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After reading this book you will either love it forever, or not fully comprehended its profound morality deems for another fantastic story. At first glance it is very simple and original, but in those moments when the reality is interwoven with fiction is difficult to find answers to many questions … But no matter, whether believable protagonist of history or not, they give the reader an opportunity to reflect on the different life situations, and failed to reconsider its attitude to other people, to their loved ones, and in the first place to himself.

Big fish piercingly moving story of a dying relationship between father and son, who throughout his life to know his father. William’s father, Edward, a great storyteller and & nbsp; the wizard to compose stories. Since childhood, William and then listened to the incredible stories of the wanderings of his father, in which he experienced many adventures and met many interesting and amazing people.

And now, the boy became a grown man, and he does not believe in the stories that he tells his father. He was tired of tales. And this is the main disagreement in their relationship. William eager to learn at least something about the real life of his father. But no … Even at a time when Edward left to live just a few hours he continues enthusiastically telling his son unrealistic stories about his life. William desperately trying to reject all fiction aside, he was angry at his father for what he hides the truth from him, because he does not give an opportunity to get to know him.

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Big Fish Book Review

However, over time, William realizes that stories his father is not a lie. Father perceives life. In the stories that at first seem improbable is the truth, the truth of perception of life

“A man tells stories on & nbsp;. A lot of time & nbsp; and becomes inseparable from & nbsp; are they & nbsp; live and & nbsp; after & nbsp; the death and & nbsp; so it & nbsp; become immortal big fish becomes one that does not & nbsp “

.”; comes on & nbsp; the hook. ” The protagonist of the novel, Edward Bloom – a big fish. Throughout his life he spent in a fairy tale, in a world where magic works wonders, where love and friendship live in every heart. He is a happy man because he was able to turn miracles into reality.

The book, despite his inner tragedy, has the ability to incredibly positive impact on the reader. It’s a great kind fairy tale with a subtle and witty dialogue & nbsp; subtle philosophical implications. Bright fantastic atmosphere that prevails in this book, keeping up indifferent to her readers.

This is an amazing book became the basis for the movie of the same name, which released the talented director Tim Burton in 2003. He took a great mystic and romantic tale of the incredible story of the incredible life of Edward Bloom’s largest fish Ashland, Alabama.

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