Role of Man-Maintaining Ecological Balance

Uncertain and Changing seasons, increasing global temperature (Global Warming), Increasing water level of sea, ozone layer problem, melting down of south and North Pole, increasing level of carbon emission in the air and many such alarming and demanding situations are the outcomes of deteriorated ecological balance. Temperature of Globe is increasing in last one or two decades unlike earlier eras. There are different reasons of such result in increasing Global temperature – called Global Warming and these reasons are- 1. Industrial Development and Pollution 2.

Increasing vehicular pollution 3. Ozone depletion layer 4. Reducing number of forests 5. Reducing level of ground water 6. Inorganic farming and agriculture 7. Cutting of trees in urban and rural areas 8. Reducing number of animals and birds 9. Increasing population 10. Wrong goals of Economic system (Profit and Money oriented) Though there are different actions needed to correct these problems and achieve ecological balance but moreover it is resulting out of a person and demanding speed of life. If we can control these two things we can save earth from early death.

Even controlling speed of life can control the global warming by 50% compared to current speed of deterioration. Simpler Problem, Difficult To Solve There are different problems, which look very simple but are difficult to tackle; one of these problems is Drinking Water Drinking Water There is acute shortage of drinking water in major cities of the world. Other than this the water supplied is not at all drinkable. “Some people say that there can be a third world war due to non availability of drinking water so you must have to understand the scarcity of the problem.

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Decreasing Raw Food Grains production Due to uncertain rains and seasons many countries in the world are facing reducing level of production of food grains. SO it is necessary to use food processing to store the raw food for longer periods using natural, semi-natural and un-natural preservatives. Control of Carbon Emission Western and European countries have understood the impact of carbon emissions and present level of carbon in the air and they are trying to control carbon emission in many different ways except one, vehicular pollution.

Comparing western countries with Asian and Developing countries where the economic growth is faster today or in nearer future, due to the availability of money in hand people are going for cars, vehicles at an increasing number and that too when it is not required for their family for daily usage. Many purchase it as status symbol. And since they have car they go for outing in a car every week. It is better to use public transport to use public transport. Reducing Number of Vehicles Reducing industrial pollution. Sustainable Development

The development has to be there, but it must be sustainable, means we will have science and technology for easy life, but the development will sustain longer than today’s approach. It means that we must control use of chemicals, nuclear radiations and carbon emissions in such a way that the effect of these things will be slower or negligible. How to achieve sustainable development The way to achieve it is simple. We must use natural means as far as possible. Renewable energy resources must be used. USE solar Power Solar power is available from sunrays.

Sun Rays are available in almost 70% of globe and can be used as electrical and heating energy for water, food, cooking. Rain Water Harvesting Rainwater can be stored and filtered for use of washing and plantation. Vehicle Fuel Solar energy, water or Hydrogen as a fuel. Use of battery as vehicle energy. Industrial Fuel White Coal (Coal made from grass and wood). Solar energy for water heating and low power electricity. Bio Gas for heating. Bio Diesel Generators for Industrial Electricity. PLASTIC Use as minimum plastic as possible. Solid Waste Towns cities are facing very big problem of solid waste.

It is almost impossible to manage the quantity of solid waste. The waste ground provided by the government are insufficient as population of the cities and towns keeps on growing. Organic farming -agriculture We must use natural methods to increase production in farming and agriculture. Earthworm composts are very good for farming and agriculture. Reducing use of wood Wood should be used as minimum as possible. Find Alternative for Cement as Construction Material Cement as a construction material produces more heat and hence is not advisable material for construction. One good alternative is Ciporex. Economy should change

Profit and Money being the motive of the present economy it is causing trouble for the world. We must have economy which will have values embedded. Rewards for good work, rewards for honesty. Conclusions The damage due to manmade material is not repairable by money or other manmade material at least today. If today we are not able to control nature by science and technology, do you think, we can do so in future? If we are not able to generate nature with the help of science and technology we must try to protect is honestly. Everything that is born is going to die, but let it be at least a natural death.

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Role of Man-Maintaining Ecological Balance
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