Loyal Friends Huck and Jim Overcome Obstacles Together

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel by Mark Twain, it surrounds the life of young boy Huck Finn and the trilling experience he and a wanted run-away slave Jim go through. Just as anything in life comes the up and downs, but the one thing they learn to develop as the story progresses is a unique bond of friendship. The development of young Huck and Jim can be described as a one of a kind when it comes to the obstacles faced, challenges overcame, and what the future holds in situations when there is no telling what could happen next.

To begin with, it all started off just along the Mississippi River, during the Civil War in the 1830’s to the 1840’s. Their relationship first clicked when Huck joins tom Soyars rebellious group where the do crimes, rob others, and kill people. At first Huck was a little unsure about being a part of the group, since his morals play a big role in his life he wasn’t so sure about the killing others and robbing just for the fun of it, and not obeying these rules would put him in danger but Mrs.

Watson in danger as well. Tom Sawyer wants to tie up Jim, but Huck doesn’t allow it. As said before he has a hard time sticking to his morals but always seems to forgive and forget depending on the situation especially when it comes down to Jim.

For instance, Huck as the young white boy he is back in that time era could’ve and “should’ve” turned Jim in but doesn’t.

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Despite a rough start with Huck playing tricks on Jim, he portrays Jim better than any other character in his life by the end of the book. Jim views Huck as his only “true friend” and white friend for that matter. While on the island Huck says, “Jim, this is nice, … I wouldn’t want to be nowhere else but here. Pass me along another hunk of fish and some hot corn-bread.” (Twain 47). At this point Huck realizes just how much time he enjoys spending with Jim, even something just as simple as eating a meal together is pleasant. They accomplish the act of building their friendship one step at a time, they grow stronger with every adventure they set out with one another starting out with the mischievous duke and the king Huck realizes they are liars, cheaters, and conn men, with that in place he concludes old Jim is the only one he trusts.

Although they create a relationship as the novel progresses, just like any other obstacle comes challenges. Overcoming obstacles play a key role in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. As an overall conflict the first irregular situation is the time period. From Huck being raised in a unstable society and time, slaves like Jim were just known as worker or property being marked as “for sale” as it was part of some sort of game, but then again this was totally normal to the general public back then. Besides the fact, even though black men were given a negative connotation, especially with the N word used to describe them, that didn’t change Hucks actions throughout the book or at least not that much. Aside from that being a generalized issue to us, the first problem a rises when Huck plays a trick on Jim to make him think he died when we all knew he didn’t.

This doesn’t seem like much but to Jim that made him seriously somber and confused how could that happen to his dear friend Huck? Just then this creates a conflict with Huck himself realizing how bad that made him feel knowing he was all Jim really ha he says “it made me feel so mean I could almost kissed his foot to get him to take it back” (Twain 80) this shows where they stumble with each other create a trust issue and with themselves realizing how they feel about one another. Another conflict that occurs is the night of a bad storm when Huck and Jim travel and come across a wrecked steam boat during the storm in chapter 12. “the fifth night below St. Louis we had a big storm after midnight, with a power of thunder and lightning and the rain poured down in a solid sheet.” (Twain 62). This is an external conflict they have no control over, they disagree about deciding to travel the wreck. Their disagreements post a small problem deciding what to do next in a chaotic situation like this.

Moving on, as the novel ends they have no idea of what the future has to hold, but their main goal is to free Jim and create a better life. With that being said, at this point Jim and Huck have travelled many miles together on their little raft they call home. They overcome the conn men the duke and the king. Huck knows from the start that they aren’t who they say they are but doesn’t tell Jim anything as Jim just goes along bowing to their so-called royalty. They overcome the king and duke’s negative energy with them being thrown off the raft being tarred and feather then eventually they confess to their mishaps. It must’ve certainly been difficult travelling with them especially for Huck knowing all along it was untrue their royalty for that matter, Jim not so much knowing his background and struggles of being afraid of what the future must hold. Lastly, they overcome the struggles and stumbles of life on the raft, and difficulties coping with their environment and each other when problems occur.

To conclude, despite the ups and downs of Huck and Jim’s relationship it can be said they share a true one of a kind relationship, acting as best friends throughout the novel, facing arguments, overcoming obstacles and coping with the people and situations around them. In the end, Huck helped Jim accomplish his overall life time goal of being a free man.

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