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Jingming Bai Writing Assignment1
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Jingming Bai Writing Assignment #11002264319 19 September 2019collaborators: NoneWhen I see the first video of sign language of ASL, I could understand that the man in thevideo wants to express the word fish , because I know how to pronounce the word fish , Ican see the man s mouth movements and he is pronouncing fish . On the other hand, this manis imitating the movement of fish by his hand, so by these actions I can clearly understand he…...
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Demonstrative Speech Essay
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Attention grabber : *Good morning to our beloved English lecturer and my lovely classmates* (do my opening with sign languages without talking to create suspense). Guess by now all of you might already have a clue of what my topic is. That’s right , it’s sign language. Purpose : Today, I will be demonstrating how to do American sign language.Essay Example on Example Of Demonstrative Relation to audience : It is possible to have at least one deaf person In…...
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Reaction Paper to “Through Deaf Eyes”
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Sign language is language that uses visual hand patterns to convey a meaning without using any vocal. It truly is a wonderful way of communication, although it was not always accepted in society. Wherever communities of deaf people exist, sign language develops. There was no stopping the advancement and the flourishing of the deaf culture. The movie "Through Deaf Eyes" was an inspiring documentary on deaf people and their struggle and triumph in society throughout history. I enjoyed watching the…...
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