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Animal Farm by George Orwell
Words • 566
Pages • 3
This extract originates from George Orwell’s novella, Animal Farm, and it is the first incident of corruption mentioned in the book. Therefore, it is significant to the novella since it foreshadows the impending corrupted actions of the pigs, Before this extract, the pigs had milked the cows but had not shared this milk with the other animals, and they also took all the windfall apples, This excerpt is the justification of such actions, Squealer, an eloquent pig that serves as…...
Animal FarmLanguagePunctuationWriting
The Power of Brutus’ Speech in the Play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
Words • 410
Pages • 2
Speeches can be very influential when a situation is properly analyzed and you appeal to your audience correctly. William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar gives a prime example of appealing to your audience with Antony’s speech, and failing to do so, with Brutus' speech. Though both Brutus and Antony spoke at Caesar's funeral Antony's speech was far more moving than Brutus'. Antony played into the emotions of his audience whereas Brutus failed to. He told them what they wanted to hear,…...
EmotionFeelingJulius CaesarLanguage
Conflict, Hatred, Darkness and Manipulation in an Extract from the First Scene of Othello by William Shakespeare
Words • 1211
Pages • 5
This extract from William Shakespeare‘s play ‘Othello‘ is derived from the preliminary scene of the play, in which the reader is introduced to Iago, who has convinced Roderigo to follow his plan of waking up Brabantio and delivering the news of his daughter‘s discreet marriage to Othello, From the extract provided, one can see that Iago’s plan has succeeded and that his knowledge of the characters has led him to properly predict how they will react. Such proximity to the…...
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A Discussion on the Relationship Between Dance and Language
Words • 957
Pages • 4
When one analyzes dance, one tends to convert dance into a language in which the dancer is trying to convey something to the audience. For the dancers, it's like a celebration. It may include the themes of life, death, anger, hope and love When one can’t talk, one dances to get the message across. In this paper, I will present the correlation between dance and language. I will explain how dance came about and when language got involved. Then, I…...
The Three Important Things to Have When Traveling Around the World
Words • 248
Pages • 1
Traveling around this wonderful world is the most interesting thing to do in my life. When I decide to visit some cities, I get to excite to plan for every thing. For example, tickets, hotels Also, I look for the beast place to visit in this city Truly, ifI want to do all these things, I still need three importing things to have. First of all, having a good job in my life help me to bay every thing for…...
A Trip from My Homeland to the Home of the Brave
Words • 1402
Pages • 6
My trip from Saudi Arabia to America was a very long trip, but before getting into details of my actual trip I want to explain why I decided to come to America to study. My decision all started with me thinking about how I can do more with myself. I already received my diploma in chemistry and was working a job as a chemist, but I was not satisfied with my life. I knew I could do more. I told…...
A Narrative on Why I Took a Class on English Language
Words • 710
Pages • 3
“English". Why take a class on a language I'm fluent in? At least, that's the attitude I had in the first few years of my introduction to real full fledged writing. I began to write papers and long winded things of that nature near seventh or eighth grade, and to be quite honest the standards for those assignments were pitiful to say the least. I hate to say it, I really, truly do, but from day one of school to…...
Cognitive Science and Its Connection to Language Learning
Words • 521
Pages • 3
Cognitive science is most simply defined as the scientific study either of mind or of intelligence. Cognitive Science, Cognitive Psychology and Neurology are areas of study which do not attempt to diagnose the causes of strokes, find the remedy for strokes or nor delve into the biology of cognition Instead, they fathom the mental process of arithmetic, spatial cognition, visual perception, spoken word production, speech perception, spelling and reading Individuals who suffer with deficiencies in these areas experience speech impediments,…...
