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An Overview of the History of the 1980s in America
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Pages • 8
The 1980s The 1980s was a decade of tragedy and innovation, a decade of big hair bands and sci-fi movies, and a time for change. During this time period stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna began their rise to fame, while franchises such as Star Wars gained popularity. This was also a time when international conflict struck, Olympics were boycotted and bombings left people dead around the globe. Even amongst all the bad things that spotted this decade, there were new advances in technology and…...
AmericaCelebrityWhitney Houston
A Personal Narrative About Learning About Latin America in Class
Words • 1649
Pages • 7
When I think about what this class has taught me over the semester, I have to go back to where I started when I first walked in. Even though I was far from knowing most everything about Latin America, I still held on to a broad knowledge about its history and the current standing of its countries. With so much of my present day knowledge being gained from what news stations show and publish, not being able to learn about…...
DeforestationExperienceLatin AmericaPolitics
A Discussion on Inclusion and Equality of Latin-American Baseball Players in the United States
Words • 845
Pages • 4
Inclusion does not mean equality. Equality does not exist without inclusions In the instance of baseball it seems like inclusion is the only thing management, economic interests, and sometimes even fans care about, It seems like non-white players have to fight an onslaught of prejudice and unfairness to play. Foreign born Latino players receive significantly less pay than even U,Si born Latinosi The odds have been and continue to be stacked against non-white players‘ favor, In the article “Latin—American Ballplayers…...
Latin AmericaPoliticsSocial Issues
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A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences Between Latin America and the United States of America
Words • 798
Pages • 4
I have lived in Trumbull, Connecticut my entire life, and up until high school I did not realize how sheltered I was growing up in Fairfield County. In high school I began to learn a little more about the world and other countries although until this course I have barely looked into other countries cultures and how they live compared to us. Looking at the different barometers has been very fascinating and enjoyable. I chose Latin America because of how…...
EducationLatin AmericaSocial Class
Quebec City and History Of Canada
Words • 2163
Pages • 9
Canada is the second largest country in the world, and the first is Russia, it occupies roughly two-fifths of the continent of North America (Encyclopedia Britannica). The first discovery of Canada was made by John Cabot in 1497. Canada became self-governed and a controlled operation in 1867, while they still held on to the British Crown. The British were soon removed from the Canadian government in 1982. On February 15, 1965 the new Canadian Flag would be raised over the…...
A History of Incas Empire in Peru
Words • 675
Pages • 3
Before the Spaniards founded the first Spanish city in Peru in 1532, there was an Empire called the Tawantinsuyu, which means "four parts together." The Incas built the Tawantinsuyu. The Incas were a culture from the highlands, or Andes, that conquered many different cultures all the way from Ecuador to Chile. All these people were different in culture, but not in race. The Tawantinsuyu worked, in a way, like the Roman Empire. The different cultural groups could live by their…...
A Study on the Emperor Tamarin Monkey in Eastern Peru
Words • 613
Pages • 3
Amongst the trees in Eastern Peru is the incredible Emperor Tamarin Monkey, known to scientists as saguinus imperator. This species inhabits mostly lowlands in eastern Peru, northern Bolivia, and in western Brazil. In Brazil and Peru, the Tamarin is considered endangered or threatened, but most other places consider them indeterminate. Emperor Tamarins are New World Monkies, belonging to the Callitrichidae family. The Emperor Tamarin is omnivorous with a diet consisting primarily of fruits, vegetation, insects, and small vertebrates. They consume…...
International Diving in Peru: The Fishing Sector
Words • 1510
Pages • 7
Peru boasts a coastline of 3080 km (1914m), bordering Ecuador to the North and Chile in the south, and hosts over 12,000 lakes and lagoons. The country has over 40 ports with Paita (northern Peru) and Callao (central Peru) being the most important centers that produce marketable fish such as hake, giant squid, bonito, mackerel, and tuna along with over 40 other species that are commercially caught. While it only accounts for a small portion of GDP, seafood products account…...
Current Examples of Helping Raped Women
Words • 1616
Pages • 7
The audience being addressed in this essay is an aid organization looking to brief its officers on the operations of the law historically. The officers are meant to help victims of rape and other racial crimes seek and get justice. The officers are social workers and therefore a majority of them do not have sufficient knowledge of the current or a historical basis of the law. The audience is eager to learn how law and human nature and interrelated with…...
What a beautiful country Peru is
Words • 460
Pages • 2
It's home to a variety of great things like incredible architecture, delectable food, and dangerous wildlife. So, here's some great info about Peru. Let’s Go!!! Peru is such a wonderful place to live or visit because of all the great things Peru provides. You can go to Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is the most popular sculpture in Peru. And there's the Nazca Line and of course the amazing Amazon rainforest. In the Amazon, there are an uncounted amount of different…...
