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Free essays on Japanese refer to academic write-ups about various aspects of Japanese culture, history, society, economics, and politics that are accessible to anyone without any charge. They may cover topics such as the influence of traditional Japanese art on modern art, the role of samurais in Japanese society, the significance of cherry blossom festivals, the current economic development of Japan, and the impact of technology on Japanese entertainment. These essays provide readers with valuable insights into Japanese culture and help them to understand better the unique characteristics of the country and its people.
The Age of the Samurai
Words • 1539
Pages • 7
The age of the samurai began in 1185 and ended in the year of 1868. The life of a samurai was a life of discipline, honor, and morality. They were allowed to have families and were deeply loyal to their masters. Samurai were also ruthless men who, when it came to protecting their honor, would do anything. During one timeframe of the samurai era, they had absolute power over the people. This essay will explore the relationships and grim life…...
JapaneseTokugawa Shogunate
Japanese History
Words • 1556
Pages • 7
The Tokugawa Shogunate ruled over Japan for over two hundred years, the already tense situation between the powerless Emperor & the Shogun worsened with the arrival of the Americans in 1853, and the foreign threat came with the questioning of the legitimacy of the Bakufuto; The Shogun, Tokugawa Iemochi decided to create a policemen corps of master swordsmen to patrol the imperial capital forming the newly selected corps- Shinsengumi. This group has been gaining massive popularity in contemporary Japan leading…...
JapaneseTokugawa Shogunate
“Belief In The Biological Inferiority of The Group”
Words • 2497
Pages • 10
Roger W. Lotchin, a University of North Carolina history professor, argues in his article “There were no concentration camps in America” that the ten camps where 120,000 Japanese Americans were relocated to in 1942 were not concentration camps. Additionally, he contends that the camps were not built because of racism but because of the United States (US) government’s lack of knowledge on who were spies of the Imperial Japanese government and what their plans of attack were in the West…...
Asian AmericanJapanese
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Japanese Communication Style
Words • 1664
Pages • 7
The folllowing sample essay on Japanese Communication Style discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.Japanese Communication Styles Japanese communication patterns and styles can be confusing to Westerners. Americans are used to straight talk. Americans make great efforts to convey the exact intent of their message. Japanese interlocutors tend to use words as only part of the message they are trying to communicate. Other…...
Frank Lloyd Wright Japanese Influence
Words • 1815
Pages • 8
This sample essay on Frank Lloyd Wright Japanese Influence reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.Architecture reflects mankind’s artlstlc and engineering achievements. A bulldlng may merely be used to house people or property, but It represents the designs and structural marvels of that specific period. As we move from one architectural period to another, we find Individuals who have contributed greatly to their respective architectural periods and left their…...
Japanese Animation Culture
Words • 265
Pages • 2
RESEARCH PROPOSAL: REPRESENTATIONS OF CULTURE IN JAPANESE ANIMATION BY: ASHA JHINA ROLL NO. : 0914152 SUMITTED TO: DR. SAGARIKA GOLDER CHRIST UNIVERSITY BANGALORE Animation, more commonly known as cartoons is a very integral part of a child’s growing years. A medium which started out with a sole purpose of providing entertainment has progressed into a kind of a new-age education method. Cartoons/animations are not merely a tool to keep viewers occupied, it aims to familiarise people with their culture and…...
Female Workers In Japanese Silk Factories Essay
Words • 591
Pages • 3
Did the Cost Outweigh the Benefits? Help wanted! Long hours! Low pay! Unfair labor contracts! How could you turn us down? This might seem crazy but many people wouldn’t turn them down. They needed work and a paycheck. Even though the workers paid very little money and had long hours they still worked because once you’re in it’s hard to get out. So, did the cost outweigh the benefits for female Japan silk workers? The cost outweighed the benefits for…...
“The Japanese lover” by Isabel Allende
Words • 637
Pages • 3
Lark House is not a dreary nursing home. The plant earned the term "residence" for seniors in full. All work and tailored services - cleaning, catering, transport services, etc - take the helping hands of the domestic staff. Library, games room, beauty salon, a workshop invite courses offer entertaining training. For those who are capable - physically, mentally, financially - which can here still enjoy his life and on the outskirts of Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay also advanced…...
Japanese Katakana
Words • 289
Pages • 2
The katakana syllabary was derived from abbreviated Chinese characters used by Buddhist monks to indicate the correct pronunciations of Chinese texts in the 9th century. At first there were many different symbols to represent one syllable of spoken Japanese, but over the years the system was streamlined. By the 14th century, there was a more or less one-to-one correspondence between spoken and written syllables.The word katakana "part (of kanji) syllabic script". The "part" refers to the fact that katakana characters…...
Special Qualities of Japanese Woodblock Prints
Words • 1033
Pages • 5
The following example essay on "Special Qualities of Japanese Woodblock Prints" reveals the trend in Japanese fine art that has developed since the Edo period. Woodblock prints are an integral part of Japanese art and culture in the centuries gone past. In many ways, the techniques of craft and reproduction that were pioneered and mastered by the Japanese were more advanced than what their European contemporaries were able to achieve. Although woodblock prints were in circulation as early as the…...
Comparison of Indian and Japanese cuisines
Words • 4324
Pages • 18
Index Page no Content 5-12 Comparison and contrast of characteristics of both the cuisines 13-16 Discussion of influences on both the cuisines 17-18 Discussion the definition of multi-cultural work nature of food and drink 19-20 Food trends 2011 vs 2012 Overview Wasabi is a sushi bar serving only sushi in Phoenix Mall in Vlman Nagar, Pune. It serves authentic, traditional sushi. Wasabi is Just 6 months old. Initially, there was great response for sushi but now sales are dipping down.…...
Process of internationalization of Japanese manufacturing company
Words • 4511
Pages • 19
This study was written to reexamine the procedure of internationalisation of one Nipponese fabricating company in Singapore. Impacts from fiscal crisis in twelvemonth 2008 forced the group companies to exert cost-cutting steps in their planetary operations, and localisation is the lone manner to salvage costs and to maximise the use of local expertness and reactivity to run into planetary competition.The reappraisal focuses on several front-end facets of international HRM activities during the procedure of internationalisation. Literature reappraisal on the subjects…...
The Role of Japanese Mythology in Kafka on the Shore
Words • 758
Pages • 4
Satoru Nakata was a young boy n November 1944 when he became involved in what would be known as the Rice Bowl Hill Incident. No one is sure what happened during this event but several Japanese school children ended up lying unconscious in a clearing in the woods near a town where they had been evacuated for their own safety. Nakata was the only child who did not re-gain consciousness and was in a coma for several months. When Nakata…...
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