Sustainability And a Brief Assessment of Their Results

Submit your Resiliency score and a short assessment of your results. I scored a 6 on my resiliency test. This puts me in the bottom most score of the ‘indeterminate section’- right on the boarder with below-average emotional regulation. My score implies that there might be times when I have good control of my emotions and other times when I do not. Do you agree with the test findings? Were you surprised with the results? This was the first resiliency test I have taken and my results were ‘inconclusive’ so I have no bearing to agree nor disagree with the results.

That being said, I do typically have a good handle on my emotions so I was surprised to see that my score was so low. I certainly do feel the effects of stress and anxiety in my daily life, but I was recently commended by a co-worker for staying clear thinking and calm in the face of stressful situations.

What changes will you make with this information? The test showed that I need to practice methods that will increase my resiliency.

When I begin to feel the effects of stress creep in I will stop what I am doing. I will note the emotion. In the past, I have found that identifying an emotion allows me to have better control over it. The website, Road to Resilience, provided some tips on improving your resiliency that I will be able to use this semester. I will keep making connections to my classmates for support while maintaining my relationships outside of nursing school.

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This will be very important because positive relationships is the primary predictor of resilience. I really like how they describe moving toward your goals. I often don’t like “goals thinking” because they are asking you to do something huge and I don’t know how to get there. Yet it seems simpler to identify the one thing that I can do that day to move toward my bigger goals. I don’t have to move a mountain in a single day but I can carry a couple rocks every day. What did you take away from the road to resilience web sight?  Are there insights provided that you can apply to this semester?

From the website Road to Resilience I took away that we all face traumatic events throughout our lives but each person overcomes them in their unique ways. I am going to use this reminder to give more compassion to my patients, classmates, and self. Each person I come into contact with during my clinical rotations is facing a traumatic event. They will deal with it in a myriad of different ways- none deserve less compassion. This goes for everyone in my life too. Just because someone is going through a trauma doesn’t mean they will march right up and tell you. They don’t have a sign that says “be gentle- I’ve had a trauma”. Those with unspoken traumas need the same care as those who express it more clearly. Nobody has gone through their lives without facing at least one major obstacle. I will treat everyone with the loving compassion.

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