The carousel trade by Andrea Camilleri Review

Topics: Crime

Unbelievable, what undiminished creativity inspires Andrea Camilleri, who is ninety years old, on September 6, 2015. Every year he enjoys the worldwide community of loyal fans of his commissario Salvo Montalbano with a new book in the series – and next to it with further works of different genres. appeared in 2014 in Italy fewer than four new books by him, ” Inseguendo un’ombra ” Andrea Camilleri: “Inseguendo un’ombra” at

Compared to the huge range of subjects (between mythology, history, erotic, sociology, psychology and biography) that handles Camilleri in his ‘free’ novels, the detective series to Montalbano appears tightly themed.

They both live on the personality development of the ever-familiar protagonists, his reliable team of Konstanz, from entertaining game with Sicilian characters and locales such as the criminal cases, which in turn the whole range of between petty crime, born of a wide variety of needs, and depths of immorality, inhumanity , greed and cruelty cover. Sensational novelties are probably not expected (unless Camilleri discovered yet cybercrime).

Rather, we encounter again and again the basic phenomena of Italian and specifically Sicilian pursuits away from the law: the mafia, corruption, drug trafficking, construction scandal, prostitution … Is it not wise that Camilleri confined itself to explore only this frame regionally defined ‘?

“La giostra degli scambi,” the latest variation on the theme Montalbano is a conventional thriller in this environment. This is about men and women, love, jealousy, possessiveness, a murder for purely personal reasons and the clever attempts of the offender, to cover up his crime. After the socially critical sweeping blow of “La piramide di fango” I felt this giallo as a soothing relaxing, especially since he is also telling entertaining and varied.

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The titular motif of shams and permutations, the confusion and interplays is maxed out at the beginning funny and heartily, but flattens later in the sober realization “Il problema è che c’è vero e vero”. Anyway, enough the simple fact that the killer the public and the police are looking to lead astray, not being able to contribute to such an evocative metaphor as a leitmotif of the whole novel.

Montalbano is this time neither of a call Catarellas awakened yet from a nightmare, but by a pesky fly. The commissario judges here equal for the first time wrong, because it turns out that there were two that were danced him on the nose. At the beach it awaits the next illusion: Since beating two men, he intervenes to protect the alleged victim – and gets himself into the midst of the chaotic swirl of biting, hitting, kicking, guilt and innocence … will end – shame on shame for a poliziotto – a Carabinieri -Streife all participants firmly. Meanwhile, even Angelina, Salvos brave housekeeper and cook, victim of a deception: It attracts an alleged intruder in the house on the beach in Marinella so one with its pan over that to him for a long time the head rotates. Here, the good man wanted to speak only the commissario , and the door was open … It all seems a bit constructed but Montalbano is forewarned of what follows: “May fidarsi delle apparenze.”

Then there is, so to speak seriously. all employed by banks – – As a young within days three women kidnapped, but not really: it does them no harm, and takes it again free. What on earth are you doing? As a fine electronics store burns out, the situation is getting worse, and the policemen of vigata face a lot of mystery. Where is the owner, Marcello Di Carlo? Has it the Mafia withdrawn from circulation because it pointedly does not want to pay his protection money? Or he has withdrawn into a love nest, after he has just madly in love on holiday? Or is he just took off just before his quite a few creditors? Finally, his expensive car goes up in flames, and they discovered a bloodstained “camera della morte”

The discovery of the complicated processes, where a simple motif is based takes place as usual, many in the course of acute discussions between the chief Montalbano and his staff Fazio and Mimì Augello, but we can with the police also some attractive told on excursions in the area, then this novel is that once more varied reads as “La piramide di fango “. Contributing some funny” battute “when, for example, from the notoriously grumpy pathologist dottor Pasquano:” Il commissario stava per accomodarisi supra a ‘na ma seggia Pasquano lo fermò”

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