How Was Halloween With My Friends

The following sample essay on how was Halloween with my friends.On a blustery, autumn evening three friends walked home from school through the graveyard that bordered the neighborhood. Tonight is Halloween so the friends were wearing matching skeleton costumes. The graves were old and cracked but all of a sudden there was a shake from the ground. The graves started to shake and then they fell over onto the ground. Out popped out big and little creatures made up of bones with hair longer than 3 feet and nails that were longer than 2 inches.

The three friends looked up, screamed, and tried to run away but were stuck in the graveyard because both ways out were guarded by big furry beast that were made up of bones. The beasts started to howl and the three friends had nowhere to go.

The skeletons of these creatures started putting up decorations and getting a cake together. The cake was in the center of the graveyard and there were decorations all over the graves and on the tall, sharp fence surrounding it.

The skeletons wanted the three friends to help them and the friends were scared because they had never gotten asked to help set up a party by a skeleton. The skeleton said that if they do not help set up, they will miss out on all of the fun after the setup. The friends decided to help and they got to participate in the fun of it. There was a dancefloor made by cobblestone rocks in patterns.

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The three friends gathered together and made a plan of how they could escape the graveyard. The three friends started by getting the beasts out of the way of the exit. They tried feeding it leaves they found on the ground, they tried getting it to go to sleep, and they tried chasing it away but it was no use. The friends decided that they were just going to party and have fun. It was time for cake so when they returned, it looked disgusting to the friends because it was made out of dirt and leaves. The skeletons, the beasts, and the creatures that were once dead thought the cake looked good and started eating all of it up. It was gone in about 1 minute and not a single crumb was left of the cake.

All you could hear now was the howl of the wolves and the noise from the party but the friends were still trying to escape from the graveyard. There were hundreds of skeletons that were having fun at the party but three of them were trying to escape. The skeletons kept on thinking the three friends were skeletons so they wanted the friends to come and join them. The beasts guarded the ways out because the skeletons and the creatures were never supposed to leave the graveyard.

All of a sudden ghosts started popping up out of the ground and from the graves. There were hundreds of them too but there were three less. The skeletons started to wonder why the other three ghosts did not show up. Now the skeletons started counting the graves and realized that there were the right amount of ghosts that popped out. They kept on having the party but they were growing more suspicious by the minute. The ghosts were flying around the graveyard party accidently knocking the decorations off the fence and the graves. They pushed the cobblestone rock up from the ground and the whole graveyard was destroyed. The three friends felt bad for the skeletons and the creatures so they decided that they were going to clean up and redecorate for them. They also made another cake for them which was twice as big as the one that the skeleton’s had made.

Everybody was happy at the end of the party and the three friends were actually having a good time with the skeleton’s and creatures. The ghosts were happy and friendly now. They had fun too but they were sad because they really wanted a cake too. The three friends planned and said that they should make them a cake. They made the cake out of fog and dust.The ghosts were very surprised and they thanked the three skeletons that did it for them.

The sun was starting to come up and the moon was starting to set. The skeletons, beasts, and creatures were all starting to go back into their graves.The ghosts and the party decorations started to disappear out of the air. The cake and the dancefloor also started to disappear. Everything was gone and the three friends were the only ones left in the graveyard. They started walking back to their house and when they got there, their mom asked them why it took them so long and why they did not get any candy. The three friends told her that they could not get out of the graveyard. All three friends said the same thing when they got to their bedroom. “Who would have known that the dead have parties too?”

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