My Personality as a Leader at Radio Shack

There are many characteristics that fit a person’s personality, but there are only a few characteristics that stick out the most. In the Holland survey that I took it gave me two characteristics that fit my personality the most and they were: Enterprising, and Realistic. It also gave me a characteristic that was the total opposite of me which was being Conclusive. Enterprising describes me as being a leader. Realistic describes me as a person who does things himself with no easy way out.

And Conclusive described me as not being creative which is something I disagree with because I like being creative. All in all, a person’s characteristics are determined by the things one likes and by the things they do. In all honesty, the word enterprising describes me well because I am a leader. I am assistant manager at a Radio Shack.

The things I do at work helps a lot in bettering my leader skills. I take charge when the manager isn’t around and | help my coworkers when they need it.

Each week I have to change planogram which is moving stuff around the store to make it look better. I feel like being assistant manager here at Radio Shack is a great experience and I Take lead when I am in charge. I always find the best solution for every difficult situation. lam always there to give orders when needed and to take responsibility.

Therefore, enterprising is a great word to describe me because I am a great leader here at Radio Shack.

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Also, I feel that the word realistic is a good word for describing that | always do what is needed to be done in a properly manner. Being realistic to me is very important because when i try to do something difficult I always find a way to solve it on my own and try to help others when I can. i believe that it is important to always do the right thing because that‘s just how l am. Being realistic is a good thing and it shouldn’t be taken as a bad thing. I’ve had some situations where my coworkers needed my help on my days off and I went to go help them. I always put others before myself because that’s just how I was raised. With that being said, the word realistic describes me well because of the things I do.

Lastly, the word conclusive is the one word that does not fit my personality because I am the opposite of what it is. I am creative and want to explore new things. lam notjust into one thing and I am out going. I’ve done things in the past that I had to create a way to finish a job faster but also to do it professionally and | accomplished it. Also I’ve had situations that I had to a sell a phone to someone and I had a creative way to persuade them to get the most expensive phone. Being conclusive isn’t a bad thing it is just that it does not fit my personality. Therefore, conclusive does not go with my personality because I am out going and very creative.

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