Be Careful Who You Call Your Friends

My best friends and I had been exhausted from searching for the perfect prom dress for me to wear to my boyfriend’s prom.We had driven around for what felt like forever to find the dress. It was at least 100 degrees outside, no wind and humid; I thought the sun was never going to go down.After visiting a million places with no luck, we eventually gave up and decided to try the next day again. As we were on our way home, we spotted a fashion boutique with what looked like elegant Cinderella-like ballgowns on the mannequins in the store’s display window, and we were right.

The way the dresses were flowing so effortlessly classy yet alluring was like they were calling our names. We had to stop and try one last store. Arsha, Tayha and I went to the store while Stephanie stayed in the car, she was burnt out from running around all day and trying prom dresses on for herself.

About 45 minutes later, I found the perfect prom dress; it was black, long sleeve, mesh on the top half with beautiful beaded applique in geometrical shapes, the bottom half was solid black with a mermaid style fitting and a circle train. I went in the fitting room to try the dress on; it fit perfect, it was flawless. I walked out to show my friends, and they all agreed and took pictures.The entire ride home we all talked about what we were wearing to prom, how our make up would look, what accessories we were going to wear, our nails, our hair, our shoes, we talked about everything! “I’m going to have sparkly nude makeup with a wing eyeliner and pink nude gloss” – Arsha said,“ My hair will be straight with a middle part, like Cher, the singer “ -Tayha said “My nails will be black with different crystal designs, and I will wear royal blue shoes to match my boyfriends soft to touch royal blue velvet blazer” I added,We went on and on, we arrived at my house, and we sat in the car talking for so long we hadn’t realized an hour went by.

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I had to w…

Be Careful Who You Call Your Friends Be Careful Who You Call Your Friends Be Careful Who You Call Your Friends

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Be Careful Who You Call Your Friends
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