The boy who fell from the roof

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From the book “The boy who fell from the roof” Simon Lyndsey was gay, his family did not know about it. The only person that knew about it was his best friend Georgina and she never told Simon’s parents. Georgina was Simon’s close friend and they would tell each other everything. Simon spent most of his time with Georgina, playing mind games. Even though Simon and Georgina spoke about everything, Simon would not express his feelings and emotions of being gay.

George would ask Simon about his gay life, Simon would not talk about it because Georgina was not gay so he thought that she would not understand because she is not homosexual. Although Simon admitted that he is gay, he hated it when people called him gay. “I don’t like being called gay by other people” (Jenkin:2005:19)

In this play. Simon met a guy named Leonard. And Simon fell for him after he heard Leonard say that he was gay.

During their conversation, Leonard told Simon about his experiences of being gay but Simon did not say anything. Although Simon fell for this guy, he did not make it obvious and he did not tell Leonard that he is also gay. Leonard only found out when they met for the second time.

Simon learned to talk about being gay with his best friend after his last conversation with Leonard. Simon was explaining to George that there is no lame sex, whether you are homosexual or not. Sex is Sex and both sexualities enjoy it either way.

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Simon loves his best friend’s company and he enjoys doing things with Georgina. He wants to go to a matric dance with her. Simon wants to wear a green tux on his matric dance because Oscar Wilde wore it and he was homosexual. He wants to wear it as a sign of being homosexual.

Simon had an imagination about his green friend. He was reading Peter Pan. Simon was doing this impression of Captain Hook,he had this stupid voice of Captain Hook that he thought was very dangerous which was not dangerous because he sounded really small. He had that small squeaky kid’s voice.

Their friendship is tight to an extent that Simon knows the career that Georgina should pursue because he knows Georgina’s personality. Georgina was thinking of pursuing Journalism and Simon agrees on that. Simon was thinking of pursuing a career in the garden, then they all made jokes on the career that each should pursue. Then Simon changed his mind,he now wants to become a glassblower,he thinks it’s a beautiful career.

At the end of the play Simon says that he is gay and he is proud of his sexuality. Simon’s personality personally taught me to be unapologetic about who I am.

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