My Problem-Solving Skills

In my day to day workplace, the most important skill which I developed is the problem-solving Skills. Problem-solving strategies are crucial in every organization. While working with any of the firm, every one of them requires on-time delivery with quality. The day might start fresh but while working through the day we might have to face a lot of problems. All these problems can sometimes accumulate to one major critical issue which can make or break a company.

Initially, I joined as an analyst in my first job, I had a vigorous training as I was working with one of the top four auditing companies in the world.

They are well-reputed firm with Phenomenal Strategies. I have acquired technical knowledge in my field and gained more expertise through additional coursework, training and practice. By putting myself into new situations, I was more likely to be exposed to opportunities to problem solve. Practice and role-play can be useful tools while learning to develop my problem-solving skills.

Henceforth, I developed my own problem-solving skills through experience.

I would want to quote a real-time example: “we were supposed to receive stock for our product on a particular date for the sale period but we were informed just a week before that the stock will be delayed by another 15 days. We tend to bring our stock by waterways, but we decided to bring the stock through air shipment to meet the deadline as the sale will happen only once in a year.”

Here is the process which I want to use when solving a problem:

Understanding the problem: A clear understanding of the problem is mandatory before we make any attempts to solve it.

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This helps us measure the degree of the issue and the potential impact it could have.

Analyze: Once we understand the problem and its impact, we should spend quality time in investigating the problem occurred and make efforts to root cause the issue. This would save us significant time in solving the problem effectively.

Research: It is better to know whether the issue is trivial or not. Sometimes solving a problem faster would save us from any further damage it could have caused. Search for any known solutions that could readily be applied by brainstorming with experienced colleagues or even researching it online.

React: Implement the apt solution in an effective way such that it does not affect others and cause any further repercussions. Make sure it provides a long term solution rather than a quick fix.

Book-keeping: Record the complete process and make it available for all the professionals so that they could benefit from your efforts.

Learnings: Prevention is better than cure. Take the learnings from the problem and create an awareness to avoid the problem rather than spending human time and effort in solving it in the future.

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