A great leader has the ability to bring people together and recognize

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The following sample essay on A great leader has the ability to bring people together and recognize about Trump’s perspectives.

A great leader has the ability to bring people together and recognize the beauty within his people’s differences. However, in today’s american society, the current leader of this country has not been able to do this. Someone that looks down on minorities and goes back on his words, that’s Donald J. Trump. With Trump as president minorities have been impacted.

Trump has effect on how minorities and how they are treated. But in Ta-Nehisi Coates book Between the World and Me is a letter to Ta-Nehisi Coates’s fifteen-year-old son. Where he talks about his personal, historical, and thinking development on how to live in a black body in a country where they don’t accept minorities and people for who they are. Trump’s prejudices on minorities in the u.s affect how they are treated by society.

Under the Trump’s administration, counts americans of color are facing increase barriers booth, the united states of justices are in charge of protecting americans from discrimination on race, color , sex, religion ,disadlies, family status , and national origin. The president is trying to undercut their goal by eliminating many staff positions therefore making nominees for federal judgeships with white members. President Trump asked Congress to cut funding from the Legal Services Corporation, a nonprofit that supports legal aid programs across the United States and whose client demographic is 4 percent African American and 17.

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9 percent Hispanic ( Solomon and Maxwell ). This shows how Trump is trying to minimize the amount of color people that work for the government at all costs. And this has proven true in many cases and it has left many people of color without jobs and ways to support their family. Trump counties ways for minorities to have a say the country and according to Danyelle Solomon and Connor Maxwell.

The right to vote is the most fundamental right of democracy in the United States. But under the Trump administration, countless Americans of color are facing increased barriers to the voting booth. In 2017, Trump established a taxpayer-funded commission led by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) and Vice President Mike Pence both of whom are known proponents of strict voter ID requirements—to develop and advocate for policies to address the specter of voter fraud.

This shows the amount of dedication Trump has put into prohibiting minorities say in american leaders Trump is trying to have an all white American no matter what it takes and making minorities fear him. Coates shows how these followers are trying to prevent minorities from having a say on what goes on in the country. On the contrary, it is not the lack of intelligence of African Americans that have deterred them from voting for our current president, but their instinct to preserve the black body from detriment. It is the underlying fear of the destruction of the black body that has ultimately caused Donald Trump and his followers to think that African Americans are unable to make wise decisions (Coates 44).

Trump’s perspectives on minorities, explicitly of Latinos in America, are made up creations, and stories of their incentive to our general public. Toward the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump blamed Mexico for “sending individuals that have bunches of issues and they’re carrying those issues with them. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing wrongdoing. They’re attackers” (qtd. in Burns). Trump makes many racist comments about people of color. Trump has gone as far as calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists to proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the US to suggesting that a judge should recuse himself from a case solely because of the judge’s Mexican heritage ( Lopez). However if you ask Trump if was racist he has a standard response: He claims that no, in fact, he’s the least racist person that you’ve ever encountered (lopez).

All through Between the World and Me, Coates presents the idea that race comes from a social development, and this social development makes the material/substantial reality that one meets. At one point in the book, Coates mentions the innocent daughter of Mother Nature (Coates 7). Prejudice does not grow from the results of parents. Rather, race and prejudice start from the human need to make a chain of command, a social development to sort out most people of the world. Making this order, people gain the false-information of reality,which obstructs the truth of racism. Those at the base of the must last through this social development through their body. In the youth of Coates, he watches the fear of a terrible future. With his life inthe city, he stresses constantly over the condition of his physical being, especially in the hands of the authority. And leaving it on someone else to make your decision and you not having a say in anything that happens.

Junot diaz shows how Race was the unfortunate condition of non white people that had nothing to do with white people and as such was not a natural part of the Universal of Literature, and anyone that tried to introduce racial consciousness to the Great (White) Universal of Literature would be seen as politicizing the Pure Art and betraying the (White) Universal (no race) ideal of True Literature (Diaz). When Junot Diaz states if you are not white, there is a chance you might not be accepted. One example that opened Diaz eyes was when Another young sister told me that in the entire two years of her workshop the only time people of color showed up in her white peer’s stories was when crime or drugs were somehow involved. This shows how MFA only wants to use white writers when working in the workshop. From what I saw the plurality of students and faculty had been educated exclusively in the tradition of writers like William Gaddis, Francine Prose or Alice Monroe – and not at all the traditions of Toni Morrison, Cherrie Moraga, Maxine Hong-Kingston, Arundhati Roy, Edwidge Danticat, Alice Walker, or Jamaica Kincai. Diaz shows us how the university did not want to embrace other culture that knew more about the situation than what the white authors knew. It connects how donald Trump does not want to accept other culture or minorities and how he talk about minorities without calling them immigrants, rapsite, or drug dealers.

But in other words many people see donald Trump as president that really helping people and looking out for everyone. One lesson I’ve learned from working for Donald Trump is that you have to pay attention to what he does, not what he says. The left and the media are on a rampage accusing Trump of being a ?racist and Nazi and Ku Klux Klan sympathizer because of his words in response to the horrid events in Charlottesville, Va (Moore). This is show how the media is just putting out false information about Trump and it shows a personal views on someone that worked with Trump . An example that show Trump good deas is President Trump has fostered a roaring economy for all Americans, driving down unemployment rates for minority groups, with African American, Asian, and Hispanic unemployment hitting near record lows in recent months (GOP). Trump is trying to improve the living condition for minorities and trying to give them more jobs. Trump to further minorities in the country many different ways some ways are President Trump has focused on providing jobs training programs that help Americans who can’t afford a college education earn money while they learn (GOP). Trump is try to created jobs for people that have a hard time getting a job because of their education. Trump has done many good things like created jobs. However as a candidate, Trump promised the American people that we were going to win so much, be sick and tired of winning. But it is not the American people who have been winning it is Wall Street, private prisons, the oil industry, and Trump’s own family. A recent Gallup poll found that a majority of Americans now believe that President Trump does not keep his promises and is unable to effectively manage the government.

Trump promised many thing and did not live up to them. Leading many people to think if Trump was the right person for the job.

Trump’s supremacist and ridiculous verbalizations about minorities in America especially African Americans, Latino Americans have begun fear inside ethnic minorities, people who lawfully live in a country, and in the people who find truth in Trump’s words. It is the duty of the President of the United States to be a good example for the American individuals. Particularly amid emergency, andTrump should join the overall public who live in this nation instead of turn them against one another. Trump should fix what going on in the country one prime example that is affect the minorities is police brutality and cops killing innocent people. I connect this to myself because is video of cops killing and beat kids my age and i wonder if i will be next or one of my friends.

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A great leader has the ability to bring people together and recognize
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