Imagine a World Without Animation

Disney would never exist, most video games would meet the same fate! And without artists? No maps, manga, comics, and also, no movies and shows. Multimedia artists and animators make movies, shows, manga, comics, and all that’s important for making sure people are happy. Most movies are filmed but also use sets that have art and special effects so lots of the items we use to entertain ourselves today wouldn’t exist if this job hadn’t made it off the drawing board.


To become a Multimedia Artist and Animator you need to be able to follow these traits and attributes;

You need to have artistic talent, you need to be able to make original (or already used) concepts to make your part of the animation, and eventually the completed project.

You should have communication skills, being able to communicate with your team, artists, etc. is an important trait. For example, being able to ask for inspiration or whether or not something is good.


Computer skills are also an important trait, animation is usually done on electronics using programs and soft wares. Usually costs a monthly fee if you get quality software. (Truity)

You should be a creative person! Being creative in this job allows you to be able to make pretty much everything original, meaning you don’t use the ideas or concepts of other people. (Truity)

Time management skills, and not wasting time on the small details so you can finish your part are important. (Truity)

They work in teams and make things like moviestimelines but they also make 2D/3D drawings for other projects.

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They also make storyboards for movies and key scenes in said movies (Truity), while also researching upcoming projects… They also talk to people like game designers, other animators, directors, and other people of the such “to review deadlines and development timelines” (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

They focus on usually one thing, the group either works on only movies/shows or only games. For example, if they’re working on a movie, they would have someone for CGI (computer-generated images) that take pictures of an actor’s movements, while others generate scenery and location. Animators can also specialize.

How they make animations, for a general visual, that work in separate teams, to work on separate parts but it’s for separate scenes, not CGI or character design, then they put it together for a finished product.

On very rare occasions some animators animate by hand, using drawings or paintings,

Then they put these into computer programs to animate it.

I did all except education… you just need a bachelor’s degree in fine art, computer science, computer graphics, animation, or some other field, (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

The pros of being an animator: you pretty much get paid to express your creativity (Rawes) and you get paid $65,300 and $31.40 an hour (Rawes) (Bureau of Labor Statistics) also they can be self-employed, and you can save money and a better quality of life.

The cons of being an animator are that you have to work for longer hours than most, mostly if you are employed by a company (Rawes) Rawes says “ Their work schedule can exceed 50 hours a week and when deadlines are approaching, night and weekend work often is required to meet a deadline” which means more work and less sleep.

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