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The following sample essay on “Kiss and tell” is a story written by author John Sam Jones. The story is set in Wales on a school. The story revolves around a boy and his thoughts about the opposite gender. The story is the omniscient type of narrator. This analysis focuses on characterization as well as on how to fit in.

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The main character in the story is Seimon. He is a fourteen-year-old boy from Wales.

Throughout the whole story, the focus is on Seimon and his addiction to his teacher Mr. Roberts. As from the very beginning of the story, the narrator tells about the girls and boys in Seimon’s class. Some of the girls in Seimon’s class seemed much older – and a bit scary. Somebody acted like they had already outgrown their peers – Jane Jones who had got breasts that where the Promised Land of boy’s dirty talk, almost always had love bites on her neck, and Shan Jenkins boasted about going to the nightclub Llandudno at the weekends with her boyfriend, who was a management trainee with one of the new, cheap German supermarkets.

It seemed like all Seimon’s classmates had grown up both physically and mentally. Seimon felt that puberty had not reached him yet. Sometimes he imagined himself smaller-than-small so that the others would not notice him. When the boys he hung around with, seemed not to want to see him, he considered if he was insignificant.

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He hated that word because it made him think of being lonely and isolated. Siemon is a fragile person who is very easy to affect. Seimon felt like he did not fit in anywhere, so he started daydreaming about his teacher Mr. Roberts, his favourite teacher that he hoped would be reading to the class – one of the poems they were studying in a literature project, or perhaps he would be explaining something about the vagaries of Welsh grammar. Mr. Roberts was from Cardiff and got the job in Wales. He knew that he had got the job because of his strengths in German and French, but the problem was that he.

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