Japanese Animation Culture

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: REPRESENTATIONS OF CULTURE IN JAPANESE ANIMATION BY: ASHA JHINA ROLL NO. : 0914152 SUMITTED TO: DR. SAGARIKA GOLDER CHRIST UNIVERSITY BANGALORE Animation, more commonly known as cartoons is a very integral part of a child’s growing years. A medium which started out with a sole purpose of providing entertainment has progressed into a kind of a new-age education method. Cartoons/animations are not merely a tool to keep viewers occupied, it aims to familiarise people with their culture and their roots.

Through this research paper I aim to isolate the very specifics of culture which are represented in media, especially cartoons. I have narrowed my research to ‘manga’ more commonly known as ‘anime’ which is the Japanese form of animation. Japan is known to have one of the oldest and strongest historical and cultural roots which are still relevant. Previous research has shown that people who are regular followers of anime do not watch it just as a form of entertainment but also to learn about a new and enigmatic culture.

The Japanese are not one of the most outgoing people therefore a medium such as anime provides an interesting as well as visually appealing insight into their lives and culture. I wish to write my research paper by referring to the different kinds of work that has been done on this topic by others. This paper shall be based on facts collected through research and a survey among anime followers. By the end of this research I aim to draw parallels between Japanese culture and the content of different Animes.

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Japanese Animation Techniques

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Japanese Animation Culture
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