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The genre of this movie is adventure/action. An adventure movie involves an exciting story with new experiences and exotic locales. For this movie it is the Nottingham Forest. These films are intended to appeal mainly to men, forming vital heroic views.

The structure is signifying as it travels through, conquests, explorations, and creation of empires, struggles and situations that confront the main characters, actual historical figures or protagonists.

Action and adventure movie have tremendous crossover potential as film genres. It has deep impact, physical stunts, battles and weapons.

Act I, is used to introduce the characters. Robin Hood is introduced as a prisoner in Jerusalem as he went out there for a conquest. His fellow friend Azeem is also introduced alongside him. As Robin Hood breaks out of the prison with the brother of Marina and Azeem, the brother of Marina gets killed.

Azeem and Robin get back to England and make their way to Nottingham, on the way to his castle he finds a situation where a boy is being chased by a couple of men. As being a hero that he is he goes and helps the boy and confronts the men. He evolves into trouble; this results into him meeting the Sheriff’s cousin who was leading the men that were chasing the boy. Robin introduces himself very formally and tells him that it is his land as the Sheriffs cousin assumed that it was theirs.

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After this encounter Robinas gets back to his castle where he finds his dad hung and killed. This is the end of Act 1.

Robin Hood Summary Essay

Act ii, soon after he found out about his fathers death. He finds his fathers loyal servant who is blind. Robin hood, Azeem and the servant make their way to Marinas castle. Once they are there, Robin Hood starts his romantic impact on Marina.Short after, the Sheriff turns up with his men to get Robin Hood. This is when he flees into the forest. To elude Gisborn’s military, Locksley makes his way to the evidently haunted Sherwood Forest, where he comes across ghosts and is faced with outlaws.

Robin finds out the truth when he finds the population of the Forest. Not astonishingly, this leads to another fight. Will Scarlett mocks him, while John Little challenges him to a quarterstaff duel. Robin wins and gains the admiration of John and the others, and he starts to outline them into a official band to challenge the Sheriff’s right. Robin encounters the sheriff after a church service one day, where he gets himself into yet another mishap and leaves the sheriff with an injured face. After he gives authority to hassle the peasants, which then will build more tension for the refuges for the forest. Also more conflicts will evolve for Robin. However, he uses this period to motivate the others to stand up and speak their own rite. As Marina returns from Sherwood Forest to her Castle she was asked by Robin Hood to write a letter to the king of England, as she was the cousin of the king. To notify him of the evil plan that The Sheriff of Nottingham had planned. Once she had done that she informed the priest that she needed to get this letter to France as soon as possible. AS the priest was under influence of the Sheriff, he tricked Marina of believing that he will make sure the letter gets to the king. The Sheriff then goes to the castle and kidnaps Marina and takes her back to his castle. They let the servant of Robin Hood go intentionally in order for him to lead them to the way of their hide out. Eventually, he gets to the hide out, and they are under attack. Many of the men are captured, and are taken back to the castle of the Sheriff as prisoners. You see the shadow of Robin Hood riding on top of the hill. John Little and Robin Hood are talking about the people who were captured as John Little’s son was also taken away. Suddenly, you see Robin Hood’s younger brother coming back after being prisoned by the Sheriff, telling him that he was only let go as he was going to kill Robin himself.

Act iii, starts as soon as they start planning on how to set the people free because they find out that they are all going to be hung. They get back to the castle, fight and make a stand. They defend themselves and fight the military of the Sheriffs command. While Robin and his fellows are attacking his castle, the Sheriff is very eager to marry Marina so he can accomplish his evil plans of becoming the king of England. Robin Hood and Azeem sneak into hew private area of the castle and Robin fights the Sheriff. Azeem is fighting the evil witch. Robin Hood kills the sheriff, Azeem kills the witch .At the end, Robin Hood gets married to Marina in Sherwood Forest and the king of England comes to their wedding.

The main goal of Robin Hood is to avenge his father’s death. There are also other goals he achieve which were not intended. Love, which he finds and gets married to at the end of the story. Furthermore the peace he brings to the people of Nottingham. His goals are the main themes of the story itself. It is in fact his motifs, which bring together the flaws in the story.

The Sheriff’s main goal is to become the king of England for any prize. He is willing to kill anyone and anything to become the ruler. He even stabs his own cousin, as he was not able to capture Robin Hood. He is willing to marry Marina who he hardly knows and through her wants to rule the country. He is evil, insidious and very precise of his actions.

Azeem’s goal is to repay Robin Hood because he saved his life by releasing him from prison in Jerusalem. He did not act as a servant to Robin more of a friend as it was his goal to help him to avenge his father death.

Peoples of Sherwood Forest, their goal was to live in freedom and peace. They did have their peace in the forest however not the money or the food to live happy and healthy. When Robin comes into their lives their goals get bigger because they are actually in a hide out but it widens into a little town, it develops into their own place of living.

Robin’s brothers goal is to be better than Robin. He finds him guilty of the things that happen. He does not tell Robin up until he end of the movie that he is his brother. He feels that Robin made a big mistake by leaving to Jerusalem for his conquest. His goal was changed because he actually found happiness and having a brother like Robin and them living happily together.

The Story of Robin Hood is a linear structure. It always follows a precise pattern, which leads onto one event after another. There are no flash backs or reminders which cut the story and take it back a step. It is all in one go and precise, this makes it linear. A long time back, a riot broke out between the Turks. Richard the Lionheart led the great crusade to retrieve the holy land from them. A lot of the young men who supported his decision and went with him never came back home. The movie starts off near Jerusalem in an awful prison where Robin of Locksley is near enough to show the English his power. Locksley is able to escape along with another prisoner, a guy called Azeem. They both head back to their homeland England. On his advent, he finds out the bad news that the enemies heave slain his father and his land is confiscated by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin is out for revenge for his father’s death.

The Sheriff of Nottingham kills Robin Hood’s father. However Robin Hood does not find out until he comes back home to England, this makes it Consequential.

After Robin Hood found out that his father is dead he goes to Marina .You can feel that a very strong chemistry builds up between the two and when Marina comes to the hide out of the Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, both of them get even closer. From this point you don’t just feel but you see a strong bond generated which could be called Love. At the Robin Hood goes to the Sheriffs castle to free the captured Marina the person he loves and after he frees her they kiss passionately. This evolves into the last scene of them getting married. This is a long term effect as it very slowly builds up and the cause is right at the end, therefore this is consequential.

The Sheriff attacks the hide out of Robin Hood. Shortly after Robin Hood and his fellows decide to attack the Sheriff and free their beloved ones. This is consecutive.

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