Demonstrative Speech Essay

Attention grabber : *Good morning to our beloved English lecturer and my lovely classmates* (do my opening with sign languages without talking to create suspense). Guess by now all of you might already have a clue of what my topic is. That’s right , it’s sign language. Purpose : Today, I will be demonstrating how to do American sign language.

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Relation to audience : It is possible to have at least one deaf person In the school or maybe when we’re already working In the future.

Therefore, learning sign language Is very helpful for us to communicate with them easily and have a closer bond compared to those who can’t use sign language. Plus, learning sign language gives you edge in looking for jobs. Credential : My church has a pastor who loves teaching sign languages through songs, so ever since I was in elementary school, I have learned a few songs with sign languages.

Let’s start off with the word ‘please’.

) 2 – Manners Signs Please – Take your hand, have it flat on your chest and move it in a circle. Thank you Bring one hand up to your chin and bring it away. Like you’re almost kissing someone goodbye. Your response would be You are welcome’. The easiest one to do is to do the same sign as thank you’. Excuse me Take one hand in a plate position, while the other hand with the all the fingers bent over and thumb tucked in.

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The hand with the fingers bent over touch the palm of the other hand and slide the hand through the fingers. You can do it two to three times. Sorry Make a fist, put it over your heart, make it go in circle Again, make sure your face matches. (Transition : Now that Eve shown you the basic languages, let’s go through what you have learned today. CONCLUSION Review – (Go through the basic conversations and manners sign with sign languages) Restate purpose – The purpose of my demonstration is for all of you to learn how to use American sign language.

You never know when you will come across someone who is suffering from hearing loss. You can use the sign languages that I taught anytime and anywhere because they are all the basic words and phrases in our daily life. Memorable ending – As I end my speech, allow me to sing a song using sign language. (Twinkle twinkle little star). I hope you enjoyed my speech. Thank you. *sign language*

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Demonstrative Speech Essay
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