Find Enlightenment to Find Your Way in Siddhartha, a Book by Hermann Hesse

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In the story of Siddhartha , It starts with a boy and his best friend Govinda, who both seek enlightenment. Siddhartha travels many paths to find enlightenment. It begins in his home with his father who is a brahmin. However when Siddhartha and Govinda find out that the Samanas are passing through, both Siddhartha and Govinda join the Samanas and learn their way of enlightenment by getting rid of the self. However this did not get Siddhartha to reach enlightenment either. Govinda and Siddartha leave to meet with the buddha to seek another path to enlightenment.

when the buddha offers to teach them, siddartha declines saying enlightenment can not be taught but must be found. Govinda however joins the buddha.

After Siddhartha is left on his own, he meets a woman named Kamala. He asks her to show him how to reach enlightenment but she rejects him saying he requires more wealth before she may help him, once Siddhartha acquires an amount of wealth she teaches him the art of love making.

This however does not help him reach enlightenment. Siddhartha becomes depressed and miserable and decides to leave the town without a word. He becomes suicidal and nearly jumps into the river to drown himself but stops when he hears the Om of the river. This brings him back to his senses and he decides to stay with the river. Siddhartha finds enlightenment within the river.

If Siddhartha was to live on the freeway, I believe that, if he believed there to be a chance he could reach enlightenment within a freeway, he would try it, however I think that the character Siddhartha would not find enlightenment, because for him there is no sense of peace, But that doesn’t mean that someone else could not.

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I believe that enlightenment may be different for other people, just like with the characters in the book, everyone who finds enlightenment finds it in there own way.

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