Imagine Having the Opportunity to Start Your Life From Scratch

While growing up, people always would ask me what I wanted to be when I was older. I always had a quick answer, Police Officer or I wanna be in the Air Force. It slowly changed as I grew up to Dog handler in the army and I was dead set of it, despite what others said. Then I was back to wanting to become a police officer. But now when people ask me what I wanna be, I just stare and say, Im not really sure if Im being honest.

So I took time to think about it and decided I really wanna become a Stewardess.

Preparing for the future is hard because if you think about it, no matter how hard ya try to make a plan, life has a different one in store for you. All you can truly do is aim to be the best you can possibly be. Your life is built upon the foundation of the past, and you are building the foundation for the future.

With this you grow as a person. Im working hard and saving up money in order to be the best and get the best in life.

Growing up I struggled a lot. Probably something you hear from a lot of people my age but sadly very true. At a young age, I didnt have any people skills so first school problem I ever had was in kindergarden. A boy hassled me and the teacher sided with him which lead to me biting the teacher.

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My ex stepmom had the school hold me back as her son complained that I was stealing his friends and didnt want me in the same grade with him, as we always shared the same classes. As time went on and I grew up, I stayed to myself.

I was too shy to talk to any kids due having a speech problem and not wanting to be made fun of. Even though everyone was told not to go where we couldnt be seen, I would go and hide in a patch of greens where the tree would hang down so I was hidden. Turns off the patch of greens was actually poison ivy (which didnt affect me), it got to a point where my teacher pushed me to a group of kids so I could start making friends. I loved school after making a couple friends, I tried to do my best. But life hasnt really liked me, not long after finally settling in, I had to move yet again. Which meant new house and new school.

Imagine having to restart all over from scratch. Its not fun nor is it easy. I had to go through the process of speak class all over again which I felt like a loser for. I did struggle through school. I mainly was a troublemaker just so I could fit in, it was always the very last year of the school building I was in when I would always be a good student. Now high school was no doubt the worst, I struggled really hard. I tried to get into sports but sadly unless you were popular or your family made good money and was friends with everyone, you wouldn’t make the team. It broke me, as I truly loved sports and they helped keep me focus due to having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), I had to struggle through school with no sports. Now Im a slow learner and I realized now that I hung with the wrong crowd.

I was persuaded to do a lot of things like goof off or skip class. Which lead to switching to online school that worked with in my high school. But I kept struggling even more. But that was also around the time I laid on the vet floor as my dog was put down due to liver cancer. That event broke me, I started to push everyone away and had/have many emotional breakdowns. I was going to get held back but my moms boyfriend was determined to get me through. He found Belding VCL, which I wont lie I struggled even more with. I never was able to leave/get outta my house so I easily distracted myself with other stuff but finally after some hard times here I am graduating.

Its kinda funny now that I think of it, none of my passions or interests could ever apply to any job. I am very passionate about singing and I have a major love for jigsaw puzzles. My life is basically built music and mysteries.

I really should thank my mom for always being my cheerleader and pushing me when I needed it. She taught me to respect myself and never set limitations on what I can and cant do. I am also grateful for my moms boyfriend, despite our differences and his way of showing he cares, he always has good intentions in helping me succeed in life. Now someone I have had influenced me was a great friend and partner in life, Matthew. He has always looked out for me and gave me a goal for me to aim for just to get through, like motivation. I honestly wouldnt have made it through without these 3 in my life.

Who knows maybe Ill go to college but for now I wanna take life slowly and see where it takes me. As a wise old man at McDonalds told me, Lifes too short. Live to the fullest.

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Imagine Having the Opportunity to Start Your Life From Scratch
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