Maintaining Healthy Relationships Among Friends

Health Journal Entry Maintaining healthy relationships are a vital part of any persons life. There are several different aspects to think about when examining a relationship whether that is the companionship of friends, family, or a more personal relationship with somebody you may be dating or married to. Having a good assortment of good friends is a vital part of a person’s life in general. Friends should be somebody that you can speak comfortably with, and trust with nearly anything that you tell them.

True friends are hard to come by, some will call themselves your friends but when something huge comes about they may turn and run. In other situations, people just change and if you want to be yourself without changing and making the same decisions that they are making you may be ahead to drop some and pick up new ones. I personally got rid of several friends that I had known from the time we were in first grade, and a couple years ago they decided to start doing illegal drugs.

I drew the line there and promptly found some newer and better friends, friends that will always be there and will likely never lose contact with me. Family have been described by many people as being one of the most important things that are in your life, and should be regarded highly and not taken for grand it. Although most people, including myself, will get frustrated or very angry with their parents or siblings at some point in their teenage lives.

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However sometimes the things that promote the anger the most are things that in the long run are actually going to make your life either more productive or a cleaner, more honest person. When I was younger I got very frustrated with my father because he was seldom at home because of his job. So when he was home, he took it upon himself to make sure that I was a very hard working person that would not take the easy way out just because that’s how my friends were doing it.

At the time I really hated it, but looking back now it really made me a stronger person who is more productive and responsible. I personally have had several experiences with relationships. I believe that it is very healthy for people to have multiple people to say they that they dated, because it helps you to realize that the “right person” has really come into your life. This also helps you to appreciate the love and compassion that can be shown to you by your truest love forever.

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Maintaining Healthy Relationships Among Friends
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