All About Peru
Words • 1337
Pages • 6
Peru is located in the western and central part of South America. Its territory, covering an area of 496,224 sq. miles, borders Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil, and Bolivia to the east, and Chile to the south. The capital of Peru is Lima. It has a population of 10 million people. Explain the economic system of your country. What type is it? Peru has a mixed economy because they have a president, a Congress, and free trade with…...
An Introduction to the Environmental Problem in Canada
Words • 1114
Pages • 5
  This paper will mainly focus on the recycling of plastics although the aspects of reducing and reusing/repairing will be briefly touched upon. To begin with an over view of what plastics are, the types of degradable plastics that exist, and current methods of plastic desposal will be presented. Finally, an overall assessment of the plastic recycling effort will be made. What are plastics? Plastics are made of long, chainlike molecules called polymers. There are two different types: Thermoset plastics…...
CanadaEnvironmental Chemistry
Research of Mental Stability of Journalists
Words • 1252
Pages • 6
Those working in the field of journalism often suffer from mental health illnesses due to the burdens in their line of work. Conditions including alcohol addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression are prevalent in journalists that have experienced trauma and those who struggle to balance domestic affairs. There is an apparent lack of discussion and awareness about mental health that is essential in maintaining stability in the field of journalism. Recent reforms in atmosphere, aesthetics, and attitude have shown the…...
Should Certain Advertisements Be Banned?
Words • 965
Pages • 4
Canada is the northernmost country in North America. The two main languages are English and French. Most of its population lives close to the Canadian and U.S. border because of the frigid climate in Northern Canada. Canada is a special country because of its abundance of natural resources (lakes, minerals, and timber). Canada is known for its hockey stars, famous actors and singers, and nice people. Canada also has amazing views, especially in the Rocky Mountain region of Western Canada and Niagra Falls. Climate…...
Tensions in Intercultural Relations
Words • 1325
Pages • 6
An increasing emphasis on cultural affairs revealed latent constitutional tensions in the relationship between the Francophone and Anglophone communities in Canada. The exponential growth of cultural activity undertaken by the federal government beginning in the 1950s resulted in Quebec nationalist's perception of this as an encroachment on provincial jurisdictions, which constituted a threat to the autonomy of Quebec and, thus, the survival of French Canada. Comparably, the French fear of the ramification of US cultural imperialism on the home front…...
An Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis outbreak in Quebec in the fall of 2008 
Words • 747
Pages • 3
Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis (EEE) virus is a rare but highly pathogenic arthropod-borne viral encephalitis caused by an Alphavirus, Togaviridae. In humans and equines, EEE is particularly lethal and survivors are left with neurological impairment. EEE is thought to occur primarily in an enzootic transmission cycle with birds acting as a reservoir host and several species of mosquitos acting as vectors. The Culiseta melanura mosquito is vital in maintaining this cycle (Soghigian et al., 2010). C. melanura is an ornithophilic species…...
The Difference Between the Well-Being of US and Scandinavian Citizens
Words • 1268
Pages • 6
Welfare is government support for the citizen and residents of society. It may be provided to people of any income level, as with social security, but usually, it is intended to ensure that the poor can meet their basic human needs such as food and shelter. The Nordic welfare model is the most expensive, most comprehensive model, funded by a high tax. A welfare state may be a reflection of the relationship between a country’s government and its citizens, it…...
AmericaAmerican GovernmentGovernment
A Report of Four American Robber Barons: Cornelius Vanderbilt, John Davison Rockefeller, Henry Ford, and Robert Edward Turner III
Words • 1141
Pages • 5
Robber Barons What is a robber baron? Webster's New Dictionary defines it as an American capitalist of the late 19th century who became wealthy through exploitation (As of natural resources, governmental influence, or low wage scales) or a person who satisfies himself by depriving another. In America we had a lot of these kind of people. For this report I am going to tell you about the ones that I found most interesting to me. I would first like to…...
AmericaHenry Ford
Important People in American History
Words • 1254
Pages • 6
Republican Chris Jankowski's Ideas Republican Chris Jankowski had an idea that could change history. Jankowski thought of this project by reading an article in the New York Times, as he was reading he realized that 2010 is what they call a zero year. According to the dictionary year zero is the beginning of a revolutionary change. Since Jankowski was part of the Republican Sate Leadership Committee of the Unite States they named this project REDMAP which is abirritated for Redistricting Majority…...
AmericaAmerican History
Starting a Business in the US and in Japan
Words • 1453
Pages • 6
Starting a business in the United States is a difficult process that requires the owner to think about many things before starting their business. They need to consider the demand for their good or service, the location of their business, the pricing of their good or service and many other factors that go into making a business successful. Starting a business in the United States might seem like there is a lot to consider but starting an international business brings…...
