Hattie Big Sky Summary

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1) Title of the book: Hattie big sky 2) Author: Kirby Larson 3) Setting (location—where does the story take place? ): In the beginning Kirby reflects on his visit to Montana.

__________________________________________________________ 4) Time period—what year or years does the author write about? 1900 century-many things needed plain fire to be used like the stove. 5) Characters: (who is the main or most important character? a. Hattie Are there other characters? Name them: b. Sarah c. Charlie Hawley d. Holt 6) Plot summary–what happens in the story? (5 -6 sentences)

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In the beginning Kirby reflects on his visit to Montana. He goes on to say how nice it was and how friendly people were to him; Kirby thanks various people who have helped him reach his goal of writing books including this one. Hattie was living with her aunt ivy because her father and mother passed away when she was a little girl. She went to live with her aunt Sarah until aunt Sarah could not take care of her anymore.

Her aunt ivy took her in. Hattie went to school with a guy names Charlie Hawley who has enlisted in the military and is overseas in France.

Hattie writes letters to Charlie about how much he is missed. Her aunt ivy goes and thinks anything is wrong with reading Hattie’s letters so Hattie has to hide them from her. Aunt ivy wants Hattie to help her friend Iantha wells instead of finishing school. One afternoon Uncle Holt who lived with aunt ivy told Hattie that a letter came for her.

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He letter was not from Charlie but from Chester Hubert wright a biological uncle from Hattie’s mother’s side. The letter stated that 320 acres were left to her.

Hattie took the opportunity to leave aunt ivy. She packed her things and was on her way. Uncle Holt drove her to the train station because aunt ivy was mad about the choice Hattie made. 7) Conflict and resolution: (is there a lesson to learn, or a problem that is solved? What is it? ) Hattie has learned to adjust to her situation even though she was not happy about it. She never quit seek in out her dream. 8) Did you like this book? Why or why not? Overall the book was good. Because the details helped me, create a picture in my mind.

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Hattie Big Sky Summary
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