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Ecological Footprint Essay Paper

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This sample of an academic paper on Ecological Footprint Essay reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.

Recycled * Not recycled Background: My task was to collect the ecological footprint of a group of students between 1 7 ND 18 years old then calculate it with an online ecological footprint calculator after the students answer a selection of questions on the questionnaire I gave out which helps identify the ecological footprint of each individual. Moreover, I had to analyses the reason behind the results and link them to the maybe their culture or lifestyle they are used to. Research Question: Analyses the reasons behind the ecological footprints of students in your school.

Hypothesis: My prediction would be that since we have diverse and multifarious cultures and people in our school, there might be a lot of different habits they follow but they also live in Qatar and will somehow get affected by the culture and the habits of people around them, therefore, predict that will have some different results but most of them will he close and they are the ones with very large ecological footprints. This is because there is a huge lack of environmental awareness in the Middle East in general and it is probably the spot in the world that is hugely at risk tot all the harm that is caused to the environment.

Ecological Footprint For Students

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As a result, teenagers pacifically tend to be ignorant about the environment and somehow selfish leading them to do a lot of activities that harm the environment badly. In summary, I think the large ecological footprints will be occurring more as look through the results than the small ecological footprints/ Method: The method I will be following is handing out a questionnaire that identifies the student’s general usage of resources and how often he/she uses them and additionally their general eating habits. The answers to their questions Will be inserted into an online ecological footprint calculator available on van,w.. Electrification. Com and that will identify the size of their ecological footprint. After collecting this data Will be analyzing the results and identifying the reasons behind them which can be culture, lifestyle. Etc and I will also be seeing if I have more large ecological footprints that small DC Palestinian female 10, B Jamaican male 10. B Iranian male British male 10. G Country ICC Footprint(tones of ICC) I CEO footprint global hectares) I If everyone lived like them there should be… Planets. Iran 19. 91 5. 61 3. 41 Britain 12. 1 | SSI 3,41 Palestine 1 9. 81 5. 1 3. 41 Jamaican | 141 1 6,013. 71 elected data by distributing a questionnaire that will insert the answers to into an online ecological footprint calculator to identify their ecological footprints. Pour students from different countries and cultures around the world and also citizens of Doth, Qatar answered the questionnaire. Analysis As you can see, the results of the data collection did vary in a lot byways and there has to be a lot Of reasons behind these results Looking at number one which asks what transport facility do they use to travel from one place to another.

From all four students the answer was by car and the results varied teen average and heavy users of cars. As we all know, cars release carbon dioxide, which is the gas that creates a greenhouse effect trapping the heat in the atmosphere and warming the earth. Engines also release unburned hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Oxides, all of these are pollutants. Therefore, this is very harmful to the environment. This might be because Qatar is a Middle- Eastern country and has very high temperatures during the year than low temperatures, As a result, this does not help anyone consider using other transport facilities like train, walking, and cycling.

Now looking at number 2, the Palestinian and Iranian tend to have spend their vacations a short-flight away from home because their countries are in the Middle east or close and don’t have to travel long distances to get to the spot they want. In contrast, the Jamaican and British spend their vacations in places that are a long flight away from Qatar in specific because their countries are far away and are at least 7 hours away by plane. The Palestinian and Jamaican tend to not conserve energy unlike the Iranian and British who.

This can be because of the cultural differences and the way they ere both brought up or the way they are used to treating the environment and the resources they use. Looking at how much of meat eaters they all are, found that the Iranian and Palestinian students are the ones that are heavy meat eaters this is because both their traditional food always or mostly have meats as their key ingredient and they are all used to meat in food as a culture. Whereas, the Jamaican and the British students are occasional,’ regular eaters of meat because they’re traditional food might not contain as much meat as other traditions.

Lastly they are all average producers tot not recycled domestic waste. The reason behind this might he the poor recycling and environmentally friendly senses available in Qatar. DECK Overall, the results are very close but slightly different depending on each individual’s habits and actions that they take towards the environment. Looking at these results, I do in fact get very worried as because although they do have some differences the results remain dangerous as it was calculated that if every person lives like them or treats the environments in a slight similar way to them we Vile need around 3. 4 to Planets to support global consumption.

The procedure followed I consider very successful and gave clear results but the only mistake might have done is not taking a enough data as think I should have given out then questionnaire to more than four people that can see act different or know they act different towards the environment to give us a different result from all the Others that might be slightly close or similar. In conclusion, I can see that the results of my experiment were in a lot of ways close to what have stated in my hypothesis since the results proved that differences in culture and location can definitely result to different answers in everything.

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