The Language Problem in the World in Nigel Vincent’s Why English is Not Enough
Words • 641
Pages • 3
Nigel Vincent recently gave a talk at Stony Brook University regarding the topic of “Why English is Not Enough". In this beginning of his speech, Vincent discussed that there is a large language problem in the world -» where one can struggle by not knowing English, but also struggle by only knowing English. A prominent idea brought at the start are the similarities between the usage of language within the United States and the United Kingdom. Both countries deal with…...
CommunicationCultureEnglish LanguageLanguage
US College Writing Teachers Should Allow Students to Write Essays in Languages Other Than English
Words • 979
Pages • 4
Once Ludwig Wittgenstein said, “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” To speak more than one language is a great gift that many people have One can express themselves in many ways because there isn’tjust a certain way to do it. Sometimes things can‘t be explained when the writer is trying to show something without incorporating the words or phrases from his/her culture or language to give the reader a better understanding As Gloria Anzaldua writes…...
CommunicationCultureEnglish LanguageLanguage
The Issues Regarding the Use of the English Language
Words • 589
Pages • 3
I agree that to the fact that the English language is usually used in a bad manner by many of the users, However, with the prevailing conscious among individuals of the present generation, little could be done in solving this hidden controversy which is only open to the few concerned. The decanted civilization of the present society could frustrate the efforts aimed at addressing this issue. A language is believed to be a natural growth and but not as an…...
EthicsLanguageMental DisorderPsychology
Three Levels of Structure of Language
Words • 572
Pages • 3
Language is described as an organized system or manner of arranging words to create meaningful utterances in order to communicate with others, It one of the most necessary skills in human life. Although there are many languages spoken around the world and they all differentiate from each other, they all share some basic common features. Language permits communication between people, holds an arbitrary relationship between a symbol and what it represents, is regularly structured and only certain arrangements have a…...
CommunicationCreativityFree EssaysLanguage
The Different Elements That Affects the Understanding of Language
Words • 633
Pages • 3
Language barriers are difficult, even if you supposedly speaking the same language. This is because language intricacies are more complicated than a native English speaker conversing with someone who speaks primarily German, or other variations thereof. Set by an example of a dance teacher and their student, it is not only the region of language but the type of language used that can make or break communication. In this article, we learn about Geographic language vs. Egocentric language and how…...
The Benefits and Weaknesses of the Wartburg Policies on Foreign Language Requirements
Words • 654
Pages • 3
The only way to begin to understand other cultures, backgrounds, religions, and languages is to be exposed to them. Wartburg’s current foreign language requirement is very beneficial in that it allows the students who may not have previously been exposed to other languages to take part in them through their education and receive credit for doing so. Learning a foreign language has many benefits to individuals overall. This paper will discuss these benefits as well as the benefits and weaknesses…...
The Importance and Effects of Language to Humanity
Words • 998
Pages • 4
From a very early age we are taught that language is precious and important. Many philosophers, anthropologists, archeologists, and historians, will insist t hat the human ability for language is what truly sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom We see every day how language is used to create; it is used to create the fantastical worlds of fiction we give to our children, to share our innermost feelings, and to explain how to build a house…...
America Should Not Impose an Official Language to Its Citizens
Words • 345
Pages • 2
The United States has an enormous scope of blended cultures as the country was founded by immigrants. One can find a vast multitude of different lifestyles everywhere in the United States. This is due to the great diversity in races and foreigners. Due to the great fusion of people from many different countries around the world, it is not ethical to force them to speak a certain language. It is also not right to declare that this country with a…...
CultureLanguagePoliticsUnited States
The Use of Language and Reaction to Frame Debates
Words • 383
Pages • 2
The use of language to frame debates is the oldest trick in the political book, Anti- immigration advocates want. to “deport undocumented citizens‘K Or do they want to “remove illegal aliens”. Are you “pro-life” or do you “oppose a woman’s right to choose”? The use of language to distort our perceptions is one of the most common forms of propaganda. However, the fight to control language can become a meaningless, pointless exercise. A few years ago, in the wake of…...
