A person who fell prey to revenge and regret can never find peace

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The following sample essay on: “A person who fell prey to revenge and regret can never find peace”. By nature, humans crave happiness but, losing this happiness would lead the affected individual into a state of despair and regret which might lead them into seeking revenge. Losing my grandfathers memento was the thing I regretted most, seeing it burn right in front of my eyes filled me with anger and triggered my thirst for revenge, for what was taken from me was the only memento of my grandfather so, the person responsible for destroying it had to be punished severely.

My grandfather passed away a couple of months ago which filled me with great sadness however, the pocket watch he had left me was the only thing that helped me get rid of my depression and keep on living as a used to. A couple of weeks after receiving it, my treasured pocket watch was destroyed by none other than a cousin of mine who was jealous because even in death, grandpa still preferred me over him.

No one knew that this cousins jealousy would make him go as far as destroying that keepsake.

Losing that memento filled me with deep hatred towards my cousin. As the fire burning the watch grew stronger, the flames of revenge burning inside of me grew even stronger urging me to make that cousin suffer for what he did. At the same time, feelings of regret started filling me, for I was unable to protect Grandpas keepsake; it felt as if I was unable to live up to grandpas expectations.

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Being unable to find that cousin and get my revenge on him made me fall into an emotional break down and lose consciousness as if my body was trying to save my soul from diving further into madness.

As I woke up, I started reflecting on whats been going on until now; all the misfortunes that befell me since my grandfather passed away but my parents came in and tried cheering me up with some pictures of me with grandpa and tried to convince me that revenge is never a solution because its going to cause even more sadness, anger, and misfortune. I took some time to think of all what happened up until now and calmed down as I realized that grandpas memory will live on inside of me even though his memento is no longer in my possession, for the reason he left it to me in the first place was to show his love for me and not to cause me more sadness.

The lust for revenge gives birth to even greater misery and thats why I decided to let go of my bitterness and hatred towards my cousin. Its true that I can never forgive him for what he did but at least, I chose to free myself from my lust for revenge so that I can save my soul and be finally at peace because I am sure that thats what grandpa wouldve wanted.

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A person who fell prey to revenge and regret can never find peace
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