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Is this really a “Camilleri”? Where is the Sicilian flair, where the dialect, where are the comedic deposits? The author has turned to an unusual subject here, a kind of psychological chamber drama for seven players. The result is not the best, but certainly the bitterest book this immensely productive and versatile, as well as social criticism conciliatory narrator who never evokes a perfect world, but always an endearing basically. Here, too?

is unusual even the narrative style of this short booklet that you will consume in one afternoon.

Thanks to the tight design and dramatic design of the action takes place when reading such as on a stage or movie screen. (After all, Camilleri has worked his life as a director and university teacher of performing arts for many years.) The language is brittle, dry and pointed, unmitigated by dialectal coloring, subtle irony or winking between the lines understanding of human weaknesses – none of that here. Here everyone is delivered – its origins, his fate and the inevitable consequences of his actions The key action is traumatic events that dig deep into the souls of seven fellow children.

. (For details you can hardly insinuate without destroying the tension.)

In a way, the novel has a somewhat mechanistic, schematic structure. The first chapter tells the events from the childhood of the four girls and three boys still incomplete; only the last (eleventh) chapter takes the first on, complements and clarifies the events. In between we see with how those experiences through into adult life burden the friends through her difficult youth and shape.

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They make civic careers suppress their trauma from outside considered successful, the couple seem to want to keep the peace But they are all inevitably victims -. Deprived of their ability to love, obsessed with strange passions, always alone, without family security – and become perpetrators, self-destructive individual fighters.

As friendships develop through misunderstandings, surprising twists and insightful references to the past is to read thrilling and disturbing – until the climax: that dinner on a Saturday in which a painful game takes its disastrous run and any spillage more destructive to light again breaks to explode … So an ensemble badly damaged individuals, of course, as little understood as a realistic portrait of how the characters in mythology Camilleri trilogy [> Reviews to Read here my review of Andrea Camilleri: “Maruzza Musumeci / the woman from the sea” ” Like the people in the novel like many a reader to fathom end up trying what his own earliest memories, which it was coined at that time, where its roots are based … and of course we have known for Vorspruch to “Judenbuche”.

Where is the hand so delicate that without err You may but limited cerebrum turmoil, So tightly that no tremor the stoneLike throwing a poor stunted being? Who dares to measure blood vain urge To weigh every word forgotten In young breast the tough roots drove Prejudice secret soul thief? Lucky you, born and nurtured In clear space, maintained by pious hand Lie down the Waagschal ‘, never you allowed! Let ruhn the stone – it hits your own head ” After the many Montalbano stories [> Lesen> here my review of Montalbano crime novels and Kurzgeschichten”  the German translation was published in July 2013 under the title “Lesen here my short review about Andrea Camilleri: “Ein Saturday under Freunden” on books Rezensionen”

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