CultureIllegal ImmigrationLanguagePolitics
Choosing the Story Aliens Like Candy for English Language Learners
Words • 667
Pages • 3
English language learners are a part of many classrooms, and we, as teachers, need to happily make accommodations to help every member of the classroom reach their goals. Reading stories in the classroom is a common day»to-day activity and looking at a story with specific goals in mind can help a teacher come up with a good set of activities to help reinforce the desired outcome. I chose the story book Aliens Like Candy which is at a second grade…...
The Responsibilities and Techniques, Advantages and Disadvantages of the Language Teacher
Words • 295
Pages • 2
In my opinion, The Language Teacher endeavors to communicate the main idea that, for the foreign language teacher, the responsibilities and techniques that are inherent to the profession are far different than that of any other field of education. Other fields of education are communicated through a language that a student has already mastered, which make topics such as levels of fluency, communicative approaches, and how to obtain a higher degree of fluency irrelevant in these fields As a teacher…...
The Importance of Teaching a Foreign Language to Students in America
Words • 938
Pages • 4
Being in college, it is not difficult to find someone speaking a different language It is in class or in the hallways there is always someone It has crossed my mind multiple times as to why the melting pot of the world does not require students to learn a foreign language from early ages of kindergarten through high school, As an immigrant myself, I know what it is like to learn a different language. I also know how difficult it…...
A Guide for American Teachers Teaching in Vietnam
Words • 672
Pages • 3
At the first time someone came to another country they must to adapt with that country, Everything must be change and difficult such as language, daily conversation, culture. As long as, newcomers pass their first year, it will be a little bit easier. They will have experience when live in that country. I had a lot of teacher are American but I never ask them how hard to teach in Vietnam with a new country, where they teaching. I saw…...
The Importance of Customized Teaching Style to Address the Educational Needs of Students
Words • 559
Pages • 3
There are strengths and opportunities associated with the education of. The first is that the students are curious to learn since with the introduction of the new science vocabulary. With such, they can be able to learn different things which they did not have prior knowledge of. The other strength is forming learning groups. Through these groups, the students can assist each other by sharing the knowledge they have It is an opportunity to make the students brainstorm the prior…...
Discourse Community in College Life
Words • 720
Pages • 3
A discourse community is a group of people who have something in common, and because of that shared aspect, have a shared type of communication. College students are part of a discourse community. They share many aspects of their life with the people around them. Most college students have just finished high school and, therefore, are in the same stage of their life. They have a shared goal of furthering their education to aspire to the career of their choosing.…...
CollegeDiscourse CommunityLanguage
The Extraordinary Strong and Attractive Points of the Art History and Stone Faces
Words • 631
Pages • 3
The "Art History" and "Stone Faces" essays both have extraordinary strong and attractive points explained in two completely different views. Jensen and Butala although using two unlike styles of writing, both articulate their point of view in a productive way. Both essays contribute to the statement of Art being equally essential in our everyday lives as well as a great factor of influence in everything we experience. However, "Art History" achieves this by using well-built words in a persuasive manner,…...
Art HistoryCultureLanguage
An Introduction to the Analysis of Dialects in American Literature
Words • 324
Pages • 2
Dialects in American Literature in the late 19th and early 20th centuries dialect was not common in American Literature. Writers who attempted to accurately capture American dialect and slang often failed to make it believable. In my essay, Dialects in American Literature! I will compare and contrast three writers who used dialect in their writings and explain the difference between effective and ineffective use of dialect. The writers I will be discussing are Mark Twain, Bret Harte, and William Dean…...
American LiteratureLanguageLiterature
Transfer of Cultural Identity in Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s The Politics of Language
Words • 254
Pages • 2
In “The Politics of Language”, Ngugi wa Thiong'o offers the theory that, “communication between human beings is... the basis and process of evolving culture” (162). Without completely disregarding Thiong'o's suggestion, I would offer the perspective that language itself is not the sole contributor to culture, but rather the primary source for cultural transmission. I question: Is not an English speaking family of Mexican descent still culturally affiliated if they preserve their country's rituals, food, and dress? Thiong'o's primary error in…...
