Thanatopsis by William Cullen Bryant all Q&A of Q2

{Thanatopsis} in the beginning of the poem, Nature speaks
to the person who thinks about nature
{Thanatopsis}According to the poem, what should people do when they feel afraid of death
Go into nature and listen to what nature teaches
{Thanatopsis}in this poem, Nature urges the poet to find comfort
in the knowledge that death joins us with all other people
{Thanatopsis}what does the poet mean in the following quotation?
“The oak / shall send his roots abroad, and pierce thy mold” oak trees will send roots through your corpse
{Thanatopsis}According to the last stanza, how should people regard death?
Calmly, with trust
{Thanatopsis}According to the poet-
all humans come from nature
{Thanatopsis}Which image most strongly appeals to the sense of touch
“nor yet in the cold ground”
{Thanatopsis}Which of the following quotations from “Thanatopsis” could be considered a consolation
“Yet not to thine eternal resting place/Shalt thou retire alone”
{Thanatopsis}Which statement best summarizes the cycle described in this poem?
the dead are replaced by the living, who die in turn
{Thanatopsis}”Thanatopis” is a good example of Romantic poetry because
nature arouses emotions and insights in the speaker
{Thanatopsis}In the first half of the poem, death is described as
A destructive force
{Thanatopsis}In the 2nd half of the poem death is described as
an natural process for everyone who ever lived
{Thanatopsis}The theme of Thanatopsis strongly suggests that human beings are
an ongoing part of the earth itself
{Thanatopsis}which of the following quotations is the best example of an inverted sentence?
“and thee / the all-beholding sun shall see no more”
{Romanticism} writers use mood to –
convey an overall feeling
{Romanticism} which of the following sentences contains a figure of speech
my aunts house was like a musemum filled with precious objects form the past
{Romanticism} a literay work in which characters, settings and events stand for abstract ideas is an
{Romanticism} the symbolic meaning of a story
goes far beyond the story’s literal meaning
{Romanticism} Alliteration
the repetition of the same consonant sounds in words that are close together
{Romanticism} when you make a generalization about a writers beliefs, you
draw a conclusion based on information in a text
{Romanticism} Emotional appeals are a persuasive technique consisting of
loaded language and anecdotes
{Romanticism} word analogy
type of comparison
{Romanticism} Which of the following statements about suffixes is false
the definition of suffix is “a word that comes from Greek”
{Romanticism} Romanticism celebrated all the following except
the future growth of industry
{Romanticism} a group of romantics called the Transcendentalists believed that –
everything in the physical world is a reflection of the divine soul
{Romanticism} the movement that furthered american education, self-improvement, and cultural development was called –
lyceum movement
{Romanticism} opinion held by american romantic writers
cities are centers of corruption and ugliness
{Romanticism} American romantic writers rejected rationalism because they believed that –
intuition and imagination yield greater truths
{Romanticism} writins of James F. Cooper explored-
frontier communities and native americans
{Romanticism} cooper’s best known character, Natty Bumppoo, represents-
american romantic hero
{Romanticism} American Poets
used typically english themes and forms
{Romanticism} as literary models, american poets used
poetic traditions established by European romantics
{Romanticism} the dark romantics explored
the psychological effects of sin and guilt as well as the conflict between good and evil
{Pit} told from what POV
first-person of prisoner
{Pit} you can infer that the narrator is frightened about being in the dark because-
the unseen is more terrifying than the seen
{Pit} Narrator is afraid that he will find himself in a tomb because he
fears being buried alive
{Pit} Mood of the story is best described as
{Pit} to infer the symbolic meaning of a story, you use all of the following methods expect –
ignoring dialogue
{Pit} pit symbolizes
{Pit} symbolic meaning of French general
divine intervention
{Pit} vague : apparent : indistinct :
{Pit} large object : detectable : small object :
{Pit} lion : powerful : gorilla :
{Pit} Sleep : calm : riot :
{Pit} allowed :permitted : prevented :
{Pit} at first the speaker thinks the noise he hears is
someone at the door
{Pit} raven perch on the bust of the greed goddess Pallas
this association suggest the raven is wise
{Pit} first encounter – the speaker reaction to the raven
{Pit} the narrator guesses that the raven says “Nevermore” because
its former master was an unhappy person
{Pit} narrators 2 questions near the end
lenore’s love for the speaker
{Pit} infer about conclusion
never escape his despair
{Pit} speaker best described as
lonely, elderly man longing for visitors
{Pit} mood of poem
{Pit} In which quotation below are the underlined words an example of sound effects created by alliteration
“what this grim, ungainly, grunt and ominous bird of yore / meant in croaking “nevermore”
{Eldorado} only location mentioned in poem
{Eldorado} as the king sets off on his quest he is
cheerful and optimistic
{Eldorado} the knights search for his goal lasts
a very long time
{Eldorado} Who helps the knight on his quest
a “pilgrim shadow”
{Eldorado} The knight DOES NOT receive this advice
turn around and go home
{Eldorado} how might the advice be best described
ambiguous and difficult to follow
{Eldorado} couplet that is end rhyme
“But he grew old – / The knight so bold”
{Eldorado} probably happens at the end of the poem
the knight continuous his quest , without success
{Eldorado} Knight symbolizes
people who go on a quest for great wealth
{Eldorado} on his quest, the knight is headed to
{Eldorado} the knights quest is not successful because he
has a goal that is imaginary, not real
{Eldorado} archetype is this poem?