My Spring Break in Mexico
Words • 945
Pages • 4
Not quite two years ago, I went on a fantastic adventure. During the 2017 spring break I vacationed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with a couple of my friends. We did many enjoyable things during our stay. My friends and I went on the beach, swam in the ocean and humongous pool, explored the city, went four-wheeling up the mountains, and many other exciting things. Of all of that we did over the course of the trip, my favorite activity was going skydiving.…...
Gambling in the US
Words • 1243
Pages • 5
“Over eighty percent of American adults gamble on a yearly basis” (5 Alarming Gambling Addiction Statistics). The majority of these people end up losing their hard-earned money. On the other hand, Rounders glorifies gambling because it is a part of our society. It is so prominent in our society, that, by a long shot, the US has the most gambling losses at almost 120 billion dollars (Global Gambling Industry in Recent Years). Unlike the facts, Rounders portrays a false idea…...
Urbanization in America
Words • 2279
Pages • 10
The modern America is a product of several hundreds of years of a rich history, abundant in discovery, progression, and corruption. Considered by many to be one of the major events in shaping the United States, the Industrial Revolution quite literally revolutionized the nation. A more developed economy, a growing middle class, and the rise of wage jobs were now prevalent, but the most encompassing of the impacts of the Industrial Revolution was urbanization. Urbanization in America Urbanization is simply…...
Relations Between Potential Belligerents
Words • 2084
Pages • 9
Many would agree that the beginning of World War I came with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the rise of conflicts among European powers such as Austria and Serbia, along with Germany and Russia. Conflicts raging in Europe were quick to erupt, soon spreading into what would later be known as World War I. It is easy to deduce why some nations went into war; but the question remains, why did larger powers such as Italy, Great Britain,…...
MexicoWarWoodrow Wilson
My opinion on homelessness issue in the US
Words • 1439
Pages • 6
The homeless population is a serious problem in every community, and we cannot ignore this problem. Every day as I am driving in town, I pass by a homeless man or woman often carrying a sign asking for either money or food. The difficult decision comes when I think about what this person may actually do with the money that I may give him or her. The easy decision is to assume the homeless individual will automatically buy drugs or…...
It Has Been Five Years Since Everything
Words • 996
Pages • 4
Five years since Papa died. Five years since Aunty Ifeoma and my cousin moved to America, and five years since Jaja was sent to prison for confessing to Papas murder. It has been five years and Mama has finally started to talk more. In fact, this is the most I have ever heard Mama speak. What used to seem to be a huge compound now seemed so small and empty. The compound walls, topped with coil electric wires, that use…...
AmericaPurple Hibiscus
Argentina Economic Crisis 1998-2002
Words • 1251
Pages • 6
Argentina located in Southern America. It is the 8th largest country of the world and it is the 4th largest in America. The native language of Argentina is “Spanish”. Argentina is mostly Agriculture based country; production of livestock and cereals is the specialty of Argentina. It has a great source of Minerals. Its capital is Buenos Aries and its currency is “Peso”. In Argentina the Government system is Federal Government. The economy of Argentina is a high income economy in…...
The A Bout Argentina  
Words • 665
Pages • 3
A bout Argentina   Argentina is south A   merica and it is, named the eighth largest country on the earth. Argentina a contains three of the   Spanis h colonization in july 9, 1816 the voting of the Argentine .republic  Independence overruled in t he Peninsula and overseas. Argenti na Rugby Union    Ar gentina rugby unio n : tea m Los Pumas .Rugby union is basically when you have a s occer/football-shaped ball a nd yo u run the, ball…...
Graffiti and Signs Gangs Use It as Language
Words • 646
Pages • 3
Gang delinquency is on the rise in the United States. Juveniles account for 19% of the population but are being held responsible for 29% of criminal acts. Gangs can be identified as a stand out group based on tattoos, clothing, or jewelry. For gangs, the more members they have the more territory they have. One problem all major cities have in common is gangs, most in which are made up of juveniles who are just looking for trouble. Many members…...
Gangs In AmericaGraffitiUnited States
Brazil’s Government and Politics
Words • 1225
Pages • 5
Brazil’s government is a federal representative democratic republic that is under a presidential system. The President in this type of government is head of both the state and government. Brazil is also a Federalist country. Some major political parties in Brazil are the Centrist Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, the far-left Worker's Party, and the right-wing Progressive Party. These parties have different stances on the politics in Brazil. The right-wing progressive party is a very conservative group while the Centrist and…...