Cultural IdentityLanguageTradition
Raising Awareness of My Own Voice Through My Vocal Role Model and Non-Model
Words • 586
Pages • 3
When I chose my vocal role model and non-model, I carefully considered the individual's vocal execution. I chose Kerry Washington as my vocal role model and Cardi B, as my non- model. I listen to both of them often and I feel like I can effectively express my opinion on each of them Kerry Washington is a renowned American actress; most known for her leading role in the ABC drama, Scandal. Cardi B is a Dominican singer, songwriter, and dancer…...
CultureLanguageMusicRole Model
Media, And Its Effect On Language
Words • 982
Pages • 4
Whether they’re blocking out the haters or have been to oovoo javer, people have been doing it for the Vine since its debut on January 24, 2013. Now, this sentence might come across as a little confusing to some; it might not make any sense at all! That could be because most of the content of the sentence came from Vine, a popular video sharing app used by teenager from 2013 till its closing in 2016. Users could upload six…...
LanguageProfanitySocial Media
Language and Ethnic Studies in Education
Words • 2019
Pages • 9
Some sociolinguists are chiefly interested in ethnic minority achievement in the classroom, exploring the role of language in educational success and failure. Others are principally worried about ethnic vernaculars, ethnic minority dialects, looking at the job of schools in esteeming, and supporting semantic assortments with insignificant institutional authenticity (Reyes, 2010). Furthermore, youth interactional works on utilizing instructive locales to observe the consistent doing and fixing of ethnic gatherings and limits through dialect utilization, is by far the foremost intriguing interests…...
EthnicityLanguageSocial Class
What Sacrifices Does Richard Rodriguez Make For His Education
Words • 1031
Pages • 5
Richard Rodriguez had came from a low status family and his parents originated as immigrants. He came from a working class and him himself didn't speak much engah knowing only a limited amount of words. His economic class status had gave him opportunities and other opportunities that would benefit him came his way when he attended school and was young as well. As a minor he resigned ,nay opportunities and he mentions affirmative action as well. Also Richard Rodriguez grew…...
The Age of the Samurai
Words • 1539
Pages • 7
The age of the samurai began in 1185 and ended in the year of 1868. The life of a samurai was a life of discipline, honor, and morality. They were allowed to have families and were deeply loyal to their masters. Samurai were also ruthless men who, when it came to protecting their honor, would do anything. During one timeframe of the samurai era, they had absolute power over the people. This essay will explore the relationships and grim life…...
JapaneseTokugawa Shogunate
Japanese History
Words • 1556
Pages • 7
The Tokugawa Shogunate ruled over Japan for over two hundred years, the already tense situation between the powerless Emperor & the Shogun worsened with the arrival of the Americans in 1853, and the foreign threat came with the questioning of the legitimacy of the Bakufuto; The Shogun, Tokugawa Iemochi decided to create a policemen corps of master swordsmen to patrol the imperial capital forming the newly selected corps- Shinsengumi. This group has been gaining massive popularity in contemporary Japan leading…...
JapaneseTokugawa Shogunate
The Role of the English Language in Life
Words • 411
Pages • 2
The role of English in my life is quite a lot, I use it every day. Whenever I play games or listen to music there is English involved, in games you are needed to talk English when you speak in your microphone to your teammates. I think English for me has always been part of my daily life since I started with both video games and English books + music in my free time. I am hoping that whenever I…...
English LanguageLanguageLearning English
Five Concepts of Interpersonal Communication
Words • 1918
Pages • 8
Introduction Who would have thought that in Hollywood movies you would find concepts of interpersonal communication? For example a closer look at the 2014 Hollywood blockbuster movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, we find very specific concepts of interpersonal communication. The movie is about a bunch of different strangers from different planets that become entangled in a plot to destroy the world and decide to try and stop it. At first they are a bunch of misfits that have their own…...
