Ecological Problems Essay

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In our lessons we amused about Earth, environment and many environmental problems ( global warming, ozone houl, waste production, etc. ). Nevertheless some of big environmental problems we are omited. I would like describe this phenomenons in this work. First problem is deforestation of Amazon rainforest and second is poluting of seas and oceans. At the end of this work I would like write somethink about The Czech Republic and problems what we have here. AMAZON FOREST This forest is very importatnt for the future of the world.

This area contains one third of the world? s trees.

However, the trees are disappearing. This is causing changes in the climate – In Peru there is less snow In Bolivia there is less rain and more wind. Why are the Amazon forests being cut? People need the land ,people have money from the trees,people built roads and Brazil owes money to internacional organization and they cut trees and they pay back debt. What will happen if more of the Amazon forest cut down? There will be serious effects on the world? s climate.

The air that we breathe will lose some of it? s oxygen. It means that in the air will be more carbon dioxide.

Essay On Ecological Balance

It will become difficult- perhaps even impossible – to breathe! With more carbon dioxide in the air -the temperature will rise, the ice -capsat the North and South Poles will melt, the sea level will rise, and hundreds of coastal cities will flood. OCEAN Seas and oceans are very important for human life.

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There live many kinds of animals for example whales dolphins, sharks, fishes etc… Sea? s fish are very important because they are important part of human food. The most fish consume China, Russia and Japanesse. Very important is water from the sea.

This water contains mineralsand for example our is from this water. In the bottom under the land there is crude oil and gus. But people are very inconsiderate and they cause that our seas are polutted in this time saes and oceands are our big garbage dump. We should ask if we will continue what we will do in the future? CZECH REPUBLIC Also Czech Republic has its own problems. Probably the worst problem is air pollution. People burn brown coal which is the dirtiest kind. Factories fill the air with smelly and dangerous smoke. In winter the air is unpleasant In parts of country especially in Northern Bohemia, Prague and around Ostrava people have many health problems. Another big problem is the destruction of nature. Industry and ever-increasing population destroying many forests. This problem is called deforestation. People always need more space, factories, paper, wood. In the past twenty years people dosroyed many beautiful old forests in Moravia and Bohemia. But people establish CHKO – Landscape protected area here live many endangered species and you can find here many interesting plants. In LPA people can’t make a noise ,faire,drop a litter go out from signated paths…

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