The following sample essay on Overcrowded Cities discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay’s introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.

The aim of his essay is to discuss the potential problems and solutions in overcrowded cities. Housing problem is the first important issue Which needs to be solved as soon as possible. Modern cities have attracted huge newcomers to seek career opportunity and to fulfill their idealistic or dreams.

The capacity Of city accommodation is crucial and thus the government has to develop more lands to build more houses to accommodate the rapidly increasing population. Obviously, it is a huge investment.

Developed countries have ample funding to deal With it easily whereas, by contrast, developing countries Will eke out o reach the goal. Even the governments of poor countries are always short of money in house projects so that people have to pave their own way. That is why many cities have slums which are seriously overcrowded, causing other potential health and security problems.

Traffic congestion is the second crucial problem in cosmopolitan cities, Beijing, as an evident example, traffic jams occur there nearly every day. The reason is that there are too many private cars in use.

According to the report of Institution of China Industrial Research (2010), as to December 2010, there are 4. 7 million automobiles in use in Beijing every day, estimating the number will exceed S million in 2012. Traffic jams add the average commuting time, affect the economic development and cause resource wasting.

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Thirdly, overcrowded cities need more energy than Nan-crowding cities. As huge number of people flock to big cities to work and live, average density of power and resource need per capita is dramatically increasing, far more than the small cities.

Which Potential Solution Would Help A Crowded City Improve Problems With Emission Levels?

Furthermore, the fact that the labor force from small town floods into gig cities will decrease the average density per person in small town and thus it produces unbalanced society structure. Besides, in many modern overcrowded cities there are a lot of skyscrapers Which need more energy to feed central air- conditioner in order to keep a comfortable status. However, the chiller system Of air-conditioner produces huge heating during the working and the heating will be released directly to the air so that causes the city temperature to increase again, and then, accordingly, the city needs more proverb capacity again to feed the air-conditioner.

It sis vicious spiral! Virtually other issues such as unemployment, hospital, sewage & rubbish, security and air quality, are also urgent. Even so, air quality among these issues must be the most critical one, Take Chile as an example. During the rapid development from sass to sass Chile experienced misery in air quality. As Edward & John (2002) point out, “the Chilean standard for IMO is an annual arithmetic mean of 50 GU,’mm(micrograms per meter the data exceed the national standard every year between 1989-1992”, which is more than double the national standard.

Edward, John, If people live in low-quality air for long-term, some potential diseases might be incurred. The problems in overcrowded cities can be solved respectively and Step by Step. Firstly, government must make an investment shift to infrastructures such as house buildings, rubbish disposing sites, broad roads, hospitals and schools. It is widely believed that there should be a precondition– the government takes long-term planning and scientific city structure design to relieve the overcrowding. Satellite city” is widely believed s a positive way because in these areas there has abundant lands to develop more houses to help evacuate downtown citizens to suburban places where on the assumption that relevant infrastructures should be in shape, for instance, houses, schools, hospitals, business buildings and supermarkets. Thus people in new satellite cities work, shop, receive education and see a doctor there. Secondly, government has to make great efforts to create more jobs for people. Unemployment issue can cause potential dangers, for example, psychological problem of individual, to the society.

Particularly crimes are often caused by long-term unemployment or underemployment, Since everyone living in cities needs services such as banking, rental, health care, training, food and drink, so government can proactively create the potential job market to help individual find a job which can feed him at least. Virtually Service industrial is a very huge market and in developed countries usually covers more than two-thirds of its GAP. Developing countries could learn the experience from developed countries. Furthermore, developed countries also can absorb part Of labor force in developing ones.

Traditionally, rich Meds could experience skilled labor shortages and welcome capital and talent coming from rich’ Olds” (Bruin et al, 1983, IPPP). Thirdly, governments should invest more money into the public transport to relieve the current traffic jams, and encourage people to take bus by decreasing the ticket price. Subway is another more efficient for commuting and city authority should invest more to add the network of subway. Then people driving private cars will reduce car usage and choose subways to save time. Besides, there are many solutions to solve all sorts of overcrowding robbers.

Each overcrowded city has its own history and reasons, so it may need different ideas and ways to resolve them. For example, as for environment, according to Cellular (2011), Plantation showed an example of its urban industrial park, exactly like ‘vertical ‘farm, which produces crops backed by smart systems. This is a positive example for overcrowded city to reduce the green-house emission. Until now, people always blame the overcrowded cities, referring all problems to the cities themselves, and it seems there would be no any advantage to cities.

However, Embalming cities misses the point that they can be potential solutions as places where high living standards are achieved with much lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions per person. ” (Sweatshirts, 2010). Actually modern cities have good financing and talent resources to solve problems mentioned above to reduce the influences caused by overcrowding. As scientific technologies are introduced, city ecosystem may go back to normal. To conclude, overcrowding is a critical issue for the world which causes many serious problems such as housing, transport, jobs and air quality, etc.

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