The Father, Who Fell From The Sky By J. Paul Henderson Review

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Lyle Bowman died of his addiction. His unbridled lust for sweets cost him not only a plethora of teeth, but at the end of the life. At least indirectly. When it drove the irrepressible desire for a chocolate bar from the safe shelter of his house to shop, age of eighty three collided with a double-decker bus and a wide

Three weeks later, a manageable mourners gathered at the crematorium.
• Uncle Frank, Lyles unmarried brother, download
• Lyles son Billy and his wife, daughter and widowed mother-
• Lyles second son Greg, just flip-flops and Hawaiian shirt flown in from Texas, download
• Lyles oldest surviving friend and
• three neighbors.

it quickly becomes apparent that not only the neighborhood is another not green, but also the small family that leaves the old man, a rather hopelessly shattered handful is. Especially between Billy and Greg kriselt it since childhood. While pattern son Billy had to fight hard for everything, Greg was all about, and despite youthful missteps he remained Mamas favorite and a know.

One of the low points of the messed-up sibling relationship was Billy’s marriage with a daughter from better circles as Greg on drugs ruined the church ceremony. Their reunion after many years Greg prefers because even before, set up camp in completely dissolute father’s house, instead of assuming the half-hearted invitation of brother and sister iggeligen. His plan is to leave after the sale of the old house with the first available heading back to Texas entfleuchen and the whole clan behind.

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But author J. Paul Henderson surprised the family and us readers in his Oddities -novel for good British tradition with a funny, though not dewy twist: Because of some confused circumstances in the reception area of ​​the afterlife ( “like an airport”) Lyle will benefit from a maximum of twenty days’ home leave “. The need to use it to sort out what he does not hinbekam tidy during his lifetime. Only one person he can reveal himself, and this he chose Greg. With its earthly help, he sets out to save what can be saved to the intra-family harmony restored.

Of course, the oh-so-dear relatives make the realization of the project is not easy, so difficult of the track, as they are. Uncle Frank, enthusiastic Western supporter, driving otherwise than at his last big wish, in full Indian regalia over General Custer’s battlefields in Montana to proceed. However, he lacks the wherewithal. And what to do in such an affliction? a bank you raid.

A lot has rectify Lyle also with Billy, his elders. Who lives in a parallel world, from his wife must never learn for a long time. For when he felt sincere for the first time in his life dedication to a woman who was the object of his desire not Jean, but a colleague. Because he hit this lady obsessive, he lost his job and pretends Jean since before he was a lot on business trips go. That is behind this story full of oddities a strange trauma that has the sole responsibility brother Greg, is probably the most bizarre plotline of this bizarre family history.


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The Father, Who Fell From The Sky By J. Paul Henderson Review
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