Brief History Of Radio

One of the most important means of communication among people in human history is the radio.The radio has many wide spread uses in today’s society, which is very different from that fifty years ago. While in its prime, about the twenties, the radio was a common household item, having a major influence on the lives of Americans. A common picture of this time usually consisted of families gathered around their radio during evening hours in order to listen to a variety of programs ranging from dramas, light comedies, variety shows, to live music.

Today’s society uses the radio for more conventional uses, such as listening to the news or music.In addition, the economy began to gain immensely by creating new opportunities for business expansion. The invention of variations of the radio is credited to many scientists of many different fields, but the invention of the radio in which most Americans today know is given to a man generally known as the “Father of Radio” Guglielmo Marconi.

Marconi is responsible for the world’sfirst wireless radiobroadcast.Guglielmo’s parents, Giuseppe Marconi and Annie Jameson had two sons, himself and his brother older Alfonso.Guglielmo Marconi was born April 25, 1874, in Bologna, high in the northern part of Italy.He was educated privately at Bologna, Florence and Leghorn. Around the age of fourteen he took a keen interest in physical and electrical science and studied the works of Maxwell, Hertz, Righi, Lodge and others.He began to admire the triumph of Samuel Morse and the telegraph system.

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From this admiration strung determination to learn all that he could about electrical sciences.In 1895 Marconi began laboratory experiments at his father’s country estate, in Pontecchio.It wasn;t until then he succeeded in sending wireless signals. Although thefirst broadcast was a short one, containing only a short series of clicks it was a major advancement…

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Brief History Of Radio
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