Let's Spend Our Resources on Solving Social Problems Not Space Exploration

Imagine the difficulty of creating a list of every single problem the world faces today! Many people nobly believe that space travel is important to our future success, but often feel that it is better to live in the now. Currently, the world faces countless problems that demand solutions, and thus our focus should be on devoting our resources to resolving those issues rather than gaining knowledge of space. Space exploration costs an enormous number of resources that can be better spent on fixing problems that the world faces now, therefore space travel has to wait.

Space travel demands a very large number of resources that could be better spent on immediate problems. For each step it takes to prepare an astronaut for space or prepare a robot or instrument for use in space, money, materials, and an expert’s worktime are spent All of these are limited resources that are being invested into our future but offer very little current return, The world faces countless immediate problems that could use the resources that are spent on space travel.

With immediate problems such as hunger, poor education, and poverty being dealt with, the world is left in a much better place, and a return on investment is seen immediately. To our advantage, the resources that are spent on space exploration could be devoted to fixing problems that the world faces now. Many argue for investing more into space exploration in order to prepare for our future, but the problems we face now will not solve themselves and must be a priority.

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Those that are for a bigger space exploration budget argue that there is a lot that we still don’t know about space and that space discovery are important in our future, While these people have a good point, our priorities shouldn‘t be with solving problems that we don’t even face yet when there are problems that go unsolved that we still face today.

Before we spend resources on fixing the future, we should spend resources fixing the problems we face in the present. In conclusion, looking forward and facing problems in the future is important, but our priorities should be on spending our finite resources to fixing the immediate problems that already concern us To support the cause of helping people in the now, we can donate and spend our own individual resources on the global problems that concern us and vote for a smaller space exploration budgett In this way, we can lower the budget for space exploration in order to make room for a bigger budget for current problems.

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