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The film “Mit a purchase through this link to support you my offer-danke!” is paraplegic since a paraglider accident in 1994

Pozzo di Borgo. He only can move his neck, he was looking for a nurse, who should constantly take care of him; for he offered a good salary and a free accommodation from the large number of applicants di Borgo dedicated precisely the criminals Abdel Yasmin Sellou Although actually only one signature was for the labor office because of his unemployment benefit.

. he got involved in a few test days Finally he stopped -., a full ten years until he himself is instructed by a heavy accident involving a semi truck on a wheelchair

After Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, the coexistence of disparate pair. “the true story of the nurse” (the subtitle above)

Abdel Sellou is – had published in his view, “friends Simple” Abdel Sellous appeared now showing. Today, 40 years old, married, father and entrepreneur. support “Mit a purchase through this link my offer-danke!”

As the owner of a broiler operation in Algeria, he can now loose about his time in front of the job that changed his life, chatting.

his employer di Borgo, who gave him the chance of his life, he molded, taught him culture and unobtrusive manners and so gave him a decent life in society, he had, however, denied that he had stolen from childhood and ended the age of eighteen in jail . was

Because could get his aunt in Paris no children, the parents gave the three-year Abdel naturally to them from African parents give their children all the freedom in the world,.

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including Abdel knew no penalty when he constantly stealing, not attended school, was brought by the police to go home. it was not until he came of age, he had to justify in court for his actions and responsibility take over.

Without any medical knowledge, even without any education, but also without any inhibitions he takes the girls-for-everything-job at the filthy rich di Borgo. That happiness can not be bought with money that wealth does not protect against the most terrible tragedies are insights that reach Abdel Sellou only now, when he meets a surprisingly hard, even cynical reality. Di Borgo wife dies of cancer, he does not want to live longer, depression repeatedly pull them down.

Abdel draws a line resolutely. He is able to bring the desperate to light again by going with him on trips, even bringing him friends in the house. From the employment relationship is a partnership of giving and receiving development.

Today connects the two a deep friendship. Pozzo di Borgo has remarried and lives with his family in Morocco. To Abdel Sellous book he has written an afterword.

Abdel Sellou writes in loose, flapsigem tone adopt sometimes cool, and of course there is also a touch to feel pride. A fun addition to the film.

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Just friends of Abdel Sellou Review
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