The Ability of People to Think And Imagine

For humans will deteriorate as more people rely on technology. Why? It has taken over every aspect of life. Getting rid of or limiting technology can increase imagination before it gets out of hand. If society can somehow do this, people will learn how to do things for themselves instead of relying on the internet, they will put their phone down to daydream, and learn how to communicate face to face. Instead of relying on others or the internet, we should learn how to do things for ourselves.

We have everything we need at our fingertips. Want a copy of the Mona Lisa? Copy and paste it in your computer. We sacrifice original thoughts by keeping phones in our faces.  Katie says, “There are templates for everything and even academic information is available all over the internet, resulting in less creative thought when it comes to academic settings.”

The internet is a hub for laziness, unless you learn how to use imagination.

It’s now a battle between man vs machine (Katie).Creativity can be distracted when you have your phone in your face. It is said that when you put your phone down it allows daydreaming. Reading helps you imagine and dream of things that are difficult if your phone is in your face.There is so much to do everyday instead of sitting on a pointless device. Wolpart uses data to state how students who had internet access during class time performed worse than students without access (Wolpart). Just the thought of having internet access distracts almost all students.

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People need to find a happy medium between media/technology and taking time to daydream.

The internet is interfering with most all relationships. People are hiding between tech shadows with any relationship nowadays. There is no better place to exaggerate who you really are than through a screen. Guys ask girls on dates by texting them instead of building up the courage to talk to them face to face. There has been an end to intimacy and relationships. When couples are put in any sort of conversation with their phone, they still continue to fiddling with everything instead of talking to a person right in front of them (Morris). The article then states, “In a 2014 study, researchers observed 100 friendly couples having a 10 minute conversation while their phone was there, they noticed the couples continuing to fiddle with their phones. After the phones were gone, the couples had more empathy.” People cannot concentrate without having a phone in hands.

Some researchers claim that there are positive impacts of technology. Fennell believes that communication with a device changes the way businesses are ran. They can now instant message making it easier for any information to get around. Technology also helps with security and efficiency of the workplace. It may help the business world but was it really that big of a deal twenty years ago without it? We are feeding into a world of getting things done easy. If it is helping the business world but is slowly destroying our relationships with people who matter, is it really that worth it? It is clear that the only way to get through this life is to put down technology and live a life. We can learn how to communicate face to face, increase our creativity, and be original. Do you ever wonder what a simple life it was in the 1970’s without technology?

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