A Comparison of Your Stupid Anime Versus American Animation Artical

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Subject: Your Stupid Anime vs. American Animation

I think you’re just some stupid, lifeless, overly proud american that couldn’t know good animation if it bit “im in the @$$! First off you’re trying to compare disney to Toho, Pioneer, or any other japanese animation studio. And in response to your quest. about why a person can be entertainedd by 5 minutes of us animation but not anime (your “question of simple logic for obsessed anime fans”) is a simple question indeed.

That’s because American Animation is all slapstick comedy that has no plot what so ever!A person cant be entertained by 5 min. of anime because it has plot, and each episode flows together as a story. American animation is a story but not in-depth. Using “The Simpsons” as an example, It’s a broken story of a family. It’s funny, i won’t deny that but i want in-depth plot, action, and good music in a show, not just cheap 30 min.


And in response to your section on video quality, the reason for animes slightly bad video quality is because most animes people who don’t really like anime see are shows that were relesed in japan in the 1980s or even the 1970s. DragonBall Z and Gundam Wing (two common animes that casual fans know) ended in 1993 (dbz) and the mid-8os (GW). So if the video quality is bad, the crappy american production studio is to blame. And finally, Japan didn’t steal anime ideas from the american’s piece of crap animation.

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Most were made mangas from old Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or even vietnamese legends. The newer Mecha animes were creations of a brilliant mind of a Japanese creator. So say hello to the average 12 year-old American, J-anime obsessed guy. P.S. Next time know the real fact before you write, not some 1819 “humorous drawings” crap. And next time you ever play any videogame think of your buddies in Japan.

Subject: What Are you Talking About

I think you must be completely out of your mind. American animation has zeroo to no character development. The reason it may seem that animes are “boring” or hard to understand is because of story and character development. The ONLY company that has any merit in American animation is Disney, and even they bother me. They only target children with their corny musicals and talking inanimate objects. The only American animation that has come out worth any praise whatsoever is “Tarzan.” All other American animation is boring with no angles or artistic touches from the director. Anime’s directors are true artists. They direct as they would a live action film.

The action lines you referred to only exist if the movie has a low budget, not all animes have them. You obviously did not do your research before making these false statements about anime. The characters in anime are drawn much more realistically than the completely exaggerated human characters in American animation. You must take into consideration also the fact that anime is made with a much lower budget than American animation. The quality therefore is much more impressive when compared to the mediocre animation from America with a higher budget. The stories in anime are much more complicated and enthralling than ANYTHING AMERICAN ANIMATION HAS EVER DONE. You care about the characters and you watch the story develop.

Even at first if there is a pattern in the episodes, the story begins to unfold slowly. When has American animation ever dealt with stories about religion or ever explored the human mind? NEVER. Anime is FAR, FAR, FAR superior to American animation in just about every way. P.S. If this is not to Marker Apenname directly, could the recipient please forward it to him. Thank you. Subject: Anime vs American Animation (Comments) Dear Marker Apenname, I read your essay and found it interesting. I myself am an American citizen who enjoys anime very much and Ive liked it since I was 3 years old. This I hope you find very interesting because it is associated with DISNEY.

Back in 1985 when I was 3 years old. Disney casted a japanese dubbed animated film called “Unico.” There were 2 movies of it but the third never came out. I still have it recordedtill this day and I hope this puts your Views and perspective in a better train of thought. Many people enjoy anime and they enjoy for a reason. Please continue researching why and maybe you wll ind out that anime isn’t just about color, quality, and ploting. Anime is a new and vivid way to enjoy animation. Disney is usually more enjoyed by children. Anime on the other hand, is a wide variety for all ages and audiences. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Subject: Anime Versus American Animation

All I can do is laugh at your article. In fact, I printed it out, and my friends and I all just laughed and laughed.. What did you do? Watch two episodes of Dragon Ball Z and base your so called “theories” upon that? You haven’t even grazed anime in the slightest, due to the idiocy which plagues this article. Sure, I’m American, but I certainly don’t think they produce the best of cartoons. l enjoy anime quite a bit. In fact. I think most animes are highly superior to that of which Americans throw out at us. You want to see a proud product of America? Take one look at the disgustingly drawn “Wild Thornberries” and “Rugrats.” Just TRY and tel me thar’s something to be proud of, I certainly dont think its.

You mention how anime uses nothing but jagged lines. I dare you, yes, DARE you to go watch Tenchi Muyo OAVs, and try and point out all those “jagged lines”. The animation is fluid, the animation is detailed, the animation is shaded just right and you certainly can’t prove me wrong. Your “Americans-Can’t-Do-Wrong” idea just makes me sick! You praise Disney so highly, but shall we look at the fact that Disney is hardly’ original with the fact HALF of their movies and stories originate from Grimm Fairy Tales, or other writers? Not to mention half the time the distort the story so horribly, that you’re disgusted!

In your article, you state: “Why is it that people can watch as little as five minutes of American animation and still find it entertaining, but it is not so for Japanese anime I laugh. I laugh long, and loud my poor, disillusional man. You should very carefully state that SOME anime has this effect, or that SOME people react in the manner that you seem to have. I am capable of watching an entire SERIES and remain interested, even if Ive seen it god knows how many times. It still holds intrest. Because guess what? It’s ENTERTAINING.

Because guess what? It has PLOT. I admit that I adore the Looney Tunes catoons – but how could you possibly connect a coyote that chases a road runner to a group of people who are trying to…oh, let’s say save the world? Or find some mystical power? Or any of the countless anime plots? You can’t, so don’t try. f anyone, American that is, deserves credit for great cartoons, it would be Warner Brothers in all their alory, But it doesn’t make them better than anime, or vice versa, due to the way everything has changed! And the fact theyre two totally seperate things! Now Bugs Bunny iS only tor selling stuff, not for the great laughs he used to produce. It’s all changing, so you had better get with it. In another paragraph, you state: “For instance, there might be a few scenes of comic relief mixed in here and there.

Also, an American cartoon might be bound to a simple rule that the good guys must always Win in the end, but how they win is a different story. In different episodes, the good guys will win through different means, not just fighting. That’s called ingenuity!” No, my dear, that’s called ANIME. Now, everyone’s tastes differ, I know that. But let me reccomend something: Slayers. Tenchi Muyo. Record of Lodoss War. Trigun. These animes are amazing, to me. All of these incoperate humor, especially Slayers, Tenchi Muyo and Trigun. However, they all have exceedingly serious moments yet humour can be sprinkled in to prevent viewers from having an excess of that seriousness.

Also, good guys don’t alvways win in animes. Sometimes they lose, because of a mistake or a desiscion they made. That points out obvious human fiaws, which make it all more realistic. However, most times good guys win just like in the American cartoons. And they DONT always solve it by fighting. You seriously need to make sure you know what you’re talking about before you go and trash it the way you did. You apparently know NOTHING about anime, and should be horribly ashamed of this so-called “essay Try not to write anything on this again – itl spare you the humiliation.

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