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How do Learning Disabilities Affect Development
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The goal of this research was to evaluate ways in which learning disabilities affect the mental growth of a child from birth to an age where they can support themselves. With this information paraprofessionals who work with individuals with learning disabilities are better equipped to understand the areas they struggle in and will know how to make specialized education plans that cater to their learning style. Through my research in psychiatric journals detailing the psychology of young children I learned…...
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INTRODUCTIONAdolescence is a period of incredible change for
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INTRODUCTIONAdolescence is a period of incredible change for young people. It is when physical changes are occurring at a hastened rate. Adolescence is not simply set apart by physical changes. Maturing individuals are additionally encountering cognitive, social, emotional and relationship changes as well (Spano, 2004). This case study will explore the different formative changes that 16-year-old Elizabeth has progressed through amid a female developmental genetic condition called Turner syndrome. Turner syndrome is credited to Dr. Henry Hubert Turner, an American…...
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The situation in the nursing home
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In this essay, I looked at a number of different professional communication issues that arose with a client who had deep and complex Learning Problems (PMDs) representing autism and anxiety. Communication became difficult when the onl displayed defiant behavior. Problems that arise: Difficulty understanding verbal and non-verbal communication. It is difficult to calm down after a stressful and anxious episode of a disturbed routine. The Gibbs Reflexive Cycle (1988) will allow me to learn from my participation in this process…...
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Imagine Having the Opportunity to Start Your Life From Scratch
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While growing up, people always would ask me what I wanted to be when I was older. I always had a quick answer, Police Officer or I wanna be in the Air Force. It slowly changed as I grew up to Dog handler in the army and I was dead set of it, despite what others said. Then I was back to wanting to become a police officer. But now when people ask me what I wanna be, I just…...
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MeMoves for Learning Disabled Children
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MeMoves for Learning Disabled Children Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: MeMoves for Learning Disabled Children Being a children’s development professional, it is quite important for me to keep current with the latest news and advancement concerning the field. Everyday researchers are conducting researches focused on understanding the needs of learning in children, especially for children with learning disabilities. Each time there are new ideas and ways of making such children fit with the others through providing them with the necessary…...
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What Is an Initial and Diagnostic Assessment?
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Initial and diagnostic assessment begins the process of getting to know learners and building a relationship with them. Initial assessment happens at the time of a learner transition into a new learning programme. It is a holistic process, during which you and the learner start to build up a picture of their achievements, skills, interests, previous learning experiences and goals, and the learning needs associated with those goals. This information is used as a basis for negotiating a course or…...
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How do Learning Disabilities Affect Development
...Learning disabilities can have a profound effect on someone's future success. Although solutions are arising for these problems, they still influence the people who are afflicted by them causes them to have issues with writing, speech, social, and mo...
What Is an Initial and Diagnostic Assessment?
...Make the assessment relevant to learners context and interests. This may mean planning activities or using assessment tools related to learners vocational areas or everyday interests. Providing a context for the assessment helps the learners to...
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