The Shepherd Boy By Andrea Camilleri Review

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This is the final part of a The individual titles of the trilogy can be found listed at the end of the page.” The emergency drives the impoverished rural residents to sell their own children as cheap labor; working conditions cry out to heaven, especially in the sulfur mines. This capitalist nightmare continues Camilleri a “pastoral” Alternative contrary, one might misinterpret as a backward-looking, perhaps, but idyllisiert certainly not flat.

The fourteen Giurlà escapes thanks to the valor of his father’s toil in the mines, but has yet to give up his home, the sea, and its true essence.

The pasture in the mountains, where he finds refuge and guard goats, is also a tough place. But with time Giurlà feels a; Lucretius and old songs open him access to an archaic conception of nature that we are amazed and enchanted. Read more about this in my Lesen here my review of Andrea Camilleri:’Il sonaglio’ on books Rezensionen”.

Like the other laid at Kindler books Camilleri has translated this Moshe Kahn.

His style is maintained high German; the rough Sicilian of the original is thus completely lost – and with it an essential part of the rustic atmosphere. Now you can use a dialect of course neither translate nor a German replace. Other Camilleri translators try to reduce the loss by original words or phrases (supplemented by German equivalents) maintained so that the atmosphere, the sound, the rural mood one is little noticeable, even if you can little Italian.

Perhaps the hardest nut are the popular phrases, mostly rhymed couplet, which philosophizes one of the women on cryptic, funny way about love relationships.

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appropriate to transfer to another language such a thing is impossible – you either literally, remains close to the original meaning and the “tone”, but then waived the compact, rhymed form – or you get the Sentenzform and then has to compromise on make choice of words. Kahn chose the latter route, as this example shows:

Translation is always a very delicate course between Scylla and Charybdis, and a “right” does not exist. Moshe Kahn translation convinced quite in many ways; but I personally like it like something closer to the original

Whatever. With “The Shepherd Boy” is the complete trilogy now fortunately in German before. Shortly after the publication of this third volume ( “Il sonaglio”) the author said in an interview with the Turin daily ” La Stampa ” (03.04.2009): ” Il meglio di me risiede in questa trilogia fantastica . ” ( ” In this fantastic trilogy rests my best .”). In a brief postscript at the end of “The Shepherd Boy” he writes – modest? resignation? – about his trilogy: “It is easier to tell metamorphoses and also easier to perform three stories that tell three more or less successful metamorphoses in ancient times were..”

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