is in unity with their jibes; this depicts this relationship to be one of huge communication and highly ruthless. Both have the same aims and attitudes, which will obviously help, stop conflict. Being similar in their calculating plans and cruelty these two attacks Maggie and Brick as a pair so they are stronger and show Big Daddy just how responsible they are. Therefore with Mae and Gooper they have a high level of communication on wanting to take over Big Daddy’s estate and belittling Maggie.

But surprisingly Gooper does communicate to his mother in Act Three his honest feeling towards his brother, and how he knows Big Daddy does not favour him. ‘I was just barely good enough to spit on and sometimes not even good enough for that’. This is not cruel merely Gooper saying ‘I’ll tell you the truth’ we see the dynamics of communication between Gooper and Big Mama from nice to face value to actually be honest for once.

Finally, with Big Daddy’s health in the for front as he does have cancer many of the members of this play are very conniving in wanting to get as much money as possible. They keep this from Big Mama and Big Daddy so they can plot to get Big Daddy’s Estate. Whispers behind their backs, conspiracies and lies behind the family’s backs: this family have no communication and are seen to just want money. For example Reverend Tooker’s constant repetition of money that Big Daddy should give, ‘Oh but St Paul’s in Grenada has three memorial windows’ ‘Gus Hamma’s family gave in his memory to the church’. This demonstrates that Reverend Tooker is quite hypocritical and associates with Big Daddy for his money. For example Mae and Gooper are very nice to Big Daddy and use their children to put on a big show and try to ‘impress’ Big Daddy; like most of the birthday guests.

In looking at the characterisation of the communication in the play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” it is clearly shown that this family and guests do not interact with one another well and often more than not lies and deceit are behind some characters. Brick and Maggie barely have a marriage, Gooper and Mae are trying to take over Big Daddy’s estate, Reverend Tooker wants money and Big Daddy is unaware he is dying. They all have problems with communicating so they lie and keep secrets; the biggest secret of all Big Daddy’s fate of death.

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