Problems And Prospects Of Tourism

TITLE: Problems and prospects of Tourism Industry in Bangladesh. INTRODUCTION Tourism has become a very important and dynamic sector both in the world economy and particularly in Bangladesh. Its growth affects not only the activities directly linked to tourism but also other sectors. Tourism is already an important sector in some developing countries and will become so for others. Developing countries like ours have been fast growing in tourism industry terms in the world over the last Decade.

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Bangladesh is a developing country in Asia, holding high potentiality for tourism.

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) plays an important role for the development of tourism. For a long time, Bangladesh has been an attractive destination for tourists. But at present, its position is not significant in terms of the international tourism market. The overall objective of this research will be to identify the issues and challenges in tourism marketing facing Bangladesh. We will identify the problems and prospects of Tourism industry in Bangladesh.

PROBLEM FORMULATION Bangladesh has potentials to develop tourism as a growing industry. Developing countries have some common characteristics, such as extreme poverty and widespread conflict (including civil war and ethnic clashes), extensive political corruption, lack of political and social stability, human resource weakness (human assets index, nutrition, health, education and adult literacy), and economic vulnerability. Amongst these problems how can we bring out the best in the country is our issue.

This research will focus on the problems and prospects of tourism in our country.

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SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES •To identify the problems of our tourism industries. •To define the government contribution in development of tourism sector. •To know the private organizations’ contribution in development this tourism sector. •To forecast the government contribution. •To identify the future prospect of tourism industries of Bangladesh. •To identify the current state of affairs regarding tourism industry in Bangladesh. •To gather some knowledge about the tourism policy. To gather some knowledge tourism projects and spots of Bangladesh. •To have some knowledge about the problems that are emerging in the tourism sector •To know about the current problems as well as future problems that might take place in the tourism sector. •To identify the variability of tourist attraction in Bangladesh. •To identify potential strategies that can contribute to increasing the competitiveness of Bangladesh tourism. •To analyse issues in tourism marketing in Bangladesh. •To identify development trends in Bangladesh tourism.

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Problems And Prospects Of Tourism
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