Experience of Mexican Migration to the US
Words • 848
Pages • 4
As one of many Mexican immigrants in the United States, Norma Benet’s experiences represent those of one person who came to the US to live the American dream. Being 24 years old when she left Veracruz, Mexico and being a part of an upper-middle-class family, she did not leave under the same circumstances many Mexicans do. In fact, Norma questioned whether or not leaving Mexico would be the best choice, considering she had nearly no factors that urged her to…...
American Realism in Art
Words • 708
Pages • 3
In terms of American realism, it had been received quite well in the United States. The subject matter present in American realism was very specific to the United States, hence why it had that name. The most well known of the American realists was Winslow Homer. Some of his well known pieces dealt with the civil war.  “Veteran in a New Field” Homer's 1865 piece titled, “Veteran in a New Field” showcased a quite simple scene with a farmer threshing grain to gather together.…...
US-Canadian Influence
Words • 787
Pages • 4
The United States, being a large military super power, possesses many strong allies. Who, however, is number one on this long list of friendlies? For many people the answer to that question would be Canada. The United States and Canada have stood alongside each other at their worst as well as their best. Naturally, throughout their many years of friendship, Canada has influenced the United States in several ways. Some areas affected by this Canadian influence include cuisine, sports, and…...
Public health in different Canadian regions in 1930s-1950s
Words • 2419
Pages • 10
Introduction The area of study of the articles selected for this assignment is the history of public health in different Canadian regions in the period between 1930s and 1950s. The authors provide extensive expositions regarding the challenges faced by governments in combating various diseases and public health concerns. On that account several themes are evident throughout the articles. The three major historiographical themes in the texts include poor public health, reforms and medical breakthroughs. Article Overview Peter Neary’s Article The…...
CanadaHistoryPublic Health
Equality without Preference or Priority
Words • 528
Pages • 3
Absence of a common worldwide legal framework and global consensus lead to prevalent misinterpretations of the role of property rights rule and pari passu principle which is said to be one of the most significant acts of insolvency laws. Pari passu principle with the meaning of equality, without preference or priority, in fact has a very little to do with actual equality whereas creditor’s rights do not just deal with his rights against the debtor yet against one another and…...
First Lady of Argentina
Words • 1774
Pages • 8
The Woman Who Saved the Lives and Stole the Hearts of Argentinians Known as Evita, Eva Peron was the First Lady of Argentina, as well as President of the Eva Peron Foundation. During their time in power, her husband Juan Domingo Peron implemented a highly infamous government known as Peronism. Despite all the occuring corruption and socialism, the time period continues to commemorate Evita’s attainment of a more equal Argentina. Evita’s connection to politics played a major role in her…...
Essay on War Related Topics
Words • 1134
Pages • 5
In Bob Dylan’s 1964 album “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, he implicates a lot of war related topics. The album focused on the wars the United States has fought, such as World War I and II. Most specifically the war that was occurring during the release of the album; the Cold War. The third track on the album “With God on Our Side” uncovers the mask that had been laid across the nation, covering the harsh reality of war in…...
AmericaBob DylanWar
Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane”: Pathos and Style to Emphasize Connections, Race and Rhythm 
Words • 2497
Pages • 10
Couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game,” are lyrics by Bob Dylan, which express his anger and disappointment in our country during a time of racism. In the 1960’s and 70’s, America was faced with many racial and social issues regarding race and ethnicity in society. Rubin Carter was a victim of the cruelty of mistreatment due to the color of his skin, which influenced Bob Dylan to write the…...
AmericaBob DylanHurricane
Beat Influence on The Evolving Artistry of Bob Dylan
Words • 1466
Pages • 6
Leader of the Beat Generation and counter-cultural icon Jack Kerouac not only inspired the works of many of his literary contemporaries, but also the style and lyrical composition of his musical successors, most notably Bob Dylan. While Kerouac himself was inspired by the free-flowing musicality of jazz music, his iconic novel On the Road, as well as his approach to fame and materialism, inspired a new musical genre. His life story, portrayed through his eccentric writing style, drew the attention…...
AmericaBob Dylan
Best Places in South America for RVers
Words • 815
Pages • 4
South America may not be as well-known for camping as Europe or North America, but the continent is overflowing with opportunities. Exploring the incredible countries via RV is becoming easier as more immigration offices are relaxing border control. Check out these amazing sites for an unforgettable trip! The best route through Central America for RVs generally follows the Pan American Highway (CA-1/CA-2) from the Mexican border all the way to Panama City, Panama. The majority of the highway is above…...
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What a beautiful country Peru is
...In conclusion, I think Peru sounds like a marvelous place it has a good culture and has great food what more do you need, but in all seriousness, I think it’s important to know about Peru or South America in general because if you ever decide to go...
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