a quest for great wealth
{encounters to foundations to 1800} The character of a wise old man who appears in literature throughout the ages is an example of an
{encounters to foundations to 1800} all of the following elements are characteristics of a sonnet except
free verse
{encounters to foundations to 1800} What is an allusion
reference to something well known from literature
{encounters to foundations to 1800} Autobiographies are almost always written in the first person because
the authors are writing about their own lives
{encounters to foundations to 1800} A writers style is largely determined by all of the following elements except
{encounters to foundations to 1800} what is parallelism or parallel structure
the repetition of phrases or sentences that have the same grammatical structure
{encounters to foundations to 1800} in persuasive writing an author may appeal to the audience’s reason through the use of
{encounters to foundations to 1800} What are counterclaims
opposing arguments
{encounters to foundations to 1800} Which of the following strategies is the best way to determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word
sound out the word*look for context clues
{encounters to foundations to 1800} knowing a words etymology is most useful in helping you to –
recognize unrelated words
{encounters to foundations to 1800} when historians Francis Jennings says, “the so-called settlement of America was a resettlement….” He means that
European explorers took over land that American Indians had already settled
{encounters to foundations to 1800} the Spanish explorer Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
wrote a first hand account about some southwestern American Indian tribes
{encounters to foundations to 1800} which of the following statements about the English puritan church is not true
they believed that the clergy and government should act as intermediaries between the individual and god
{encounters to foundations to 1800} because puritans believed that the arrival of God’s grace was demonstrated by saintly behavior, they-
tried to behave in as exemplary way as possible
{encounters to foundations to 1800} the mayflower compact paved the way for
a constitutional democracy
{encounters to foundations to 1800} rationalist believed that all people
could think in an ordered manner, thereby improving their lives
{encounters to foundations to 1800} Cotton Mather is best remembered in the annals of science as the
experimenter who began a public campaign for inoculation against small pox
{encounters to foundations to 1800} according to deist the best form of worship was
doing good for others
{encounters to foundations to 1800} Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography
provides the model for the classic American rags-to-riches story
{Iroquois, Letter to Adams, Declaration of Sentiments} in Dekanawida’s statement, the tree of great peace is
both a actual tree and a symbol for other things
{Iroquois, Letter to Adams, Declaration of Sentiments} in the Iroquois constitution, who has the ability to impeach chiefs
the women of the Confederacy
{Iroquois, Letter to Adams, Declaration of Sentiments} when Dekanawida says, “the lords of the confederacy of the five nations shall be mentors of the people for all time,” he is declaring that the lords will
guide the people of the five nations and whom they serve
{Iroquois, Letter to Adams, Declaration of Sentiments} most important issue to Dekanawida
achieving and maintaining peace
{Iroquois, Letter to Adams, Declaration of Sentiments}Abigail adams suggest that the inclination of all men is to
become tyrants
{Iroquois, Letter to Adams, Declaration of Sentiments} main idea of adam’s letter
women will not be bound by laws they did not create
{Iroquois, Letter to Adams, Declaration of Sentiments} Stanton ultimately cite as a support of the equal rights of women
nature and god
{Iroquois, Letter to Adams, Declaration of Sentiments} for wat reason does Stanton suggest women are taxed unfairly
women earn less and should thus pay less
{Iroquois, Letter to Adams, Declaration of Sentiments} Stanton points out two groups of men that have more rights than women
foreigners and natives
People who are “convulsed by factions’ are –
violently agitated
Equitable laws may be considered
just and impartial
An unfettered spirit of industry is
not restricted
A person’s appellation is his or her
name or title
Aristocratically families are
of an elite, land-owing class
Crevecoeur believed an english person arriving in North America would probably feel –
the “national genius” that crevecoeur believes that Americans inherited from the British lies mainly in Americans’ –
according to Crevecoeur, most people in america during this period-
lived modestly and comfortably

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