CommunicationInterpersonal CommunicationLinguistics
Effective Communication: Partnership in Italy
Words • 398
Pages • 2
The communication style the Mellisa used to impact the Italian partners performance is transactional model. Melissa exchanges messages between US and Italians. She is receiver and also a message sender. Melissa is an active listener. Because she is not only listened the content of the message, but also reflected it back. Melissa showed how productive and efficient she was at dealing with problems that frustrate italian partners. In this case, there are some internal noises and external noises. As for…...
CommunicationLinguisticsMass Communication
The Importance of Communication in All Areas of Life
Words • 570
Pages • 3
In formal settings, such as the workforce, school, or any type of public services, effective communication is very important. It allows for people to be able to work together efficiently, helps solve problems, and keep things running smoothly. It takes patient, practice, and effort for communication to be effective. It also requires a lot of listening. A study at the University of Missouri states that 45 percent of communication involves listening. Presentations, emails, texts, and phone calls are a few…...
Body LanguageLanguageMass Communication
“Belief In The Biological Inferiority of The Group”
Words • 2497
Pages • 10
Roger W. Lotchin, a University of North Carolina history professor, argues in his article “There were no concentration camps in America” that the ten camps where 120,000 Japanese Americans were relocated to in 1942 were not concentration camps. Additionally, he contends that the camps were not built because of racism but because of the United States (US) government’s lack of knowledge on who were spies of the Imperial Japanese government and what their plans of attack were in the West…...
Asian AmericanJapanese
Culture History Of Denmark
Words • 782
Pages • 4
Denmark is an amazing colorful place with lots of buildings. Denmark has some beautiful art and museums all around Denmark has some wild history behind it. The country is nice with some great interesting geography. You might want to learn something about the people and society in Denmark. Not just that but we can also talk about the culture. I’m going to tell you about the history of Denmark. Denmark has one of the oldest monarchies in the world. The…...
Hopes of Americans During World War II
Words • 846
Pages • 4
In the book Farewell to Manzanar the theme of the book is dashed dreams and failed hope of Japanese Americans during World War II. When Japan attacked the United States, they woke a beast. But that beast also began looking at everyone with a heritage of Japan to be a supporter to Japan plan of attack. They assumed that these people would immediately begin providing information from the US and that they would begin fighting the war from their homes…...
Farewell To ManzanarHeritageJapaneseWorld War Ii
Personal Philosophy: Language and Gender Language
Words • 475
Pages • 2
Males tend to be loud and confident when speaking while females sound a lot more kind and apologetic. From the hunting and gathering era, women were the ones who were supposed to stay home to take care of kids and to prepare for meals. For that job it required them to be kind to the children so, the children could learn positive manners from their mothers. Males on the other hand, had to go hunting and it required them to…...
GenderLanguagePersonal Philosophy
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The Three Important Things to Have When Traveling Around the World
...Secondly, the biggest obstacle in my travelling was the language, but not any more I work to hard to learn English in order to contact with people everywhere. Surly, the language is not that easy, also it takes along time to learn, but it is so impor...
A Narrative on Why I Took a Class on English Language
...The various types of essays I've written over the years include rhetorical analysis, synthesis, narratives, compare and contrast, argumentative, and many more. Outside of an english class, my writing has been centered around scripts as of late, altho...
The Language Problem in the World in Nigel Vincent’s Why English is Not Enough
...This idea is tied into the main topic Vincent brings up in the talk, where if people were educated with non—English culture/languages, they would be more prone to understanding how different people in the world saw events like this one. Overall, I ...
What Sacrifices Does Richard Rodriguez Make For His Education
...Richard Rodriguez sacrificed many things to be well educated and although he originated from an Mexican family he didn't let that get in the way and kept pushing through all the hardships he faced as an individual. How economic status did affect him ...
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